For 100 years, ADL has worked to reverse justice in the murder of little Mary Phagan

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Jews won't rest until the murderer Leo Frank is declared innocent

Abraham Foxman (left) was paid handsomely by the ADL to protect and defend Jew criminals and perverts like Leo Frank (right).

by Carolyn Yeager

On July 20, 2015, Abe Foxman ended his "50 years of service” to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), twenty-eight of them spent as National Director. The League itself was founded in October 1913 (an exact day is not given) as a direct reaction to the guilty verdict delivered on Leo M. Frank in Atlanta, Georgia two months earlier, on August 25, 1913.

Though it's played down now, the fact that a prominent Jew was exposed as a pervert rapist-murderer, and that the entire nation had followed the sensational trial testimony, horrified the Jewish establishment. Leo Frank was President of the Atlanta chapter of B'nai B'rith*, and was the son-in-law of the wealthy Jewish Selig family of that city. And now this privileged Jew, one of their own, was scheduled to BE HANGED for the murder of a 13-year old Christian girl who worked at the National Pencil Factory of which he was supervisor.

This could not be allowed to continue.

Therefore, the "Anti-Defamation League" was created by the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith as an activist arm of the New York City-based organization, charged with the following mission:

To stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people.”

The League doesn't distinguish between the truth or falsehood of what is being said about Jews, because, to it, Jews are always innocent.

Mary Phagan autopsy photo shows the gouge in her neck from the cord that was wrapped around her neck to strangle her.

Shortly after Frank was convicted by the jury, a nationwide campaign to exonerate him was inaugurated by Jewish interests. Adolph Ochs, Jewish publisher of The New York Times, was the most active; he teamed with A.D. Lasker, an "advertising genius" to carry out a number of publicity campaigns. Another New York newspaper The Sun published the headline "Jews Fight to Save Leo Frank." That was exactly accurate.

The entire argument used by the Jews, then and now, consists of the magical charge of “anti-Semitism**” which works in every case. In the case of Leo Frank, they insist it poisoned the minds of the Southern population against him. In this way they avoid the subject of the evidence.

Frank's high priced lawyers appealed the case for two years, up to the U.S. Supreme Court, and no fault or error in the trial proceedings, and no anti-Semitism, was unearthed. But Jews don't rely on only one plan of action. On the eve of the day Frank was scheduled to hang, outgoing Georgia Gov. John Slaton commuted his sentence to life in prison, in spite of the fact that it was a conflict-of-interest. Slaton was a law partner in the same firm as Frank's lead counsel, Luther Z. Rosser. Thus, Slaton commuted the sentence of a man being represented by his own law firm!

But in commuting Frank's death sentence, Slaton admitted he found “no error of law” in the trial, that the evidence submitted was sufficient to sustain the guilty verdict, and that any charge of racial prejudice was "unfair" … but he still thought there was an element of doubt felt by many. This “doubt” however, was not felt by the newly elected incoming governor, Nathaniel Harris, who supported Frank's conviction and execution. Nor was it shared by the public, which was outraged by the move. A mob gathered at Slaton's home, and he and his wife felt the need to move out of Georgia immediately after the new governor was sworn in.

This was not anti-Semitism. This was a judgment of the people against taking too lightly the life of 13-year-old working girl . Prominent men of the community organized themselves into the “Knights of Mary Phagan,” openly planning to kidnap Frank from prison. Populist politician Tom Watson wrote in his magazine, “Lynch law is a good sign; it shows that a sense of justice lives among the people.”

As you know, the kidnapping took place and Leo Frank was lynched on the morning of August 17, 1915 outside of the town of Marietta where Mary Phagan had lived with her mother, stepfather and siblings. And it is said that still today ...

It’s the only known lynching of a Jew in American history.

From that time to present day, the ADL and the rest of the U.S. Jewish establishment has sustained the single-minded intention to reverse the findings of that trial, to exonerate Leo Frank fully, to have the state of Georgia proclaim him to be an innocent man who was another Jewish victim of anti-Semitism in America.

