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Published by carolyn on Thu, 2015-05-14 23:45

It's high time I mention this incredible feat of revisionist history produced by Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting Network. I finally set aside the time to watch it, and only got through half of it before something interrupted my viewing. When I returned to it I found I didn't have the stomach to continue. Two days later, I did watch the rest. I haven't watched it a second time, but I will have to do so. It's hard, but necessary.

Some comments I can make:

I was really pleased with Hunt's choice for narrator. He avoided the upper-crust English male voice that is so often chosen to narrate German and Third Reich history. Senead McCarthy did a superb job of calmly describing the events as they developed in her non-accented American-style English (or at least it sounds that way to my ears). It was only toward the end of the film that Senead added a slighly sarcastic tone to her voice at times. I'm not saying it wasn't called for but I think I would have been happier without it. The things she was describing spoke for themselves and it's best to let them do it. The richest, though saddest, part was the authentic German-accented voices of the German men and women who were describing what they had experienced. It was the real deal, and so very moving.

Another major achievement has to be gathering all the film footage from that time which "takes us there" and lets us feel some of the fear and panic that millions of German civilians and surrendered soldiers experienced. And of course, it was much worse than what it is possible to put on the screen.

Kyle Hunt shows us, as other revisionists have done in the past, how professional a product can be produced on a tiny budget. So please watch it, download it, and send it around to as many friends and acquaintances as you dare to. This documentary is one of the best ways to introduce people to the real holocaust that occurred during World War II.

Here is some background information.

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich is a book that shocked the world with its factual and eye-witness accounts of the atrocities committed against the German people toward the end of WWII and following their defeat. As the victors wrote the history following the devastating conflict, most people know nothing about:

  • The deliberate mass murder of German civilians by Allied Firebombing;
  • The ethnic cleansing of Germans from their ancestral homelands;
  • The death camps where millions of German Prisoners of War were murdered through starvation and exposure;
  • The state-sponsored rape of millions of German females, from 8 years old to 80 years old;
  • And other atrocities committed by the Allied forces against the German nation.

Kyle Hunt worked with Thomas Goodrich to turn Hellstorm into a documentary film like nothing you have seen before. Go to the website.


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Yea, I think the film is very good and capable of influencing many people in our direction, so I appreciate a generous review. And you continue to publish great revisionist work yourself, so thank you.

Alle guten Nazi-Kinder sagen: "Ja, das war ein sehr guter Film, und längst überfällig. Nächstes Mal töten wir Sie alle."

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