Another revisionist sentenced to prison in Germany

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2015-11-21 00:53

Gerhard Ittner presents a document to the court during his trial in Nuremberg-Fuerth, Germany.

Just to let you know that Gerhard Ittner, 57, an exceptionally good and brave man, a real straight-arrow, has been sentenced in a Nuremberg court to 1 and 1/2 years in prison. He has been held in detention for quite awhile leading up to and during this trial, and has already spent a total of three and a half years in prison. Now he will spend another 18 months. For what?

On Tuesday, Nov. 17 he was found guilty of "incitement [of the masses] and disparaging the state and it's symbols." Hmmm. The German legal system can't tolerate such things. It would collapse if it did.

In 2003 Ittner caused a nationwide stir when he organzied a right-wing gathering near the former National-Socialist rally grounds in Nuremberg. He announced that he was planning additional protests there. In 2005 he was sentenced to two years, nine months in prison because of his protests. He fled Germany and went to Portugal.

After a time, the FRG issued a European Arrest Warrant for Ittner, which must be honored Europe-wide, and Ittner says he decided to risk arrest for the chance to bring his case to the European Court of Human Rights. He began writing again under a nom de plume, knowing he would sooner or later be discovered.

And so he was. In 2012, in Portugal, police found him to be distributing propaganda material via the internet. He was extradited to Germany and has since been in custody. I don't think he was able to bring his case to the European court.

On November 17, 2015 he sent out an email that said:

Kein Zurückweichen vor der Repression – immer vorwärts für Meinungsfreiheit und Wahrheit!
Die Lüge, welche die Welt erstickt, muß fallen!

No retreat when facing repression – always forward for freedom of opinion and the truth!
The lie which suffocates the world must fall!


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The judge that passed sentence has to be investigated. Who is he? We don't even know his name or anything about him.
The life of any judge that passes these sentences has to be made unbearable.
We have to target these judges. The Jews use such tactics including violence but I am not advocating that.
We need to know all about the judge. But we know nothing.

Great great great. Incitement to hatred and racism does not have a place in today's world. Jail is the perfect place for that jerk. Many others like him should follow, hopefully. 

no uts not great at all,  it s a crime against the freedom of speech !!

I was going to reply to this, but then I forgot about it. Easy to do. Raizele just wants to attack what goes on here so I'm not going to approve another empty comment like this from her/him, or maybe it's a computer program, lol.

If anyone is "inciting to hatred" it is her/him/it. You have to admit you've lost the argument when you have to put people in jail for what they say. You even insist on putting people in jail if they don't like Jews ... Jews like you. You are a weak, weak person.

Baby Jesus figurines are the number one stolen item at some area Christmas stores.

It is not just outdoor nativity scenes.  Some Seattle-area retailers say baby Jesus is the most shoplifted items during the Christmas season.

Is it something they want, a devotional aid for their home?  If they do, then why don't they get the whole set? Why is it just Jesus?”

What kind of people would steal baby Jesus from a Nativity scene at Christmastime. Hmm, not Christians surely. They would expect to be punished for it. Who hates Jesus with a viral passion? Oh yeah, those Talmud reading people who want to put Christians in prison for questioning their holohoax. They want to stop Christians from celebrating Christmas too. They take that Baby Jesus and maybe pull his arms and legs off, and bash his head in. Then I guess they'd throw it in the trash ... mission accomplished.

Should it be a hate crime? Should we hunt down those people and put them in prison?

I cannot fail to mention another victim of Jewish justice, Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala the French comedian who invented the "quenelle" hand gesture which he says is merely anti-establishment, not National Socialist.

Brussels (AFP) - A Belgian court sentenced controversial French comedian Dieudonne Wednesday to two months in jail for incitement to hatred over alleged racist and anti-Semitic comments he made during a show in Belgium, a lawyer said.

Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala, who has faced similar court cases in France, was also fined 9,000 euros ($9,500) by the court in the eastern city of Liege, said Eric Lemmens, a lawyer for Belgium's Jewish organisations

"For me this is more than satisfying, this is a major victory," [the Jew] said.