The lynching of Leo Frank by the committee of 28 responsible citizens.

As you may know, the ADL's secret of success is that they never give up, and they take every opportunity to make progress toward their goal, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

In 1982, the ADL of B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish Committee, Atlanta Jewish Federation and numerous other Jewish organizations used some "new information" to push for a Posthumous Pardon and Exoneration for Leo M. Frank for the murder of Mary Ann Phagan. The petition was denied on December 22, 1983. [enlarge letter]

In 1986, however, another attempt was made, this time asking only for the state of Georgia to recognize its own culpability over his death, meaning not protecting him from the lynchers. This limited, special pardon was granted; the Jewish groups expressed satisfaction with it.

In 2003, on the 90th anniversary of the Anti-Defamation League's founding, a monument dedicated by the ADL was placed near the inside entrance of the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY where Leo Frank is buried.. It reads:

Leo Frank: The trial of Leo Frank in 1913 was motivated by the rampant antisemitism of the time. The founding of the Anti-Defamation League that same year was motivated by a passion to eradicate such injustice and bigotry. Despite his innocence, Frank was abducted from jail in 1915 and lynched. ADL remembers the victim Leo Frank and rededicates itself to ensuring there will be no more victims of injustice and intolerance.

Though it is a lie, the charge of “rampant antisemitism” is what the ADL is determined to associate with any Jewish wrongdoing across the breadth of this land, and to make it “the unquestioned truth” of the matter. The ADL is on the move to make the Jewish narrative on EVERYTHING the only narrative that exists This is what they mean when they say they want to “Stop the defamation of the Jewish people.” It means that any accusation against a Jew is defamation, and will not be allowed to stand.

In 2008, a Leo Frank Lynching Site historical marker was put up near the site of the 1915 lynching in Marietta. The lynching marker read:

Near this location on August 17, 1915, Leo M. Frank, the Jewish superintendent of the National Pencil Company in Atlanta, was lynched for the murder of thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan, a factory employee. A highly controversial trial fueled by societal tensions and anti-Semitism resulted in a guilty verdict in 1913. After Governor John M. Slaton commuted his sentence from death to life in prison, Frank was kidnapped from the state prison in Milledgeville and taken to Phagan's hometown of Marietta where he was hanged before a local crowd. Without addressing guilt or innocence, and in recognition of the state's failure to either protect Frank or bring his killers to justice***, he was granted a posthumous pardon in 1986.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society, the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, and Temple Kol Emeth.

Because of roadway renovation, the marker had to be temporarily taken down, but now a new historical marker has been put up on the property of the Atlanta History Center, whose executive vice president is a man named Michael Rose. The new marker was put up on June 17; it honors Gov. John M. Slaton's commutation of Leo Frank's sentence. Another of the three organizations sponsoring this marker is the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation. So two out of three, at least, are Jewish. The writing on this Slaton marker includes these words:

Concerned by the sensationalized atmosphere and circumstantial evidence that led to the notorious 1913 conviction of Jewish businessman Leo Frank in the murder of teenager Mary Phagan, Slaton granted Frank clemency in June 1915. Slaton’s commutation of Frank’s death sentence drew national attention but hostile local backlash resulted in Frank’s lynching in August 1915, and the end of Slaton’s political career

Enlarge image

What could be more dismissive of 13-year-old Mary Phagan than to call her a teenager? There were no “teenagers” in 1913 [the term was invented later] but there were many girls from modest families who, from the age of 12 on, left school and worked full time in factories and mills for something like ten cents an hour. In any case, a teenager can be any age from 13 to 19! This is a good example of how Jews will sacrifice even Gentile children on the alter of protecting guilty, criminal Jews.

National Pencil Company at 37-41 South Forsyth Street in 1913. Frank's office was on the 2nd floor front, right where the advertising sign says "For the Blood."

