Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad NSDAP?

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Carolyn Baker (left) and Naomi Wolf

by Carolyn Yeager, September, 2007
copyright Carolyn Yeager 2007

Carolyn Baker is a lesbian, a liberal, and identifies herself as an adjunct professor of history at New Mexico State University. Naomi Wolf is a Jewess and a nationally known writer (The Beauty Myth) who, perhaps because of famous or well-placed relatives, became a “literary star” at a young age. Both are raging feminists and often a little flaky.

Baker is a great admirer of Wolf and has written a rather fawning review of Wolf’s latest book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. Baker’s review, which she titled “The Police State is Right Here, Right Now,” appeared in my inbox from a List I am on and, taking a glance at it, my anger was peaked more than my interest. But anger was cause enough to keep me reading and then to reply to the List, and also to elaborate that reply into this review-of-my-own you are reading now.

The reason for my hostile reaction is that this article by Baker, with lengthy quotes from Wolf, exemplifies the mindless way in which National Socialist Germany continues to be taken out of any true historical context by American Liberals and European Social Democrats in their desire to keep the ignorant masses deluded, and, need I add, distracted from their own crimes and mis-government.

But let me first say that I can agree with much of what both these women write, and I have no problem with their basic premise that we’re living in the twilight times of our American freedoms. Where I differ is in who and/or what is responsible for this condition. Baker blames fascism, as does Wolf and another feminist Jewess writer Baker mentions as a “favorite,” Naomi Klein. But Baker doesn’t define just who is responsible for this fascism that she believes is taking over America, beyond implying that Conservatives and Republicans carry the most guilt, while admitting that the Democratic Party is not doing its job, either. In other writings, Baker points a finger at Christian Fundamentalists who she finds particularly reprehensible, having grown up in a fundamentalist household from which she rebelled — leaving her with a definite distaste for conservative religions. This at least gives us one explanation for her philo-Semitism, since most liberal Jews are atheist.

While she can’t seem to pin down who is responsible for today’s fascism in the U.S., Baker makes it clear that, historically, Nazi Germany is the only fascist nation we need to concern ourselves with in order to understand how fascism works and where it’s taking us.

Was National Socialist Germany fascist?

Baker writes: “One of the most frightening realities of teaching college history is that most students rarely have a clue what fascism is. They know about Hitler and the extermination of Jews, but they see little connection with Nazi rule in the 1930s and 40s and the current political milieu in the United States.”

The problem here is that Nazi Germany was NOT a fascist state; it was a German nationalist form of socialist. I know it is commonly presented as fascist, but by whom? A true reading of history, not a selective assortment of unconnected factoids and fantasies spread by popular media, makes it very clear that it is by promoters of a one-world “paradise” to be ruled by a global “elite.” Baker is trying to create a connection between National Socialism and Fascism in the minds of her students, whom she knows “haven’t a clue.” This is similar to the connection created in the minds of clueless television viewers that Saddam Hussein had something to do with the 9/11 attacks. By mentioning the two together often enough in speeches, debates and newscasts, the unconscious connection was made.

Baker first praises Wolf for using the term fascism to cover “…a range of authoritarian regimes, dictatorships, and varieties of Fascist states...there are many shades of gray on the spectrum from an open to a closed society." One reason for her generality seems to be to make it easy to apply the term at random. But later she agrees with a more narrow definition:

In fact, resistance to fascism in the United States has been an arduous and daunting struggle for those who have been able to … take seriously Mussolini's fundamental definition of fascism: ‘Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.’ ”

This fits the United States today; it does NOT fit Germany under Hitler. Hitler was opposed by most of Germany's military, industrial and intellectual leadership, but his combination of nationalism with socialism gave hope to the common man. Hitler rose to power legally via the ballot box — largely on the strength of small contributions from lower and middle class Germans who were suffering after the war from the harsh measures of the Versailles Treaty, consequent runaway inflation, unemployment and violent communist agitators. Some patriotic industrialists, such as Emil Kirdorf (coal mining industrialist) and Fritz Thyssen (United Steel Works), and some nationalist groups, like the Thule Society, contributed to Hitler early on, but most held off supporting him until the Third Reich was well established.

Germany under Hitler was at the service of the volk, who you see in this 1936 photograph watching their leader pass by in parade. The volk by definition did not include Jews and others who were not racial Germans, and that was the problem that the Jews had with it, then and now. The other major aspect of NSDAP policy was territorial—the areas in which German majorities had lived for decades or even centuries, that the Versailles Treaty had cut away, were to be returned to the German state.

Baker tags right along with other foolishness from Wolf, as in:

Wolf also emphasizes that America has flirted with fascism openly in the 1930s when numerous corporations and robber barons helped finance Hitler and when as Edwin Black notes in IBM and the Holocaust, some American corporations assisted the Nazi regime in carrying out its ‘final solution’ to the ‘Jewish problem.’ In fact, several of these corporate tycoons attempted to stage a coup d’etat to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 and restructure the American government under fascist control.”

