AfD seeks protection under Paragraph 130 for Germans too!

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-04-27 15:09

By Carolyn Yeager

A MEMBER OF THE ALTERNATIVE FUER DEUTSCHLAND PARTY  INTRODUCED A BILL TODAY IN THE GERMAN BUNDESTAG calling for the notorious Paragraph 130 of the German Criminal Code to be amended to include Germans under its protection.

"The AfD wants just one thing," said fraction member Jens Maier, presenting the bill to the parliament. "Namely that Germans are also protected from hate speech and mockery. Our draft bill is supposed to close a gap in the criminal code."

Here is a longer explanation that Maier posted on his Facebook page in German (automatically translated):

The aim is to prevent the communication of group-focused enmity against the ancestral German population, which incites to hatred against the German population, which calls for acts of violence and arbitrariness or which attacks the human dignity of all Germans.

Not infrequently, German citizens are the victims of massive verbal abuse, for example as "Köterrasse" (meaning mongrel race). Violent crimes of foreign perpetrators against Germans often go hand in hand with insults meant to diminish the victims, explicitly directed against the Germans as a people ("shit Germans").

The intention is to create the legislative framework for the fact that even the hate offense against the German people is a criminal incitement.

Here is the formal bill, in German

As it stands. Paragraph 130 says that a maximum 3-year prison sentence—or a fine—can await anyone “"whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them."

Maier claims that the German government does “nothing, or next to nothing” to protect the German population from racism, and that German courts could apply the paragraph to hate speech against Germans if they wanted to, "but they don't do it."

Nothing but criticism came from the other parties in the Bundestag, who all opposed the legislation. For example, a spokeswoman for the Left party (former Communist Party) accused the AfD of wanting to abolish Paragraph 130 so they could freely attack “the disabled, refugees, Jews, Muslims, and leftists, unhindered. You love fear, and can't get enough of it,” said Martina Renner un-collegially (to put it mildly).

Sarah Rygewski of the Social Democrats wondered "who exactly would be defined as German under AfD's proposal, given that many, including herself (Polish), had roots in other countries.” In Poland, the cry is “Poland for the Poles” but when they occupy other countries, it's a different story.

These people have an interest in having Germans become second-class citizens. Clearly, the indigenous Britons are already second-class citizens in the UK. It is the ruling class and ruling parties that are betraying the people,  while the AfD is one of the few true peoples' parties.

Weidel wins lawsuit

In other AfD news, co-leader Alice Weidel got a favorable ruling in a Hamburg court in her lawsuit against Facebook over an insulting comment directed at her. In September, a user identified as Sanda G. left a german-language comment calling Weidel a “Nazi” and insulted her over her sexual orientation. Facebook refused to remove the comment even after it was reported to them. Only after Wiedel herself contacted them did they hide it from view for German readers, but still did not remove it from the view of other readers.

Facebook attorney Martin Munz commented, “Facebook is not a superjudge.” Not for those on the left, maybe, but yes for those on the Nationalist "Right.”'

Germany's new Anti-Semitism Commissioner

(The following information is taken from two recent reports - April 26 & 27-  at the very biased Deutsche Welle website.)

Germany will become more of a police state than it already is - and more under the thumb of Jews than ever.

Felix Klein's plan in the beginning is, first, for Germany to centralize the information it collects about anti-Semitic acts.

He envisions a system in which data will flow from local Jewish groups to police in Germany's 16 federal states and then to his office.  (This, obviously, means Jews will be the deciders of what "anti-semitic" acts take place and German police will take their word for it. This puts Jews totally in the driver's seat. It should also be mentioned that the most recent "antisemitic" incident of the boys wearing kippas being attacked was a total set-up - so obvious in the DW interview with the visiting Israeli youth.)

Klein is also calling for punishments to be increased for crimes deemed motivated by anti-Semitism. (A version of our distinction between "crime" and "hate-crime" in the United States. And of course if you come down hard enough on any behavior you can force an end to it ... but at what cost?)