Another of the tribe who worked to erect the 2008 marker at the lynching site is Rabbi Steve Lebow of Temple Kol Emeth in East Cobb (pictured at right). Lebow says he’s trying to get the lynching marker out of storage for a centennial event planned for next month.

Rabbi Lebow is very active in the cause of Leo Frank, and says of the pardon, “That's not enough.” He wants Frank to be declared innocent and will ask the Georgia General Assembly, Cobb County and the city of Marietta to exonerate Frank. 

This Lebow is a real character.

His specialty is officiating at Jewish and interfaith weddings. I'm sorry if this article devolves into comedy - it's not my fault. Laughing

Rabbi Lebow in one of his typical "touchy-feely" pictures taken with a Jewish bride whose wedding he officiated.

Rabbi Lebow is also circulating a petition on the Internet but there is no groundswell of support. From reading it, I conjecture that he is not too well educated. He doesn't write well and he doesn't know the facts about the trial either. He falsely states:

Frank was subsequently convicted on false testimony, given on the stand by many suspect to be the real murderer, Jim Conley.

Frank's trial, from beginning to end, was a legal farce. Witnesses were coerced to say they had seen Leo Frank with the girl that day. Then many of those witnesses later recanted their story. The forensic evidence had been "cooked". The jury was instructed that the girl's hair and blood had been found next to Frank's office. [Instructed by whom?]

Convinced that the entire trial had been a sham, Governor Slaton mounted an independent investigation of the crime. Slaton's conclusion was inescapable; Frank had been falsely accused and then wrongly convicted. [No, Slaton said he read over the entire trial transcript and found no errors and no reason to disagree with the verdict. The opposite of what Lebow states!]

This is the type of “reasoning” and “facts” that we get from the Leo Frank defenders, all the way up to the ADL and Abe Foxman. They have no valid arguments; they rely on victimology and the old complaint of anti-Semitism … and on downright lies.

More to come:  Next month, on Monday, August 17, we will mark the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank by a committee of 28 respectable, responsible men from the community. The list includes a former Georgia governor, Joseph Mackey Brown; former mayor of Marietta and later president of the Georgia Senate, Eugene Herbert Clay; the Mayor of Marietta at the time, E. P. Dobbs; lawyer and banker, part of the Marietta delegation at Governor Slaton's clemency hearing, Moultrie McKinney Sessions; several current and former Cobb County sheriffs, and other professional men.

This was not a rag-tag band of ne'r-do-wells, and that's why they were not prosecuted. It was Gov. Slaton who had to leave the state because he took the law into his own hands in order to please or placate the Jews. How much was he paid? ~


*B'nai B'rith – an international fraternal order of Jews founded in 1843 in New York City. It states that it is committed to the security and continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. It is affiliated with the World Jewish Congress. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Hillel and BBYO (originally B'nai B'rith Youth Organization) were all launched by B'nai B'rith.

**Anti-Semitism – A term invented by Jews to be used as a defense whenever a Jew is accused of criminal or otherwise harmful behavior toward Gentiles.

***He had been sentenced to die at the hands of the State; the Governor intervened without legal grounds, so how could they be called 'killers?'


