Why are these people becoming German citizens when Germany is already overcrowded?

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2018-05-23 14:35

A record number of Britons are switching their citizenship to Germany in the wake of Brexit. Some left Germany during the Third Reich period so are not the type Germany needs today.

By Carolyn Yeager

IN 2017, 14,984 TURKS BECAME CITIZENS OF GERMANY. Because of Brexit, the next highest number was Britons at 7,500 (half the number of Turks). After that comes those darn Poles (6,613), Italians (4,256) and Romanians (4,238).

That adds up to 112,200 new German citizens in 2017 alone. Note I did not say new Germans for they are not.

This is the problem with the 'Europe' idea – Europeans are thought to be interchangeable with one another. This is not true, otherwise why aren't other Europeans trying to become citizens of Poland or Romania? Or even of Italy? People of nationalities with struggling governments and economies want to switch to a country with stable leadership and a prosperous economy. This means Europe is becoming more a place of 'civic nationalism' (like the USA) and less a place of racial nationalism (ethno-nationalism).

The cost involved in that is to those Germans who want to bring their one and only country back to a more traditional Germany as it used to exist -- for example, the NPD and the AfD party members and voters. And the Reichsbuerger. That's why the current globalist leaning leadership will take in as many non-Germans as want to come--because they are anti-German.

I am against the whole European idea, except for a 'common market'. But since I'm an American, and a senior citizen at that, all I can do is draw attention to it and complain. 


Good day Carolyn,
neither passport nor the German ID (Personalausweis) is proof  of the German Citizenship (official statements).
Knowing that, I had my "Germaness" verified. The law concerning citizenship is from 1913, stating that German is who is the citizen of one of the 25 "Bundesstaaten". The Citizenship is determined by father or mother (jus sanguinis). I was born in 1939, my father in 1903 in Prussia. Thus I am a German and my citizenship is  Prussia (Königreich Preußen).
The above mentioned law remained during Weimar. Hitler got rid of the "Bundesstaaten" and ordered that Germans had one citizenship "deutsch". Hitler knew this act was not conforming to international law, although his idea was good at the time.
After the war SHAEF laws ordered the de-Nazification of the German society. The US are still occupying Germany, part of the SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) laws are still in place and above German law. The FRG - we call it FRiG (Federal Republic in Germany) is still not sovereign. It's administration makes laws which are not valied so are the polls or tax laws. As long it's not against the interest of the Allies, formost US, the administration can do what it likes or secretly being orded to.
Years ago I applied for all family documents - birth, marriage, death for my myself, my father, grandparents and greatgrandparents. Copies of such handwritten documents are not issued anymore. Instead one can only get a digitized document with very little information and no signature.
Today German "authorities" treat people who want to have their Citizenship verified according to the international valied law of 1913 as "enemy of the state".
They have altered the citizenship law and today the administration issues a citizenship "deutsch" (German). Since it is the BRD, the citizenschip should read "Bundesrepublik Deutschland", so the whole of FRG is a hoax, just like the Holocaust.
In the 1980th and 90th Genscher, Kohl disclaimed vast territory of Estern Germany. Although the traitors couldn't legally do so they created facts.
It's a burden to be a patriot. At the moment I am reading a booklet by the historian Prof. Dr. Rolf Peter Sieferle (*1949, + 2016). The title of this difficult to read (by my standard) book is "Finis Germania". Sieferle commited suicide. If you google you might find that he was mentally ill, I don't think so.
Forgive me to write a rather personal comment. I don't expect it to be released.
Glück auf
Klaus Borgolte

Thanks for this contribution. It's very helpful.

I wrote about "Finis Germania" last August, here.

I think it's great that the Reichsbürger movement has grown so much recently. Do you think so? Germany is one of the most unfree states in the world! Shocking! And all for the Jews. The USA enforces protection world-wide for the Jews.

