Vincent Reynouard responds to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-01-12 08:42

Reynouard taken to court and bankrupted by Laurent Sourissear, alias Riss, executive editor of the Jewish "Charlie Hebdo" magazine only a few weeks before the massacre at the CH office in Paris.

A must-see video by revisionist Vincent Reynouard appeared a few days ago explaining this lawsuit against him and how it turned out recently in court. 

Vincent does his usual masterful job of presenting the full background of why Charlie Hebdo and Sourissear aimed their Jewish hatred at him. The video is on Youtube where it has closed captions in English -- in other words, English subtitles. However, when downloaded the English subtitles disappear. Obviously then, one needs to go to the page on Youtube (or to the KZ Kladderadatsch channel where you will find other fine videos with English subtitles) to view it with the subtitles.

Reynouard begins by telling us that a few weeks ago in court he was sentenced to:

"heavy penalties at the conclusion of a trial which the executive editor of “Charlie Hebdo,” Laurent Sourisseau, alias Riss, brought against me. I am ordered to pay around 20,000 Euros [about 23,700 US dollars] in damages—a sum which I've never had a tenth of in my bank account – and that's not counting the fines, which amount to nearly 70,000 Euros.

As much as to say: I am potentially ruined for life."

Reynouard goes on to say:

"The complaint was brought against me for “counterfeiting” on the grounds that, in putting together a revisionist graphic nonfiction book [in 2006], I had used a dozen or so sketches from the book “Le proces Papon” by Riss. In this affair I have never contested my culpability though as a Jewish lawyer said to me at the time of the trial, the judgment could hardly exceed one Euro in damages since the distribution of my little book was strictly private"

Reynouard then explains that this was just a pretext for punishing him as a revisionist and that the Gayssot Law is unconstitutional. The constitution is waived because France and other European nations are still in a literal state of war against National Socialism, although since 1945 it has been an ideological war. Charlie Hebdo is on the other side from Vincent, that of Political Correctness enforced by the architects of the post-war World Order.

Sourisseau's lawyer had the gall to state that his client, Riss, had been "scarred" by Reynouard's revisionist comic book and he would thus be claiming an "exemplary reparation." That is the justification for throwing a !00,000 Euro judgment at the poverty-level revisionist Reynouard.

My personal comment on this: Laurent Sourisseau was not one of those killed in the massacre (he was injured), but he certainly experienced his own hateful, intolerant attitudes and behavoir coming back on him and his friends. I am not a bit sorry for what happened to them. After all, it's war. -cy


Hi c! There is a utility called "4k video downloader", which is capable of dl-ing the chosen subs with the vid from You tube and such.

Charlie Hebdo is lucky to be one of the state-approved media allowed to enjoy "freedom" of expression in France. As reported here, freedom of expression only extends to what is popular. But how much freedom is there really when only some expression is free.

What is amazing to me is the seemingly complete cave-in of French authorities to Jewish demands for special protection every time a Jew is killed. The Germans do the same, and with Muslims too. Obviously, in Jewish thinking no Jew should ever be harmed, let alone murdered! But that governments of Europeans should go along with that idea is a worrying development. It shows that Jews do have background control of every European government. And the message is: When Jews are in our countries, we are required to protect them. Why? If they don't find it a safe place to live, they can go somewhere else, like to Israel.

The dislike of Jews by the people MUST come out in the open, now, not later, to show our govts. that the people will not tolerate what they are doing. Dieudonne is more courageous than most.