AfD's Petry recommends more Germans carry guns; Green party goes beserk

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-08-20 14:37

By Carolyn Yeager

FRAUKE PETRY HAS SAID GOVERNMENT HAS LOST ITS STATE MONOPOLY to protect the public, especially in thinly populated areas.

As reported by, AfD leader Petry said there were no grounds for concern when citizens armed themselves for self-protection in areas where austerity measures by national and regional governments had systematically ruined police services. She was quoted as saying:

Every law abiding person should be in the position to protect himself, his family and his friends.

Immediately Green Party co-leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt denounced Petry for wanting to “put weapons in the wrong hands,” saying that trained recruits should be hired where police forces were depleted. As if German people cannot be trusted with a private weapon for self-defense, which is exactly what the Green party and other left-leaning parties believe. And where do the “trained recruits” come from? This is just the Left's historic demand for strict gun-control to keep weapons in government's hands and the people powerless.

But Petry said, “We all know how long it takes for police, especially in sparsely populated areas, to arrive at the scene of deployments … many people are increasingly feeling unsafe.”

She referred to the reality that weapons are being obtained in the “Darknet” – such as by 18-year old German-born Ali Somboly who killed 9 people in Munich in July with a gun purchased that way. The DW article actually described him as “deranged,” not linked to Islamic extremism but inspired by Norwegian Anders Brevik, all of which is only speculation!

German Gun Law

Germany continues to tighten its gun laws; in 2013 it established a federal weapons registry that keeps tight supervision over licenses for hunters and sport shooters including pychological suitability tests, proof of the need to own a weapon as well as weapons and munitions expertise. Minimum age for gun ownership is 18.

Latest figures show 1.9 million gun licenses issued to sporting shooters, hunters and collectors and only 6 million legally registered weapons in a country of over 80 million.

There is no automatic right to weapons ownership akin to Article Two in the US constitution. In Germany, a gun license can be withdrawn in the case of a criminal record or unsafe storage.

Residents have therefore resorted to obtaining the so-called "small arms license" that allows them to carry blank guns and pepper spray. In the first half of 2016, authorizations jumped 49 percent to 402,301 individuals, according to the Federal Statistics Office. This is still a very small number. It's not like Germans are able to defend themselves, which is why Petry is encouraging more to do so.

September elections

Regional elections are coming up in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania on Sept. 4th. It is Merkel's home constituency, a state currently led by a Social Democrat premier, where AfD is polling third among five parties.

On Sept. 18, Berlin city-state votes for mayor and interior minister.


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All so-called "Green Parties" in Europe are cultural Marxists in disguise. In my country, the Netherlands, they are made of "ex"-communists, pacifists, radical feminists, homosexuals and immigrants, all in favor of mass non-White immigration. Environmental concerns hardly play any role in their politics.

Right. The Green Party started in Germany back when Environment was the big thing for do-gooder Germans ... was that in the 90's and around 2000? I was contributing a little bit to an envoronmental defense group for a short time ... just enough to be a member, actually. It's a way to feel like you're doing something.

It was a fad because the environment is not considered so important now. What happened? It shifted to Migrant defense. All the migration is definitely not good for the environment, so we can forget that and just care about the migrants.

I think it is all part of the political "full spectrum dominance" plan : the Right is pro-immigration because of cheap labor, the Left is pro-immigration because of "solidarity" (shifted from their own labor class to the Third World), the Centre (Christian Democrats) is pro-immigration because of "Christian values". For the Greens there is actually no "environmental" argument for immigration, but they are "anti-establishment", so being pro-immigration is supposed to be "anti-establishment". One of the fiercest advocates for immigration of the Green Party in my country used to be a Jewess. In Germany that is the Jew and shameless paedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Green Parties in Europe have dropped their mask of environmentalism and now are fully aboard of the New World Order plan for all White countries : mass Third World immigration and moral degeneration via cultural Marxism.

Yes, first Global Warming was their main schtick. And their solution was less German children, for that produces less carbon footprint in future generations. 

Markus! Great to hear from you. It's been awhile since you wrote a comment and I was just yesderday or so wondering to myself if you had disappeard from the 'movement.'

You must have picked up on it.

The mayor of Berlin has warned that Germany's populist right AfD party could expand its reach in the capital in upcoming local elections. The anti-immigrant party has enjoyed a surge in support during the refugee crisis.

"The problem is not just 10 AfD members out of 140 representatives in the state parliament. That won't change the city. A big problem would be when the AfD takes one or two seats at the district level," Müller said.

If that eventuates, it would give the AfD a "kind of governmental responsibility" in the capital, he added. "The district councils have influence over budgets worth millions and hundreds of administrative employees."


Commenting on the upcoming vote, Georg Pazderski, the AfD head in Berlin, told "Bild" his party was in a position to take up to four of Berlin's 12 council districts.

The AFD says that "unregulated asylum immigration harms Germany" - but that sounds like something everyone would agree with. Do you think that German government doesn't want to regulate immigration?

Thanks for the mattress info. Just what I was looking for.

No, I don't think the German goverment wants to stop immigration. The parties in power want to kill nationalism and any right-wing governments for good.