Why more holocaust education will not solve the Anne Frank problem

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2019-06-16 15:11

By Carolyn Yeager

THE MORE THAT HOLOCAUST BELIEF IS CHALLENGED on internet sites and discussion boards, from newly awakened 'skeptics' to full-fledged 'deniers,' the louder the call has become for more Holocaust education and the cry that antisemitism is 'out-of-control' and must be forcibly contained by law for the good of humanity.

This is a serious threat to our liberty, as the preferred methods of control that are suggested to solve this perceived problem are to further suppress free speech and to increase indoctrination programs for children. And, as we can plainly watch our “democratic western societies” acquiescing to new Jewish demands every time they're made, putting 'What's Good for Jews,' ahead of what's good for any other groups, it is clear to all that Jewish interests rule almost everywhere. But could it be that by increasing their demands too far, Jews will bring their captive goyim to a breaking point—to a sudden, shocking awakening whereby the truth is seen in all it's liberating glory at last?

This is certainly a possibility. One of the greatest kow-towers to Jewish demands is Heiko Maas, Germany's foreign minister in Angela Merkel's coalition government with the failing Social Democrats (SPD). Though always a lapdog to Germany's Jewish leaders, Heiko Maas has suffered a humiliating rebuke by Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, over what Nahshon sees as Maas' attempt to “universalize the lessons” of Anne Frank's legacy. Specifically, Maas's Ministry tweeted confidently on Wednesday:

“AnneFrank would have turned 90 today. Her diary is more relevant than ever before as a warning against discrimination, marginalization and persecution and as a symbol of humanity. We can learn from her.”

But Nahshon, who serves as deputy chief of mission to Israel's embassy in Germany, accused Maas of failing to internalize the lessons of the Holocaust and of misrepresenting Anne Frank's legacy. The hard-core Jews never like it when the alleged “crimes” of the holocaust are universalized, as they think that takes away from its Jewish character and Jewish primacy as a battling ram to be used by Jews only. What it comes down to is: The Holocaust is ours and we don't share it, we only want you to worship it.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, added his criticism of Maas when he told The Jerusalem Post in regard to Maas' recent visit to Tehran: "Why such desperation by Germany to save serial liar genocide wannabe tyrants in Tehran? Time to use peaceful sanctions to stand up to tyrants and stand up for people of Iran."

Another example of this attitude (and they aren't hard to find these days) is what Anshel Pfeffer writes in an opinion piece at haaretz.com in which he states the popular talking point of the day:

Many are trying today to deny the Jewishness of the Holocaust and to either nationalize or universalize its victims, depending on their political purpose. On Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, apologist for countless anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers and the man who has done more than any political figure in this generation to make a Jewish community in a western country despair for its place in society, had the boneheaded, tone-deaf effrontery to read a quote from Anne Frank’s diary in parliament. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t even have the minimal human decency to note the reason she had been in hiding with her family in Amsterdam and then died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, was her Jewishness.

For left-wing dogmatists like Corbyn, those murdered in the Holocaust were not Jews, but “victims of fascism.” For today’s leaders of Poland, Jews were just Polish victims. And we, for whom they are our grandparents and great grandparents, and their brothers and sisters, are trapped between wanting them to be individuals for their lives and deaths to have a deeply personal, and yes, a Jewish meaning, but also to mean something for the rest of the world.

Jews seem to be trapped in their need/compulsion to find fault with how non-Jews are bending to their will—we never do it quite right or quite enough to satisfy their enormous sense of privilege. Will the true believers get tired of being slapped around by kippa-wearing Jews for not wording their tributes to Holocaust icons like Anne Frank in exactly the way that will please them this time around? Well, I suppose Heiko Maas is a lost cause in that regard, and the British Tories too, but there are plenty of others who may decide it's no longer worth it and we will start seeing some results from that.


Doesn't he know, only Jews are allowed to make universalist assertions vis-a-vis the Holyhoax, and obviously only when it meets their specific interests - of which Maas is clearly a product of.
Then, how naive can Maas be, to travel to Iran - Israel's long standing object of "affection" and then cite Frank's writings decrying her persecution as to apply to all of "humanity" ???  He seems to be trapped in a box to be so blissfully unaware of the reality on the ground.
Oh, the irony.  In a way I enjoy these little tussles, when the left eats itself.
The question is, is this a nice wake-up call for Maas?  Oh the conflict!  To be "anti-racist", or support Jewish supremacists!  It's a real Sophie's choice (heh) moment, isn't it?
Final thought.  I love it how unironically Jews from Israel reference Iran as "serial liar genocide wannabe tyrants" - that's a slow clap from me - well done - delicious hyperbole.  Is it unique self-deceptiveness to write such drivel or is it  just being typically deceptive?  I guess Bolton would approve.
I lean more to the latter option.  The Yinon plan won't happen by itself.