The expression Reichsbürger ("Reich citizens") refers to the Reich Citizenship Law of September 15th 1935. In so far a small (too small) number of Germans don't mind to be called "Reichsbürger" or "Nazis". 
Since the mighty Nazi and Neonazi club is wearing out, the FRiG administration had to invent something new. Too many Germans woke up and don't take all lies any more. On top of it Merkel was called a Nazi and pictured with that famous mustache in Poland and some other European countries.
 In 2014 Brandenburg Interior Minister (today Prime Minister) Woidke (SPD) invented the "Reichsbürger", used now to defame all Germans who don't agree no longer with the system. Merkel calls real Germans "those who have lived here for some time".
WWI concluded with just an armistice and the so called Treaty to Peace, which put an unimaginable burden on Germany. It was in fact no Peace Treaty of Versailles according to international law.
Versaille saw some 110 Zionists joining the enemy of Germany, aiming at their Jewish state.
The continuation of the war was enforced in 1939 after Germany had under Hitler recovered from Versaille/Weimar. The 30 jear war ended also with an armistice and occupation by the 4, later 3 Allies, mainly USA.This is actually the state till today.
And Zionists could soon celebrate their Jewish homeland. Everything, from the famous six million, the 10 plus 1 top national socialist, being hanged, to the date of the foundation of Israel they derive in fact from certain chapters/verses of the Hebrew bible. It has shown me how far they have their fingers in the fate of nations. Today we have again more "Jews in Germany" with their influence than we could wish for.
Germans exist in a matrix of all kind of confusing legal realities, foremost lies. Germany needs to gain freedom and sovereignty, a peace treaty, a constitution by the German people, independance from the existing financial mafia. There are many different, at times contradicting opinions about the priorities and ways to go.
The AFD, the "Neue Hambacher Fest", numerous protests by citizens give some hope. But what we need is unity and personalities with a true confession to a German nation.
Talking about hope for Germany and America, without being able to comprehend President Trump's moves, Merkel's and Macron's insecurity one might sense that we may see changes for the better.
Glück auf
Klaus Borgolte

Hallo Klaus,
If only someone would translate all of Carolyn 's writings into German!!! We Germans really need the truth to be out there to get rid of that Schuld-Kult and get on with our Germaness. Did you visit DerVolkslehrer yt site. You would like it, I am sure.
Also dann Wohlan,

Use Google Translate to convert English into German (and German into English). It's easy to use, just cut and paste in the text you want translated:



Simultaneously Saturday, the board chairman of Germany's BA Labor Agency, Detlef Scheele, told Stuttgart-based SWR public broadcasting that affordable housing had become the "burning topic of our times."

Take a look at the image with the story to see what a typical residential area in Germany looks like already. Must Germany lose all its open spaces to what German prosperity brings  in this globalist-run Western world? Support the AfD!


I looked for a better,  less biased news article on this and couldn't find one. The knives are really out.

It is very sad, painful and disastrous to be under the heel of occupation forces. Even more absurd is the fact that 90% of the people are unaware or if they are they don't care. There can be no Renaissance of germania, and for that matter Europe, until the last American soldier is kicked out from the continent. It is bizarre to see nettlesome poles side with the globalist-Zionist occupation forces, while at the same time espousing nationalism. The two don't go together. Polish obduracy and contumacy started ww2. The same bizarre behavior is repeating itself. The naive "ingenu" poles want NATO , the Eu, but no nonwhite immigration. How do they think they will achieve that ?. The EU  is based on the doctrine of border less nations, mass movement of people's, mish mashing and mixing races, a modern day Babylon. The poles seem to think they can stay exempt from the consequences.

Polish obduracy and contumacy started ww2.

True, but they didn't do it alone. They conspired with the London Foreign Office led by 'Lord' Halifax. US Pres. Roosevelt was also in the background, always pushing for a new European war with which to destroy Germany. Why did they all hate Germany? Hard to say, but generally because Hitler wouldn't play their game. Anyway, they all thought they had a lot to gain from the defeat of Germany.

I spent the long Memorial Day weekend reading David Hoggan's The Forced War. The Poles, especially Foreign Minister Beck, come off very badly, even worse than you might expect. They were all downright criminals who brought about the war for their own selfish reasons. The entire year of 1939 was extremely difficult and tiring for Adolf Hitler -- he went to the farthest effort he possibly could to come to an agreement over Danzig satisfactory to the Poles, but the three mentioned above never intended to agree to anything. There is no forgiveness possible for these people after the fraud they perpetrated.

The Poles are not naive. They are just pigheaded and want more than they have earned. They don't mind at all stealing it, and then claiming it belonged to them all along. That is their basic MO (method of operation). Today, Poland consists of Danzig, West Prussia and more German territory than they had even between the wars. So why shouldn't they think they will have what they want in the end?

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