Why are White people traitors to their race? Blame the Christian churches.

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2017-04-19 16:50

Cologne Cathedral

By Carolyn Yeager

THIS WEEKEND, THE "ALTERNATIVE FOR GERMANY" (AfD) registered political party will hold its federal party conference in Cologne. The Christian churches of this city view this with concern - and are planning counter-events.

The churches in Cologne feel that it is important to make it clear that “
hate and intolerance are not a means of political debate.” So said the Catholic city commissioner of Cologne, Robert Kleine on Wednesday. "Because of our faith, we are committed to charity, tolerance and solidarity," he said.

Solidarity with foreign invaders, thieves, rapists and murderers, I ask? Rather than solidarity with the sober-minded, far-seeing German folk of the AfD who cannot be accused of promoting "hate" or "intolerance"? Very strange who the churchmen feel “committed” to in the name of tolerance.

Protestant superintendent of the city, Rolf Domning, drew attention to the fact that the AfD had introduced a concept like "völkisch" back into the debate. The word came from the "poison cabinet of the Nazis," says Domning. "That makes us listen." The Church also wanted to set an example for refugee aid with its actions. The commitment to people in need is not just for humanitarian reasons but follows the call of Jesus: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

This is the last straw for me. I am totally down on any support for universalist Christianity. Every denomination has become more interested in foreigners than in their own European folk. Their allegience is to the survival of their own universalist church, not to western civilization or western man. Therefore, western man owes it no allegience either. Adolf Hitler had this right too. Christianity under organized church leadership is Bolshevism – a religion for slaves. We should be protesting outside of these churches, accusing them of the crime of treason – and of perverting the original teachings of the Holy Church.

The campaigns are under the motto "Our Cross Has No Hooks" and will take place in alliance with the city protest -- “N
o racism in Cologne". A "political night prayer" in the Protestant-free peace church on Friday evening as well as a vigil at the evangelical Antoniterkirche are planned.

Six large protest demonstrations with several tens of thousands of participants are expercted to take place this weekend, with several thousand police on hand. Even so, Cologne Cathedral will remain open without restrictions – even for the “racists” and “nazis” from the AfD, if they should have time to visit.

The AfD is not racist ...

But the city of Cologne and the Christian church organizations do exhibit a racist death wish for their German parishioners and citizens due to their unlimited welcome to aliens.

All the AfD is doing is holding its annual National Congress at the Maritim-Hotel in downtown Cologne on Saturday and Sunday. Two days! As an approved political party with the third highest polling in the country, it should certainly be allowed to do what all other parties do: elect their top Bundestag candidates and decide on their election program. Where does the established Church get off with their name calling and protesting over that?


Semitic Christianity has always been universalist but it's now totally out of control.  
In 2015 the Pope, while visiting America, took the opportunity  to go to a monastery in California where he encountered an elderly nun called sister Sarah Francis. This woman had carved "I'm White racist scum' into her own forehead with a knife. Then she explained to the Pope that "by scourging our evil white flesh we can touch God".  Then appeared on the scene the boss of the monastery, father John, who engaged into a very animated conversation with the Pope explaining his take on white people, quote: "We take as an axiom that all white people are born racist. Scientific studies show that babies recognize race, and have a preference for their own race. Even White infants are not innocent of racism. White infants are just tiny little racists or mini-sized race-mongers. Then they grow and imbibe racist hate through their mother's white milk......God hates racism and will mete out his divine wrath and judgment upon all racists...unrependant racists will burn in ever-lasting fire where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth...."  After hearing father John's rant the Pope nodded in agreement  and blessed all the monastery residents. 
I live on the European continent and never heard of a  single self-styled Christian leader supporting nationalism - they're all traitors!

...We take as an axiom that all white people are born racist. Scientific studies show that babies recognize race and have a preference for their own race..."
Does this "genius" not understand that this is true for babies of all races, and that therefore "racism" is natural and not a special fault of Whites ?
There is a solution to the problem of these anti-white Whites. Let them commit suicide and save the world of their destructive existence. Perhaps we could "assist" them ?

I cannot stand this self-righteous, authoritarian "Liberalism," which is trying to "perfect" man (into a multi-cultural mongrel) according to a religious but non-Christian doctrine.  
I like the words of Michael W. Masters in 1997 when he said, "Christianity has universalized altruism, thus stripping us of our own defense against multiculturalism."  
So far as I know Christ came to Earth for just one thing:  "The Lost Sheep of Israel" -- however you want to interpret that.  He definitely did not mean anything universal or globalistic.  
Neighbors (as in "Love they neighbor as they self)  are a particiular, delimited, unique people, not an "everybody of every color and culture." Neighbors make a local community.  That's why I like Pierre-Joseph Proudhon when he said, "If everyone is my brother, I have no brothers."  

It is important to keep in mind that Christianity was a white European religion  during the Middle Ages. To be more specific, it was a racist and anti-Semitic religion as exemplified by the Crusades. So it doesn't have to be universalistic! It has simply sold out to the politically correct establishment in modern and especially contemporary times.

Religion simply follows the culture. If the culture is nationalistic, then the religion is likewise. If the culture is Cultural Marxism, so is the religion. But I think there is nowadays the additional cause of Jewish infiltration of the Churches we have to take into account.

I was born & raised a Catholic. I never thought that I'd leave the church. BUT, I left because I currently see Christianity as a threat to my people.   In other words; saving the White Race is more important than God itself.

The Jewish Bible is the source of the Vile!
This will show you what Jews really think of Gentiles!
I had to debrief myself from Christianity after 40 years.
The book that everyone must read is:
WILFULL DISSOBEDIENCE by Margaret Heffernan.
It's all about Cognitive dissonance.
It's a MUST read!

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