Zschäpe statement expected to be read out in court tomorrow

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-12-08 12:11

Her newest defense attorney, Mathias Grasel confirmed this today, with the request that any questions by the court be given in writing. Any answers will also be given in writing after Grasel and Zschäpe [pictured right] consult over the weekend. It is my understanding that no one can be forced to answer questions in court.

The farce of this case

A previous article by Deutche Welle summing up the case so far had some strange sentences. Here are a few:

“Throughout the two and a half years of the trial over the NSU murders […] the trial itself has produced some answers, but by no means all.” Notice that it's called “the NSU murders” but sufficient evidence for this has still not been found in 2 ½ years (actually 4 years).

“The three had probably been radicalized in a right-wing extremist organization run in the eastern German state of Thuringia by an undercover officer of the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Admitting the State Security apparatus was running an organization responsible for “radicalizing” them! This has come up in some other instances, for example with the NPD (currently under threat of being banned). 

"About 30 undercover agents were active in the NSU's environment, according to estimates by Sebastian Scharmer.” He is an attorney for one of the Turkish plaintiffs in the case.

"'The Office for the Protection of the Constitution has put up walls around it since the NSU story came out,' says Daimagüler (a Turkish lawyer). […] Allegedly, the files destroyed dealt with undercover agents involved in the organization from which the NSU had emerged in the German state of Thuringia.” What organization was that? Something created by agents of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is what is meant!

The Federal Republic of Germany has a real bombshell on it's hands. I will, of course continue covering this case. Stay tuned.


Germany, NSU trial


I have read about this case from Wolfgang Hackert's books (Mord und Perversion, also from his newest book) and the articles from Gerhard Wisnewski. This is just like the Holohoax. These murders are a part of war between the turkish and the kurdish mafia. They were formerly called "the Döner Murders". Der Spiegel has written a very long and detailed article about them 2010 (or 2009). The police in Turkey and Germany have found out everything. But there were also secret services etc. involved. Too much could have become in to the daylight if the main criminals would have been arrested. The mafiosos had too much power.
I have read from the text-TV about Zchäpe's statements. It is obvous that she has been told to lie. Otherwise she would have no hope for freedom or a short period in jail. So she has told she is innocent. But at least in the TV there was that the boys had told her about the crimes. Hah. So the fairytale is alive and there is at last a confession or one evidence behind the official story. Whic is ridiculous. She could not to question everything. Just like the accused in the Holohoax-trials in Nürnberg and also later. Many have been forced to lie.