Angela Merkel's disgraceful, dithering New Year's speech

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2018-01-03 01:21

Angela Merkel poses for her annual New Year's speech to the German nation on December 31, 2017.

HERE IS CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL'S SPEECH ON NEW YEAR'S EVE, with commentary by Dr. Rainer Zitelmann as provided by Rainer Zitelmann (right) first made a name for himself as an historian and journalist; later he established the leading public relations firm in the real estate industry. Many citizens will find Merkel's New Year's speech an imposition, says Wall Street-Online.

Merkel: "Dear fellow citizens, I greet you warmly, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to give you some thoughts on this New Year's Eve day as well as on the dawn of the new year. I know from numerous conversations and encounters this year that many of you are worried about cohesion in Germany. "

Comment: Worried about cohesion? Is this the central issue that citizens are worried about? Do not all surveys show that citizens are worried about one thing more than anything else, namely the consequences of the irresponsible opening of borders by Merkel? And what is meant by the term "cohesion" that Merkel managed to repeat three times in her speech? "Cohesion" is the favorite word of the SPD [Left wing Social Democrats]. For them, it is synonymous with "solidarity", which means to social democrats to make people the same. "Cohesion" stands for unit compulsory insurance, tax increase for "high earners", egalitarianism. Merkel once again thought it was particularly clever to steal the most important concept of the SPD. Probably "cohesion" should become the headline for GroKo [the "grand coalition" between the CDU and SPD -cy]. Forget that the SPD has brought with these "cohesion" slogans just 20.5 percent in the elections.

Merkel: "For a long time there have not been so many different opinions about it, some even speak of a rift that goes through our society. Some say: Germany is a wonderful country where the values ​​of our constitution are lived, a country with a cosmopolitan and diverse society, with a strong cohesion in which millions of people volunteer to help others on a daily basis, for example in sports, for the sick and the weak or even in the refugee relief. The others say: There are too many people who do not share in this success, who can not keep up with the pace of our time."

Comment: The people who do not share Merkel's interpretation of reality and politics are ridiculed here. She also takes over, without using the term, the left's interpretation of the "modernization losers". Thereafter, dissenters criticize the opening of the border, the euro rescue, the energy turnaround or the "marriage for all", backwoodsmen and "relegated", who have come up short and "who do not keep up with the pace of our time". Therefore, all poor swiggers who are not up to date.

Merkel: "They see that their children are moving into the big cities and they are left alone, in areas where everyday life, from shopping to the doctor's visit, is getting more and more difficult. Worrying about too much crime and violence, they ask how we can organize and control immigration into our country. Both are realities in our country: success and confidence, but also fears and doubts. "

Comment: The dominant theme of all surveys of criticism of Merkel, namely the criticism of the illegal opening of the border, is trivialized here. Euphemistically, the sharp criticism is circumscribed with the "question" of "how we can organize and control immigration into our country". The critics of refugee policies are poor creatures with "fears and doubts". Really, Mrs. Merkel? I think many people have no "doubts" and "questions", but they simply reject your policy strictly. And it is ridiculous to put this problem on a par with the fact that urbanization in some villages makes shopping more difficult.

Merkel: "For me, both are an incentive, because you, dear fellow citizens, have commissioned politicians to take care of the challenges of the future and to keep an eye on the needs of all citizens, which is why I feel committed - also and especially at work - to quickly establish a stable government for Germany in the new year. "

Comment: In this passage, Merkel's understanding of politics shows through: She does her thing. And her guidelines are not the interests of the citizens, but she promises generously "to have the needs of all citizens in mind", so they are not completely forgotten.

Merkel: "Because the world is not waiting for us, we must now create the conditions for Germany to prosper even in 10, 15 years."

