"We're building a new Republican party."

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-02-26 02:45

Isn't this what we've been asking for? A Republican party with a strong White identity -- a party that is strong on border and immigration control?

Looks like Trump is not going to disappoint -- and it looks like he's going to win, too!

He's known for thinking big so we shouldn't be surprised that he sees himself rebuilding the Party. I have no doubt he will succeed.

His words at Thursday night's GOP debate in Houston:

New people are coming into the Republican Party. We are building a new Republican Party, a lot of new people are coming in. 

But I’m telling you also, I’m bringing people, Democrats over and I’m bringing independents over, and we’re building a much bigger, much stronger Republican Party.

It brings to mind how Adolf Hitler brought Socialists and communists over into his nationalist, working man's party back in the 1920's. I'm not comparing the two men, mind you, but it seemed to work out well for Germany back then. It would be the most delicious irony if something similar would happen here in America starting now. And, by the way, Trump is German. Even though his mother was Scottish, it was his German father who had the most influence on his public persona.

I voted today in Texas' early voting. I hope the debate and today's rally in Fort Worth will turn the tide for Donald to win Texas. But in any case, he'll get a lot of delegates so it's not of the utmost importance who wins. I saw a car with a Trump bumper sticker yesterday, first one for anyone I've seen. I live in what I would consider to probably be Cruz territory so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

I am making phone calls for the Trump campaign and let me tell you, they have a terrific system in place. They gave me a name and password to log in, and it's all automated. I go to "Texas" because all the upcoming primary states are represented there, and click on for "my page." Music plays while calls are being made by the system and when someone answers, their name and address pops up on the screen. When I hear them say "Hello", I read off my 2 line script, asking if we can count on them. Everything the campaign wants you to say, plus answers to any questions on the issues, is written down on the page; they don't want any ad libing. I'm really impressed by it. So far none of my call recipients have had any questions and only a couple of persons said they were voting for Trump. Some said they had already voted, and one of those volunteered they voted for Cruz. A couple of women said emphatically NO. Anyway, it's amazing what computer technology can do. It makes it clear that being served by robots is definitely in our future.

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday!


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"It makes it clear that being served by robots is definitely in our future."not sure if that'd be a good thing

Well, I just mean technology. You can't stop advances in technology from being applied for practical purposes. I've done this in the past and I got a list of phone numbers and had to keep dialing them myself. I think this is an improvement.

Rubio lied in the debate and said Trump was successful only because he inherited $200 million from his father.

“Here’s the guy that inherited $200 million. If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan," Rubio said, after Trump alluded to the Florida senator's past financial dealings.

Trump fired back at Rubio's remark: "No, no, no, that is so wrong. We'll work on that. I took $1 million and I turned it into $10 billion."

In this case it was Rubio who was exaggerating, and by a lot!, not Trump.


Wikipedia (not Trump-friendly) has it that Donald Trump was worth about $200,000 (equivalent to $1 million in 2016) when he graduated from Wharton college in 1968. As an undergraduate he was already doing real-estate deals, and managed the "revitalization of the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio" for his father. Purchased for $500,000 in 1962, it was sold in 1972 for $6.75 million. His father was very proud of him.

Rubio was attacking Trump with half-truths. Trump didn't respond as well as he could have.
That thing about the Polish illegal alien labor is not really fair because it was a contractor, not Trump, who hired them. I remember that this matter was brought up last summer then quickly dropped because there wasn't much to it.

Todd Harris, a top strategist for Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, boasted yesterday that the senator will, without a doubt, win the Florida primary on March 15. Using unfortunately familiar phrasing, Harris insisted, “We are going to win Florida. Period. Take it to the bank.”  From MSNBC

Knowing the history of dishonest voting results in Florida, this statement sounds very cringeworthy to me.

"Without a doubt" ... "Take it to the bank". I remember so well when W. Bush said so calmly in a speech that he would win over John Kerry, we could count on it. Then we had the Florida vote scandal and it was proven it was manipulated and thousands of votes were destroyed to ensure Bush won, while a Bush sat in the Govenor's office.

Florida is as crooked as Illinois.

As I recall there was a controversy about Bush vs. Gore in 2000, and it was limited to Palm Beach County. I don't remember a similar one with Bush against Kerry.
But there have certainly been some scandals about crooked Republican primaries. There were the stories about illegal aliens voting against Buchanan in 1996 and several primaries in 2012 where Ron Paul was said to have been cheated.
In Trump's case, if they are going to swing it to Rubio, they will have to cheat on a large scale, since Rubio is so far behind Trump. That means that a lot of people would be in on it. Doesn't seem likely.

Yes, you're right, it was with Bush-Gore that the vote scandal took place. It was Bush-Kerry when I heard Bush say he was 100% sure to win (or something as strong as that) and I took it as an admittance that he could rely on Florida once again.

What I was struck with about Kerry was how quickly he capitulated. No vote-recounting for him!

Rubio and the establishment have just started their hard drive to take away Trump's lead. There's still a long way to go and they could potentially do it. I see "hate Trump" stuff coming from all sides now, since yesterday. Yahoo! is in the front line of this barrage.

Very good 17-min. radio segment on Rubio with a Senior Advisor to Donald Trump, Steven Miller.


For the Republican Party to become the party of all White people (and those non-Whites who don't want more immigrants) the party had to get away from the less-government ideology that Rush Limbaugh and (more persistently) Glenn Beck push. I made this point after the 2012 election. Trump represents exactly that adjustment. The GOP can either be the pro-White party or it can be the party of some ideology rooted in the Enlightenment. It can't be both.

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