"Police statistics say that more than 90 percent of anti-Semitic crimes come from extreme right-wing circles," Klein said. "But those affected, Jews who live here in Germany, tell a completely different story. They feel that Muslim anti-Semitism is much more dangerous than it appears to be in the statistics. I want to get to the bottom of this contradiction." (Clearly, the police have not been naming Muslims as perpetrators up til now.)

Once the data is available, Klein says, his office will work toward designing "tailor-made" solutions to combating various forms of anti-Semitism, including hostility towards Jews present among some Muslim migrants and young people in urban schools. Such strategies, he says, will focus above all on education (indoctrination). (So get ready for more state sponsorship of special school curriculums, public memorials, museums, documentation centers and former concentration camp subsidies. This won't be cheap.)

Klein is called by his supporters a specialist. He has been the ministry's expert on Jewish affairs since 2014, and the Central Council of Jews in Germany specifically requested that he be made commissioner. (The Jews' choice.)

He says he wants all political parties to agree to these objectives and welcomes the AfD, but he rejects what he calls the AfD's 'instrumentalization' of the issue in order to support its anti-immigrant posturing and points out that the Central Council [of Jews] has explicitly distanced itself from the populists.

As for his budged, the government said that no decisions had been taken as to how much money Klein would be given or how many civil servants would be assigned to work under him. (The Left Party suggested 50.)

The government has indicated that Klein will be allowed to draw on Interior Ministry resources [under Seehofer], but the ministry is itself waiting for the government to agree on its 2018 federal budget and is, to a certain degree, in limbo.

Budget negotiations are set to begin next week and could stretch on until the Bundestag takes its summer break in early July. Only when the money matters are decided will Klein have a better idea of whether he can achieve his ambitious goals. (Donald Trump is pressuring Germany to increase its NATO funding and other contributions to the defense of Europe, at this time. But the working German folk can always be taxed some more; after all, they owe it to the Jews.)

This is rather ominous: "I think that intelligence-service methods are necessary in fighting anti-Semitism," Klein said. "We've observed that Salafist and Islamist extremists seek to approach refugees in Germany and try to incite anti-Semitism and hatred. It's clearly the job of the intelligence services to take action against this."  (This is the police state, with government spies searching out offenders, also among the "right-wing.")

The star of David is rising over Germany.


With AFD's recent success, it's a sign that there are a significant number of Germans not happy with the country that Germany has become, but even AFD may not be ready to go far enough in my opinion.  But there are still a majority of Germans that have been indoctrinated with self hatred and anti-German policies that are designed to destroy the country.  These same polices have been popularized by WW II's victorious Jews throughout western Europe to destroy all the countries of Europe.  These policies include, vilifying the native population to strip it of any pride and any desire to survive as a people and a culture, legalizing abortion to help reduce the size of the native population, making birth control products easy to obtain for the same reason, demonizng the church and encouraging out of wedlock sex to break down strong family bonds (just like destroying love of country), encouraging women to work and implying being a mother has no worth to further reduce the native population size, encouraging mass immigration from foreign cultures to replace Germans and promoting transgenderism, homosexuality and other lifestyles that Christianity and most people considered sinful for over 2,000 years.  Then glorifying the ethnic newcomers while demonizing the native Germans by referring to their own people as "NAZIS" makes the native Germans like a persecuted minority in their own country.  The immigrants come from poor "shithole" countries to Germany, once the leading country in the world, and one of the wealthiest (but declining) and the immigrants thank the Germans by insulting them and spitting in their faces.  I'm afraid that by the time enough Germans realizize they have made a terrible mistake, it will be too late, but we have to try.  Eastern Europe, people like Orban are good examples and hopefully Germany and the rest of Europe will come to its senses in time.   
Migrants beating up Germans
Germany should deport its liberal German women to Saudi Arabia to live and the traitorous men too. 