Jews, Sexual perversion


In 1937 Hollywood Jews made the movie "They Won't Forget", starring Claude Rains.  It was a takeoff on the trial against Leo Frank and used every cinemagraphic technique to persuade the audience that innocent parties can be successfully prosecuted by vicious, and ambitious, prosecutors.  I saw that at a very young age and reacted exactly as intended - I was sympathetic to the innocent teacher wrongly convicted of murdering one of the students (young Lana Turner's introductory role).  I had no knowledge of the Mary Phagan murder at that time.
Later, in 1988, they made another movie (a TV movie) about the Mary Phagan murder, titled,"The Murder of Mary Phagan", starring Jack Lemmon.The jews once again used every cinemagraphic technique to persuade the audience that an innocent, family loving, man, who earning the sympathy of the audience, had been visciously prosectued for a murder he did NOT commit.
This time, they depicted, in the movie, the real murderer to be the negro custodian, played expertly by Charles S. Dutton, who made his character out to be a no good lying womanizer and murderer without remorse.  They had Lemmon depict the governor as a very righteous man who commuted the sentence only after he became convinced that the trial had been a farce, likened unto a kangaroo court, and it protrayed Lemmon as commuting the sentence at great loss to his personal career and at great jeopardy to his own, and his family's, safety.  When I saw this movie, I again fell in line with the desired sentiment, that an innocent man had been hung by hooligans out of hateful, brutish, racial prejudice.  
These two movies represent the skill the jews employ as the go about infecting the minds of whatever nation they infest.  Later on, I read about the Mary Phagan murder, and, gained a more accurate, and frightening, truth about jews and their attitude that all non-jews are as cattle, and, therefore, the killing of cattle can never be anything approaching murder.  
Movie goers need to keep in mind that when they give in to their quest for entertainment, and let these Hollywood jews have their attention for the 2 hours or so, they cannot help but be swayed in whatever direction these jews intend when they put these movies together.  
White nationalists need to somehow come up with the funds to start their own movie production and distrubution companies to offer better entertainment for us without the malicious influence by hateful jews bent on our own destruction.

This is really a worthwhile read:

for seeing how events as they actually happened are disregarded by Jewish writers in their "creative process."  

It also importantly points out that Disney Studios (or whatever it's called) is now totally Jewish owned and managed. We need to remember that Walt Disney did not like Jews and kept them out of his creative business (at a high cost to himself), so they targeted him and now have complete control over his life's work. This is how they operate. Any door that's closed to them must be broken down.

In the same way, the Atlanta/Fulton County area resisted being dictated to by Jews in the Leo Frank affair. But we see that Jewish organizational power is closing in now for their ultimate victory in having the trial record reversed ... based on pure perseverence and ever-expanding political influence. Facts are done away with; the totally illegitimate idea of "hate" takes over.

I think we have to stop needing/wanting to be entertained. Any White person who walks into a movie theater today is endangering their own future, and that of their family. That's what it comes down to. Of course, most don't care.

There was an earlier British movie, titled "Enigma" (1981), which starred an earlier frumpy version of Kate Winslett (before her sexpot days).  In that movie, they depicted Turing as a brilliant cryptographer who had suffered a nervious breakdown due to falling in love with, and having been rejected by, a tall nordic beauty who worked at the same location.
In this movie, they let we the audience listen in as Turing gave a private lecture about the German's magnificient "Enigma" crypto-coding machine used by Germans world-wide to send messages back and forth that could not be deciphered without the key, which was changed daily.  After making sure we, the audience, fully apprectiated how impossible it would be to crack the Enigma machine (even though one had been rescued from a sinking German submarine, which they showed us during this scene), they then went on to reveal that Turing had in fact concocted a "thinking" machine that did successfully crack the Enigma machine.
This movie is actually very entertaining, but, I began to wonder about the underlying theme and I have to confess that I am suspicious about all this hullabaloo about how super smart the British are and how flawed the Germans were to not suspect their Enigma machine had been compromised.  I think maybe we are again being fed a line of bull, akin to the holohoax, in that these jews just can't ever let anything absolutely monumental the Germans ever did go without being torn down, if even only "in their minds", and, made all the more palatable to themselves (the jews) by using thier tale-spinning skills to have all we goy believing something that was just "in their minds" all along (cracking the Enigma).
Sure, with an enigma machine in hand, and with enough parallel tape drives and radio-tube-based computer processors (a-la-1940's), and a lot of luck, one or more keys for one or more days might have been stumbled over.  But, to promote Turing to the stars as such a genius to have basically read the german coded messages like reading the London Times is, I am starting to suspect, pure jewish fairy tales (which they are so full of for centuries).
I come to this suspicion because of the remarkable success the Germans had in conducting the war, against overwhelming odds, until the manufacturing might of the US, combined with the incredible numbers of slavic and oriental hordes of greater Russia, joined to simply overwhelm a mighty nation as superior (in EVERY way) as was the Third Reich of Germany.
I notice that every time I read, or see, something about how brilliant were the English to have cracked the Enigma, they allude to some advanced mathematical techniques, but, they never actually show any of the math kernels that would form the foundation for their claim.  There are plenty of us in the audience that have backgrounds in math that just might follow the theorems involved, if there actually were any, and they always just slide right over that, and make hay out of what they present as an accomplished fact (the code got cracked - just accept it and enjoy the movie).
I don't believe it.  The Germans got defeated the same way the Texans at the Alamo got defeated - being massively overwhelmed by enemy troops, supplies, transports, and munitions.
If the British actually did crack the Enigma, in the total way described in all these war tales, it was most probably AFTER Germany's surrender and some of the German insiders who helped create the Enigma, once they were prisoners of war, and the war was over, just told them how it was done.
These Brits, with ample help from thier jews, are just too full of themselves.