Comment: Merkel pretends to be a visionary who, by the way, also "has an eye on the needs of the citizens" but cares about more important things, namely that Germany is doing well in 10, 15 years. In fact, we will still have to contend with the fateful long-term consequences of Merkel's politics in 10 to 15 years time: according to calculations, the green energy turnaround - a project which is not carried out in any other country in the world for good reason – the cost is at least 370 billion euros. The costs of immigration are difficult to calculate. Financial scientist Bernd Raffelhüschen estimates that every migrant will cost the state 450,000 euros in his lifetime. The Freiburg professor estimates the total cost at 900 billion euros. Hans-Werner Sinn, the former President of the Ifo Institute, himself considers this sum too low, as sheared sheep assume that the offspring will pay a reasonable salary already after six years. On the other hand, many new long-term unemployed people see sense and expect a total of over one trillion euros in costs. Even the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is close to the foundations, expects costs of 400 billion euros should the rapid integration of the refugees into the labor market fail. The experience so far: For the time being, only 13 percent are gainfully employed. Still completely incalculable are the costs of the so-called Euro-rescue. The true financial costs are masked because it is done as if Greece repaid all the loans. Even the ECB put the costs to Germany in an official response to a question from the Federal Constitutional Court up to € 95 billion. According to the economist Hans-Werner Sinn, in reality a multiple of this sum is at stake. So it seems like a mockery, when Merkel says: "We must now create the conditions that Germany is well in 10, 15 years."

Merkel: "And Germany is doing really well when success serves all people and improves and enriches our lives, and the guiding principle of the social market economy, that economic success and social cohesion are two sides of the same coin, even in the age of digital progress. This means on the one hand: - safeguarding existing jobs as well as creating entirely new jobs for the future, - supporting companies even more in research and development in innovative technologies, - making the state a digital pioneer, - and, above all, to prepare us and our children for the digital progress with the best education and training. "

Comment: Merkel promised ten years ago to make education a priority and Germany a pioneer in education. Done is nothing. Germany is increasingly being relegated internationally. Countries like South Korea, which spends 20 percent on education, laugh at us. Merkel was in the Jamaican [talks] sounding not even ready to eliminate the nonsensical "cooperation ban" between the federal and state education - an important requirement of the FDP. And as far as digitization is concerned, Merkel has been talking about this for years, but the deficits in this area are so great that Germany is now in last place in Europe.

Merkel: "And that means, on the other hand: - putting the families at the center, relieving them financially so that they can better reconcile family life and work, - enabling good and dignified care by strengthening the nursing profession and the people. And, last but not least - to provide equal living conditions in all regions of our country - whether in the city or in the countryside - and we will invest even more in a strong state who defends the rules of our coexistence and cares for your safety - for our own safety - and therefore I especially want to thank the police and policemen who are there for us tonight, protecting the many New Year's Eve celebrations in the country, for example, as well as the soldiers who do their duty for our country here or in foreign missions. "

Comment: Merkel thanks the policemen who protect the many New Year's Eve celebrations. Whether the police are also grateful to Merkel, whose failed policy is one of the reasons that they have to work countless overtime hours? I recently talked to a policeman for a long time - he did not know any Merkel fans among his colleagues. Merkel thanks the soldiers - but whether they are grateful that the German Armed Forces is now in such a rotten condition as never before? DIE ZEIT sums up the situation: "The Bundeswehr has many tanks, airplanes, helicopters and ships, but only a small part of them are operational, more than a dozen foreign missions wear out the material, the workshops lack staff or spare parts, because - as with the Eurofighter - although bought new weapons, but never enough supplies have been ordered for it. Thirty to 70 percent of the weapons systems of the Bundeswehr are therefore broken. This is also a result of twelve years of Merkel.