One of the things I liked about Trump before he turned his back on everything he promised is that every time someone took a shot at him, he shot back - every time.  And when the entire media ganged up on him, encouraging everyone to attack him, he used his big mouth to hit back at his opponents with twice the amount of venom they hurled at him.  I think that helped him win the election.  If someone is always on the defensive and never returns insults that are hurled at them, I think they usually lose the argument.  I think that is the position Germany and Germans have been in since the end of WW II.
When I hear someone say Gernany dominates the EU and Europe, I sometimes forget the appropriate answer to such an idiotic claim, but the video below is a good example of how weak Germans are.  Germany's only strength in international affairs is its economic strength.  As the biggest economy in Europe, it would be impossible to sideline them and run things without them.  They provide the money.  In everything else that counts, Germany is a weakling and when others have a disagreement with Germany, they treat Germans in the most insulting ways imaginable.  Germany has no say in military matters (the US, France and the UK) on one side and Russia on the other decide who will be attacked and when, Germany has no say in pursuing policies that would benefit Germany (such as pursuing good relations with Russia), Germany can't say anything about the injustices the allies committed against Germany, murdering millions upon millions of Germans and lying about it ever since the end of the war, gang raping two million German women, stealing one third of Germany's territory, then further insulting the Germans by having this country or that (Greece and Poland recently) heaping on further insults by demanding money to atone for WW II, all while ordering the Germans not to create any memorials to German suffering and they must continue to ask forgiveness from all the other peoples of the world.  That leaves Germany powerless and Germans continuously humiliated.  
In the US, where blacks and other minorities are taught that whites are evil and morally inferior (racists that had slaves) and this is constantly hammered into everyone's head in the US, we have black criminality through the roof and black criminals portrayed as victims with white policemen being the guilty bullies.  This empowers every black and weakens every white and empowers newly arrived Latinos that aren't even citizens to tell whites they must do this or that in relation to immigration.  It also encourages racism and physical attacks on whites as they are always portrayed as evil. 
In Germany, as well as everywhere else in the world, the newcomers are taught that Germany is an evil country and Germans are immoral racists and murderers.  The newcomers are taught they are morally superior to the racist Germans who deserve nothing and certainly no advantages over any immigrants.  So, a few years ago Turkey's Erdogan came to Germany and openly contradicted Merkel, telling German Turks they did not have to integrate into Germany and should not and they should keep their mother tongue.  Below in the video is an immigrant to the UK, or the son of immigrants (looks like an Arab) and he's lecturing an Austrian on why Austria must accept Arab and African immigrants and then insults his Austrian debate opponent by repeatedly calling him a "NAZI".  The Jews have created an atmosphere in which Germans can be insulted in the worst way and feel they can't say anything in return.  Jews can call Germans NAZIS all day, but Germans can't throw an epithet back and call the Jew a kike.  Germans (such as the Austrian in the video) needs to be empowered to say, and backed up by his country's laws, that as a citizen he will help decide what Germany or Austria's immigration policy will be and that Arab, which only wants to leave his "shithole" country to live in once beautiful Europe, has no rights and no say in Austrian foreign policy - absolutely none, end of discussion.  And the Arab should be insulted in such a way (or worse) when he insults a German.
When I see a stupid, insulting Arab as the one in the video, I lose the sympathy and good feelings I normally have for Arabs.  They often appear to be so ignorant about so many things, including their own part of the world and the close relations they once had with Germans. 

Peter, it is not true that "Trump turned his back on everything he promised." He has accomplished a lot that he promised. What he has not are:

1) He hasn't made Mexico pay for the Wall;

2) He didn't prosecute Hillary (but actually allowing the investigations to continue has worked out best, she may yet be prosecuted, along with many others);

3) He hasn't gotten out of Syria (but he does say he wants to, and he did 'defeat Isis' which seemed pretty improbable at the time).

So you, and so many others, are very unfair to him. He is also exposing the US "Deep State" (Permanent State) to the average American, and also "Fake News."  Very big steps forward.