Friedrich Georg has written in his newest books that the codes had been partly cracked already before the war. (Joseph A. Meyer: Der Fall WICHER, s. 1-27) NSA has (2007) released evidence that German officiers realised soon after Anschluss 1938 before the autumn that there were signs that the Austrians and the Chechs had at least partly read their messages. After the war in Poland 1939 the Germans dld find decoded conversations and that an organisation called Wicher had broken the Enigma. Captain Kempe gave the material to the OKH but the traitor Fellgiebel concealed everything. He did not tell to Fenner anything or to the Marine. I don't know if there had to be more cracking. Maybe not because the Brits read the messages soon 1940. Some little changes were done to the systems ans concealings. My opinion is that the traitors had given everything to the enemy and the whole Wicher-case is something cover-up.
1943 some polish POWS (surrendered in France 1940) told everything to the Gernans but Canaris concealed everything and ordered the prisoners to shut up. Also some British POWs in Africa and fled German Pows told Canaris the same and he had knowledge from his agents (Abwehr) where the two ULTRA-macines were. One single air-attack could have ruined the whole ULTRA. Canaris conceald everything. (Günther K. Weisse: Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung um Zweiten Weltkrieg, s. VII)  
Dönitz told his suspicions in the January the same year that the Enigma could have been cracked and it is not safe. Fellgiebel ordered three months later an investigation that declared that there were no reason to be afraid of this. The polish officiers were the main wittnesses but canaris had put them together and they could thus tell just lies.
Others had already asked the firrn Heimsöd & Rinke to make a new doding-machine but they could never finish it. Luftwaffe had already 1941 bought safer and more efficient system (Reflektor D) but tje Army rejected it because it allegedly was "too complicated". The other system (Enigma-Uhr) of the Luftwaffe were sabotaged and the brits could therefore crack it. Menser's SG39 / Lückenfüller Walze was already in the tests in the beginning of 1943 but the order to the Heimsöd & Rinke did not come because Fellgiebel and Canaris said the Enigma was safe. After 1944 it came and the messages were safe.
But a big part of the taritors were still left. I'm not sure which messages had to be cracked because every data were already delivered immediately to the enemy by the taritors soon before the war.
We finns know that besides Finland also the Germans could read well the russian messages (f. e. ZZZZZ-messages) already in 1941 (This reading was in a big role soon in the Winter War 1939/40). In fact the Allies have a huge amount of russian messages decoded by the Germans but maybe they never will be released (Weisse, s. 366-369, 413 and 477). Sadly but the German system was that the units did not have a permit to use the messages. They were delivered to the headquarters of the Army and the traitors there decided what to do with them.

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