It is true Germany under National Socialism had many supporters in America, as elsewhere. They saw Hitler as a strong leader who opposed the communist takeover of Germany, who was able to defeat the Bolsheviks and turn his country back to more traditional, Germanic values. Henry Ford was one American supporter. It’s important to remember that the dichotomy was between those who saw communism as the enemy and those who favored communism. Surprisingly to the indoctrinated, all “corporations and robber barons” were not anti-communist. In fact, “robber baron” and global banker money was being channeled into the Soviet Union and had been since 1919 – that is the only way that the non-Russian Jewish-Bolshevik element was able to gain power in Russia.

Hitler was not primarily financed by corporate money; it was his own genius and the efforts of the German people (who were now freed from foreign domination) who accomplished the “German Miracle.” See Demonizing Nationalism, a review of Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler’s Rise to Power, 1919-33, by James and Suzanne Pool, 1978. Hugo Chavez is trying to do much the same thing in Venezuela today, and the money powers hate him too! There was nothing evil about supporting Hitler, especially in the early thirties when the support was strongest, except in retrospect.

The much ballyhooed term “final solution” was used only once, as far as I know, to indicate the decision to physically remove Jews from Germany proper, the solution being to deport them to the East, including into the Soviet Union.

As for a plot to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, it is a known fact that this president opened his government to communists. Those many who were accused of turning sensitive information over to Stalin and the Soviet Union, many of them Jewish, were actually guilty. If Roosevelt had been overthrown and a true patriot put in his place, we and the entire world would be far better off today.

10 Easy Steps

Again, when Baker, the “historian,” lists Wolf’s “10 Easy Steps” by which open societies become closed, she points out approvingly that Wolf, in her book, “…compares and contrasts each one with the pattern in pre-World War II Germany.” As I read these steps, they appear to fit far better with the creation of the Soviet Union by the Bolsheviks. It’s amazing that this horror of a state, created by pure terror and the genocide of tens of millions of White Russians, mostly Christian, is never mentioned by Baker or Wolf when they describe repressive societies. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who himself spent years in Gulags and wrote about it, has shown that Jews administered the Gulags that murdered many millions!

Instead, communists are mentioned only as victims of the Nazis. Baker quotes Wolf from her book, writing that it “starts by using force on ‘undesirables, ' ‘aliens,' ‘enemies of the state,' and those considered by mainstream civil society to be untouchable; in other times they were, of course, Jews, Gypsies, Communists, homosexuals.” The fact that these groups were considered undesirable in National Socialist Germany did not translate into them being ultimately murdered by the state. Similarly there is no proof of “torture cellars”, nor is there evidence of excessive “force” used on students, journalists or clergy to “still their dissent” unless they were working to undermine the security of the citizens of the Reich – in other words, traitors and communist partisans. This is all war propaganda that was invented and continues to be circulated by the Jewish-controlled media.

What is happening in America today has certainly happened in other places at other times. In the 1920’s through the 50’s however, the greatest repression that perhaps the world has ever known, outside of Asia, took place in the former Russian Empire, Eastern Europe and adjacent countries when this vast area was controlled by Communist governments, largely dominated by Jews in the beginning. It is solely to cover up this truth that compromised people like Wolf and Baker continue not only to push, but add to, the false idea that National Socialist Germany was a fascist regime, and that fascism is more repressive than communism.

Carolyn Baker is right to point to George Bush, John Kerry and just about every legislator/representative in Washington as having allowed, and even encouraged, our loss of liberties. But her only solution is “more democracy”—more protests in the streets, more equality, more immigration, more race-mixing and yes, even more homosexuality. Her blindness to the work of American Jews, fanatically loyal to the state of Israel and to creating wars for us to fight in the Middle East, makes her an enemy to real improvement. Ironically, when Baker had an opportunity to protest what she considered an injustice done to her by U.S. Agents during a border crossing (as she writes about in this review), she seems to have lost her nerve. “Not wanting any further hassle regarding the ‘heinous crime’ of having an expired registration four years ago, I agreed to pay the small fine imposed by the court,” she writes. What a fighter!

I would like to leave you with this reminder:

Winston Churchill’s massive 6-volume memoir, The Second World War, contains only a brief reference about the deportation of the Hungarian Jews in 1945; nothing about a “holocaust.”

Charles DeGaulle did not mention the “Holocaust” with even one line in his post-war memoirs; for him it was less than a "footnote to history.”

General Dwight D. Eisenhower did not mention any gas chambers in his memoir, Crusade in Europe, nor a “holocaust.”

And in a 1957 reprint of G. Barraclough’s 1946 book, The Origins of Modern Germany, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, there is not one word about any Holocaust of the Jews. It notes, however, on p. 463, fn. 3, the existence of the Morganthau Plan, the American Jewish Committee plan to exterminate the Germans.