It's true that he hasn't turned his back on "everything", so that is not an accurate statement that I wrote, but he has done some significant things in total contrast to what he promised in his campaign.  I recognize he is treated extremely unfairly and fighting the entire media, the deep state and most people in positions of power oppose him.  His support comes from the people.
But in my opinion Russia and Syria defeated ISIS, not the US, who was actually helping ISIS by attacking Syrian forces.  I am also very upset at him for attackling Syria (twice) on ridiculous claims, when he claimed (rightly so) that the US should not be starting wars all over the world.  I also don't think he had to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.  If he's looking get his critics off his back, I doubt that will help much.

I don't like those three things either, but they are really small potatoes in his 1.5 years in office so far. The attacks on Syria did little damage but may have played a big role in bringing North Korea to the reunification table. They also got our many internal enemies off his back for awhile (again, your characterizing his actions as "starting wars all over the world" show you are being unreal). I think he's looking to accomplish much more than to get critics like you off his back. No offence intended.

(I think Trump secretly admires AH.)

I did not say he was "starting wars all over the world".  Perhaps you are being too defensive.  The USA has been "starting wars all over the world" for decades and President Trump has continued attacking foreign countries (no, not an all out war yet) when he gave strong indications in the campaign he would not do that.
I don't think I'm over critical of President Trump.  There are some former supporters that are far more critical than I have been.  I still believe he is better than anybody else ithat ran against him, but I thought he was made of stronger stuff.

The USA has been "starting wars all over the world" for decades ...

True, but Russia has been starting wars all over too, yet you are not critical of it for that reason.

What I notice is you are only concerned with Trump's foreign policies. Americans are more concerned with his domestic policies, like lowering immigration (we need the Wall and lots more patriotic judges and courts), like electing Trump Republicans (bad as they are) to Congress in November because the Democrats are death, like finally fully exposing the Deep State (Permanent State-Swamp) and punishing/removing it, like protecting the 1st and 2nd Amendments so we don't turn into a police state like all of Europe has become. We need a complete domestic overhaul in this country but our electorate  is not smart enough to accomplish that. However, we have to try our best because the situalion is only getting worse, day by day.

For this reason, seeing Syria as a make or break issue is foolish. Ann Coulter is right that immigration is the make or break issue. Plus, I don't think we are in any danger of Trump getting us into another war in the Middle East, or anywhere. He's smarter than that, and loves his country more than to do that to it.

Unfortunately the AFD is quite a Janus-faced party, in fact being a further “Holocaust party” (
All their credentials stem from opposing open bordes for Islamic  refugees, otherwise being part of the BRD-system. Almost all parlamentarians are traitors who act towards the demise of the German nation.
As a patriot the greater danger to our fatherland is  the already well established jewish influence which is never openly discussed.

AfD has always been straightforward. You fault them for not saying what you want them to say, which NO ONE DOES in Germany. Are YOU standing up in Germany "openly discussing the Jewish influence"? I guess not, you're writing a comment to this article at this website criticising the only pro-German party to manage to be represented in the Bundestag since when? ... 1950?

Germany is a police state with federal and state statues in total support of Jews and Israel ... because of the Holohoax. The holohoax is established law in Germany. Not even the NPD says anything against it.

The AfD has many very fine German patriots whose focus is to stop the further Islamisation of Germany and then to turn it back. Maybe they will see that friendliness to Germany's Jews does not gain them sympathy or protection in their fight against Islam, because the Jews actually welcome both the Muslim third-worlders AND antisemitism. The more antisemitism from a small faction, the more power they can attain and wield. Thus the new antisemitism commissioner!

The AfD is in a no-win spot here. Not their fault. But they must stay in federal parliament for the good of the people. It's a difficult plank they're walking, which someone like you would not be able to do, it seems.

