Zschäpe admits guilt of the two Uwe's, apologizes!

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-12-09 10:48

Beate Zschäpe appears relaxed and at peace after her statement is read in court on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015.

Beate Zschäpe acknowledged in her statement to the court in Munich today that Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt committed the ten murders the “National Socialist Underground” trio has been charged with. But she denied prior knowledge, saying that in every case she only found out some time afterwards, when they told her. She describes herself as being "speechless and stunned."

She denied that the NSU was an organized group or that she was or is a member, saying it was entirely Mundlos's idea to call the group such and that Böhnhardt is the only other person who could be considered a member.

She said that though she did not identify with the ideological motives of Böhnhardt and Mundlos, she was tied to them emotionally. “The two men could live without me, but I couldn't live without them,” she said. At one point, Uwe Böhnhardt broke off with her, saying she was too clingy and gave him no air. This caused her pain so she went out and rented the garage in Jena that they wanted for storage, and she and Böhnhardt came together again.

When she brought up the possibility of going to the authorities, Böhnhardt and Mundlos said they had made a pact to kill themselves rather than be taken by police. She said she wished the crimes had never occurred, that she felt “morally guilty” for the murders and apologized to the relatives of the victims.

Zschäpe said that in retrospect she wished an acquaintance of the group, Timo Brandt, had been captured by police earlier as it may have placed authorities further on the trail of Zschäpe, Böhnhardt and Mundlos. [Brandt was a V-man and a leading funder of the right-wing scene in Thüringia.]

Böhnhardt and Mundlos had told her to dispose of all evidence in the apartment the three shared in the event they were killed, she said. Zschäpe admitted to setting the apartment in Zwickau on fire but said she made every effort to warn other residents in the house by ringing the doorbell or knocking to see if anyone was home.

Her lawyer Mathias Grasel read the 53-page statement on her behalf. Thursday' scheduled court session has been called off so the judges can review Zschäpe's statement and prepare written questions. Court may resume next week.



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What most people don’t know: There are currently 9 more suspects under investigation by law enforcement which had direct contact with the trio during the last decade. Most of them are V-Men, criminals and snitches that are/were directly controlled by the Verfassungsschutz. 
Zschäpe’s statement is full of contradictions and only serves one purpose: To allow Germany’s internal security agency (Verfassungsschutz) to safe it’s face and prevent any further discussion of it’s involvement in the killings. 
It was all done by the two Uwes - Case closed. No one else was involved. And with that the whole NSU murders, which were orchestrated under governmental control can now finally fulfill their role: They are the killer argument used in any political discussion to discredit even the slightest opposition to the traitorous regime that controls the Federal Republic of Germany…..

I am disappointed and yes, surprised, at Zschäpe's statement. I had expected her to refute some of what the state was trying to prove, to say that it didn't happen that way at all. But she has corroborated every bit of it.

I don't see it the way Apfelquitte does, though, or the way Repe does (commenting on the previous post}. No, I'm not prepared to think Zschäpe has made a deal, and I don't think she's going to come out of this very well. If she does, then I will reconsider.

I will say that the state wants there to be a network of "far-right extremists"; I don't think they will settle for just the two men. I thought the strategy of the first lawyers was the right one; keep silent and let them prove their case. But it seems that Zschäpe couldn't stand to keep silent any longer; she needed to be heard and found someone who would help her in that. OR, it's just a different strategy. By knowing nothing about the murders, she cannot explain anything about them - not even why they were carried out! She was only told afterward. And she doesn't know of anyone else who was involved. Therefore, she doesn't help the prosecution and the other plaintiffs at all. Case closed. Which is good for the right-wing activists. Not good for the left-wing activists. But I believe her when she says she didn't share their racial views.

Zschäpe is definitely a co-dependent personality, and an enabler - extremely so, which she couldn't avoid because of her childhood with her alcoholic mother and absent father. That explains why she was the one seeing to so many things in their domestic life, and why the two men relied on her. So it's very much about personalities interacting. If refugees are excused in their behavior because of the trauma they experience, Zachape certainly should be.

Usually RAF-murderers or f.e. Treblinka-guards have not come out well. Anyway they have been forced to lie in different ways. Maybe they have been threatened or in some cases there may have been mind control etc. I guess in some cases they have not been in the court themselves, but someone have read their statements etc.
The famous murderer of Siegfried Buback and some terrorists have come out quite well. 10 years or something.

This prepared statement was timed almost to- or to-the-day with the announcement that the court in Karlsruhe and certain reps fr. ea. state will in March again take up their pompous posturing on whether the NPD can be permitted to exist. What a coincidence! With all their collected "evidence" like some kind of thing implying that being a member of the party is a form of Holocaust Denial. Yes, they'll get rid of it this time.
The strangeness that Schaepe is soooo perfectly content before cutting loose with this pile of     is one reason I think she's a targeted individual - like I think the old knife wielding guy in Koln with no criminal record is - and that she has been induced to say these things apparently without any regard for her own future or anything else. How would they otherwise be able to prove ANY of this?
After the Washington Navy Yard Massacre and the NY Times article describing in detail what they were doing to THAT guy, AND the recent thing in California where it turns out they have famously been conducting the same kind of mind control experiments in the nearby hospital where all the corpses were taken, for decades... (Yes there was some kind of armed attacker drill that day in San Bernardino.) I always thought this thing had the smell of the CIA. They and the State Dept. are all Jews and their stupid minions and they intend to END anyone saying anything the slightest bit negative about Jews in Germany and to have it with legal penalties just like the Red Terror.
I believe the Kebap Shop Murders were enforcement actions of a Turkish protetion racket. This stands to reason since the Turks are the Jews' most beloved protege' in the filth-world of Semitic crime, and since most Turks and most police originally thought it was. Why else would anyone bother shooting them? For the cash register with one day's take? Why go to all that trouble to make a racial statement when you're trying to steal enough to eat?
But the most UNLIKELY assertion of the intelligence authorities in their attempts to have this thing orchestrated so the acts of two unrelated criminal groups look like a NAZI RACIST MASSACRE - is the "coincidence" of the two thugs shooting each other to death in a burning Winibago using the very weapon they had supposedly used earlier to kill several of the kebap shop proprietors... WHILE, within a few hours of the thugs' supposed self-inflicted deaths by bullets in the mobile home inferno... a hundred miles away in Zwickau, their squeeze Beate Zshaepe - who hadn't seen her thugs for about a year - is said to have blown the multi-family apartment building she was living in sky high! - with the motive therefor given by the authorities as: "to hide the evidence".
And then "coincidentally" - and despite the bombed-out situation - and NEVERTHELESS, they still find the 2nd planted gun, and their ever-so-perfect Pink Panther Video containing an extremely clever, boastful (this likely because of it's Jewish origin as the Jews often mistakenly read these kinds of emotions into our thoughts when they're trying to fabricate them) and THOROUGHLY COMPLETE confession of all the alleged crimes.
IT IS COMPLETE BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiT!

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