Merkel: "The future of Germany is inextricably linked to the future of Europe. Twenty-seven states in Europe must be more than ever moved to hold together as one community. This will be the crucial question of the coming years. We Europeans in the global and digital world represent our values ​​in solidarity and self-confidence both internally and externally, whether we work for an economically successful and fair Europe and consistently stand up for the protection of our external borders as well as the security of the citizens. Germany and France want to work together to make that happen, and help make Europe fit for the future. "

Comment: Europe? After 12 years of Merkel, the EU is in such a sad condition as never before. With tremendous effort, we have managed to keep the Greeks on board, while at the same time the United Kingdom is exiting the EU, which is the most important EU country besides France. Merkel speaks of "27 states in Europe", although she probably means the EU. Or does Britain no longer belong to Europe? If Merkel had used only 50% of the power spent on the pointless rescue of Greece to reach consensus with the British, and if her immigration policy had not deterred many Britons in the Brexit vote, Britain could still be part of the EU today. This, too, is a result of Merkel's policy: the EU is split as never before in its history. Austria is becoming closer and closer to the Eastern European countries - against the Merkel policy. This has something to do with the fact that Merkel wanted to impose her refugee policy on all other states, but they do not want to participate.

[I just read that Denmark has voted not to take any more refugees for the time being – they say they need a break – and Poland has informed Brussels that they will only take Ukrainians, but not Muslims. -cy ]

Merkel: "Dear fellow citizens, the struggle for correct answers belongs to a living democracy. We are - in the best sense - a polyphonic society. At the same time the values ​​of our Basic Law respect us: respect for the inviolable dignity of each individual. That we become more aware of what holds us together, that we emphasize more clearly what we have in common, that we strive to be more respectful of the other, respecting the broader meaning, being attentive - really listening, understanding - these are my wishes for the New Year and I wish you and your families health, strength, confidence and God's blessing for the New Year 2018.


Sad to read about the deterioration of the Bundeswehr - this used to be one of the finest armies in Europe.
Much of this article suggests to me that Merkel is a closet communist, just like the conspiracy theorists say -  an Eastern politician who never let go of her communist roots. An argument could be made that she is the German version of Pope Francis: a Far Left political activist who has infiltrated a conservative institution with the intent of corrupting and destroying it from within. Classic Marxist-Leninist tactics.
An interesting article has appeared on the AfD's Alexander Gauland on the American Renaissance site, the full length version of it is here. I strongly object to his Putinism and Russophilia - read Hitler's Zweites Buch, Alexander! - but otherwise approve of his platform.
Some enterprising German nationalist politician needs to do something to unite the 'Eastern' and 'Western' sides of  German politics without at the same time compromising on the fundamentals of nationalism. In a nationalist Germany without Merkel, the 'pro-NATO', 'Western' Germans can't exist in isolation from the 'pro-Putin', 'Eastern' Germans; they need to be reconciled and brought together. But I don't know how...

“The other parties aren’t interested in German identity as such, in any kind of German identity,” Gauland says. “They’re willing to let in anyone who wants to come in do so and become German.”

It's just great that he's saying this.

"Germany, he says, deserves a military focused on protecting and controlling its own borders rather than on behalf of other powers such as the United States."


“Gauland was the one in the AfD who saw that the party can’t be successful without the constituency of the extreme right,” Kamann says.

Trump knows that too, about the Republican party, or anyway his own success.

"...a Far Left political activist who has infiltrated a conservative institution with the intent of corrupting and destroying it from within. Classic Marxist-Leninist tactics..."
That is EXACTLY what she is.

The Western Zionist Oligarchy has made the Germans into their mind-controlled slaves. The USA/NATO/Zionist wars of aggression known as the War on Terrorism have created millions of refugees who are being welcomed into Europe to undergo Zionist brainwashing. The simultaneous deracination of Europe and the depopulation of the Middle East serves a long-term Zionist goal of establishing Eretz Israel (Greater Isreal). No human culture in the world is safe from being Zio-washed into the Jew World Order.

Agree 100%. Merkel is a zionist puppet.

Thanks for putting this piece togther and I wish you a very productive New Year. Any chance your fans will have an other podcast in the future?