AfD wants a seat at the table and are more than willing to buckle down for that. Their prioritization of Islam over immigration and anti-Semitism speaks volumes of their interests. As long as they get rid of Islam (a symptom) and somewhat temper the immigration flow, they'll declare themselves satisfied.
AfD has openly declared it's support for Israel on numerous occassions and has received praise from Jewish circles (including a former Israeli minister). Does this look like anti-Semitism to you? (interestingly enough, this vid was uploaded by a Jewess)
It's worth noting that Petry had abandoned her four kids and their father for a political marriage (consistent with the Christian neglect for family values, which they typically claim to champion) and called for the removal of Björn Höcke for pointing out how Germans are the only people in the world to have a collective guilt imposed on them and who seems to be one of the few decent politicians still left in Germany.
Nicolaus Fest was practically begging (debasing himself) for Jewish voters: "I think most Jews should vote for us because the imported anti-Semitism is mostly a Muslim problem."
Reactionary nationalism in a nutshell. The only thing they still have going for them is that they don't seem to admit any Jews into their leadership.
One should recall that Hitler considered Islam (once purged of it's extremities and absurdities, obviously) compatible with the German character. This is not merely a report from Speer, Degrelle, or an Arab delegation, but laid out with perfect consistency in the Table Talks. Even Otto Ernst Remer, who helped prevent the July 20 plot, inclined himself towards Islam, stating that the cherished Jewish goal was to turn the West against the Islamic world.
Islam is not entirely a Jewish sect, as the nomadic Arabs have largely taken it over and adapted it for themselves (submission to fate). And Mohammed did not immediately pursue a pro-Jewish goal, but rather one of urgency and necessity (Johannes von Leers provides a good formulation on this subject).
The fundamental problem is Jews and immigration (and the miscegenation resulting from a mixed population). Islam doesn't cut it close.

AfD has never, from its beginning, been an antisemitic or "Nazi" party. They are a pro-German, anti-immigration party. When Petry was co-leader, she was more pro-Israel, pro-Jew than the current leaders. And Petry did not abandon her 4 children - last I knew she had custody of them. She deserves to be praised for having 5 German-blooded children (not aborting a  single one), no matter what faults she might have otherwise. I have never said the AfD leaders were antisemitic. No one that I know of has said that. I have said they could not survive if they were. So you are speaking to whom exactly?

And Björn Höcke remains a member of AfD and a party leader in the state of Thuringia. In every political party, there is a moderate wing and a more extreme wing - same in the AfD. I like and trust leader Alexander Gauland - he is steering things well. He is more in the  Höcke wing of the party and has gotten into plenty of trouble for things he's said. But he's their top guy.

I disagree that "Hitler considered Islam  compatible with the German character," as you wrote. What he said was 'Islam was a more warrior-friendly religion than Christianity, and that quality would be beneficial to Germans' ... whom he saw as too pacifistic. Not the same thing.

You always point to some text - such as the Table Talk, but never say where it is. I am quite familiar with Table Talk and do not think it is "laid out there."

You end: "The fundamental problem is Jews and immigration (and the miscegenation resulting from a mixed population)." So what do you suggest is a credible approach by a political party to solving the problem as you see it? Remember, we're in a world of practicality and state power, not a dream world.

"I like and trust leader Alexander Gauland" - Carolyn

Here is a recent press release from him. Sounds like he's doing what he should be doing as the main opposition party:

Berlin, April 25, 2018. According to media reports, the SPD insists on family reunification for subsidized refugees to bring as many family members as possible to Germany.

The chairman of the AFD parliamentary group in the Bundestag and national spokesman, Alexander Gauland, said:

"The SPD just does not learn: those who had hoped that the Social Democrats come to their senses after their historically poor result in the general election, and in the refugee policy finally represent the interests of voters, can only take their head in their hands. Instead of consistently resorting to deportations, the responsible SPD politicians are bargaining to bring more refugees to Germany.

The former workers' party has finally lost touch with the concerns and needs of its ever-diminishing voters. The citizens in Germany want significantly fewer refugees. They worry about the safety on the streets and fear the loss of their homeland due to the continuing immigration. But the SPD, which would like to save the whole world here in Germany, has not taken care of that for a long time.

The AfD, on the other hand, will continue to press,
in the Bundestag, for the family reunification to be finally ended."

Alright, I concede. You know the German political parties better than I do. But I still think looking towards parties like AfD is a reflection of German sentimentality than a decision made from deliberations of common sense. Incidentally, your most recent article covers what I was going to employ: Hitler's assessment of the Pan-German and Christian Socialist movements. There, he emphasized that all political affairs must be assessed from an anti-Semitic standpoint, that only an anti-Semitic party is truly nationalist.
You're right, I should have said, "more compatible than Christianity". After all, he also did say in the talks, "Without Christianity, we would not have had Islam".
The resolution to the problem simply requires a certain type of man to take up the initiative.
Pythagoras and Plato taught that all knowledge is recollection, which implies reincarnation. Observe how Tesla, "while reciting a certain verse" from Goethe's Faust, "was struck with the epiphany that would lead to the idea of the rotating magnetic field and ultimately, alternating current." That book is more than a mere product of German genius. Those who were once familiar with the ideas contained within it and take the time to work upon them can benefit humanity tremendously. Germany has had no shortage of such men i.e. Goethe, Luther, Weishaupt. There is no doubt that Hitler had read literature of this caliber in his youth, Kubizek mentions him commenting on Faust.
Kubizek and Goebbels have described Hitler being in a state in which it was as if another being was in the driver seat, which Carl Jung speculated on: "He seemed as if he might be the double of a real person, and that Hitler the man might perhaps be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so hiding in order not to disturb the mechanism... He is like a man who listens intently to a stream of suggestions in a whispered voice from a mysterious source and then acts upon them."
It all boils down to one question: Who was Hitler's Lord? Who did he appeal to in his public prayers? Who served as his guide? Who protected him until the moment of death? Certainly not "god", the force which shapes this world. Bormann made it clear that it did not concern itself with the fate of human beings. It obviously has bigger problems to attend to.
It means that Hitler had made contact with his inner divinity, what the ancients referred to as a luminous body, the sovereign part/vehicle of the soul (augoeides). Such an encounter has actually been described by Adam Weishaupt. Seneca described it as a "guardian", which the Christians distorted into an universal manifestation of the Jewish god (the so-called Holy Spirit).
I said I would find absolute proof that Hitler was a servant of a higher cause...

Janus, I am not "looking toward the AfD (as if to take the place of the NSDAP), but only reporting, giving it the credit it is due, and hoping it can accomplish something positive and lasting. I don't see why everyone here would not feel the same, but many look for something to pick apart. Why? AfD will not make the situation with Jews in Germany any worse than it already is, but the situation with Islamic migration can become much worse.

Hitler's attitude toward the two German Christian confessions changed between the writing of Mein Kampf (1925) and the Table Talk (1941-44), as might well be expected. The main reason: The Church became a hinderence to his policies, threatening disunity. That was more important than how much he personally agreed with its teachings, I would say.

For the rest, you will never succeed, imo, in demonstrating the "real Hitler" or the "inner Hitler" by accumulting quotations from people who knew him, and from other sources who did not know him. It requires a Gestalt experience, which would be personal to each person. What really grates me is quoting 'speculations' from Carl Jung - they are so meaningless. (From one who has many volumes of Jung's collected work and read them as a young woman.) Also to say things like: The "Holy Spirit" is a Christian distortion of the Jewish 'god' -- doesn't make any sense. Experience of the 'Holy Spirit' is equal to experiencing one's Higher Self, which acts as guardian and guide/teacher both. There is nothing unusual about it. Hitler was one of us ... just a better one.

"A servant of a higher cause," no. What higher cause? He simply lifted his eyes above the fray and let himself see. Like what Weishaupt described in the example you gave. But all his ideas were very much based in German history and thought.

But still, if you succeed in expanding the general impression of AH into a more positive one, that is good. Very good!

What Gauland erxpressed was already said by Adenauer some seventy years ago.
I was born 1939. Neither my parents, nor my Grandparents were guilty of anything concerning the 30-years-war. There was no holocaust.
Germans are victims of endless lies by jewry. All those lies serve British and US warmongers - being under massive influence of the very Jewry - quite well covering up their own attrocities.
To make it clear I am not talking about the American and British people. It took a lot of propaganda by Jewish press etc. and two US presidents, cheating the American people, to enforce war against Germany.
Reeducation changed so many Germans. The majority belong on the sofa of a psychiatrist. And to keep Germany down, the US army under the US administration still occupies my homeland. 
Admittedly Germans became masochistic and in so far Gauland ist an exeption.    

70 years ago, Germans could actually say a lot of things they can't say now. The shutdown of free speech (criminalized opinion) had not really gotten going yet. And it did seem that it would be temporary. No such luck.

Adenauer was a Centre Party (Catholic) politician during the Weimar period, and was anti-NS. After the war, he helped create the Christian Democratc Union (CDU, Merkel's party), and accepted all the findings of the Nuremberg Tribunals for Germans so that Germany could get "back into the good graces of the world," under his leadership. He also "negotiated" the reparations to Israel, which didn't exist during the war when the so-called 'crimes' happened.

I used to think Adenauer was a better guy than I do now. I think he was a pushover and didn't defend Germans as well as he should have.

Roosevelt and Wilson not only cheated the American people, they lied through their teeth to everyone, ignored the Constitution, and should not be honored in the USA today at all. But that's how it goes when you win the war.

It really is remarkable how easily people forget where they would be without Luther or Galileo when confronted with reports of alleged atrocities from Germans. And it is only Germans who have been under this scrutiny, the driving force behind slander being Jewry, the Jew Heinrich Heine being the foremost example.
To be fair, Truman started off as a farmer and his private remarks on Jewry were surprisingly pinpoint. Compared to Roosevelt, he still had some common ground with the people.
I think the worst part about this forced subordination and the export of "Anglo-American values" is the monstrous indifference it has wrought among the German people. I talked with one German who had never even heard of Zelter. After pestering him enough times about the national issue, he responded by emphasizing how much he cared about his own life, his girlfriend, etc.

I came across on a Jewish website the following:

"... we must return to the origins of Chancellor [Konrad] Adenauer's promise in the 1950s when he said that modern Germany must take care of all of the needs of survivors due to the savage actions" of the Nazi regime,"

I'd also like to comment on the habit of throwing in videos that supposedly clinch one's argument. Videos are one small slice of someone's point of view, and are usually more misleading than anything else. If one is persuaded by a video, one is an idiot. And there are plenty of idiots out there. Mostly idiots, I'd say. 

Watching a video takes the place of thinking. Plus, RT (Russia Today) is a Russian propaganda outlet. Not that they can't have good coverage, but still, that should be remembered.

Wow, so many crackpot comments!  They even support the ragheads!
Israel is a small country fighting for its survival! Israel's muslim neighbours are always engaged in their prefered pastime, killing each other! That's why the Arab monkeys (as Hitler called them) have to blame small Israel for all their shortcomings, in the same way Blacks blame Whites!  
Nationalist Israel is doing a great job defending its people against the Muslim  monkeys like Assad, Iran etc.. and we should do the same!
Obviously the AFD is the only opposition to the system and they are doing a great job!

C'mon, Israel is a nuclear power, stolen (without payment) from the USA by their Jewish-American traitor-spies. Israel gets a minimum of  4 BILLION dollars every year from the United States, plus many hundreds of millions from Germany, just for starters. Without that, it would collapse. "They" are not doing anything except swindling, which they're great at.

I think you may have given yourself away as a Jew, Gilson. I don't think Israel should exist where it is located. Where they're at, they simply keep the world in constant turmoil and war. I suppose that was the plan. But I do think World Jewry should have a country of their own somewhere (Birobidjan would work well) and every Jew in the world be forced to live there.

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