Another woman accuses Bill Clinton of sexual assault

Published by admin on Thu, 2016-10-20 09:24

This is the video of Leslie Millwee describing her experience as a 20-year-old with Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton in 1980.

By Carolyn Yeager

A NEW BILL CLINTON ACCUSER HAS COME FORTH, which should give one pause about a Clinton presidential team taking officethat is, the governing team of Hillary and Bill.

Leslie Millwee, a married woman with children, appears in a video with Aaron Klein, recounting how Bill Clinton took advantage of her in a small editing room when she was a 20-year-old reporter. Millwee was working for a television news station in 1980 in the Fort Smith/Fayetteville, Arkansas market area. She said Clinton singled her out, calling her “pretty girl,” touching her and often asking after her at the station by name. Three times, she said, he came up behind her as she sat in an editing room chair and held her while he rubbed his genitals against the back of her neck. He eventually knocked on the door of her apartment one night, asking to be let in, she recounted, but she did not speak or open the door.

As I watched this Breitbart interview, Millwee's account of her experience with Bill Clinton had the ring of believability for me in a way that Jessica Leeds' CNN interview did not. These alleged assaults both took place in 1979-80, but the ages of the two women are pertinent -- Leslee Millwee was 20 years old while Jessica Leeds was 38. As a 20-year-old in the presence of a VIP like the governor of my state, I may very well have reacted as Leslie Millwee did. I can understand not wanting to say anything, fearing I wouldn't receive support. She would certainly have been accused of lying. But as a 38-year-old, I know I would never would have behaved the way Jessica Leeds says she did, waiting 15 (even 5 or 2) minutes to stop a man in an airplane from kissing and fondling her. Leeds is also exaggerating the taboos of the time, including the acceptance by women of men's advances.

I don't believe Leeds' story at all, but if it did take place in some form, it was only because she was fully complicit in it until she decided not to be. In the case of Millwee, she was truly an innocent victim of a man who, for whatever reason and by whomever's decision, had already been assured he was on a path to the US presidency, irrespective of his philandering.

The mainstream news outlets are completely ignorning Millwee

This news is not being covered in Mainstream outlets, but a story about the People magazine reporter's friends vouching that she told them about Trump's alleged 'assault' on her after it happened was news yesterday. I saw this story at CBS. In contrast, I checked ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Reuters, UPI, etc. and found nothing at all on the Leslie Millwee video. They have decided Bill Clinton is not news even though he'll be in the White House with Hillary, possibly running the economy. Only sex stories about Donald Trump are news. However, if something came up about Melania Trump, it would be news even though she is “not the one running.”

Note: For another brief video of Leslie Millwee encouraging other women who have had a similar experience with Bill Clinton to come forward and tell their stories, go here.

No mention of Bill Clinton in last night's debate

Donald Trump did not mention Bill Clinton in last night's 3rd and final presidential debate, except in relation to NAFTA. But the soft-gloved media treatment of Bill and Hillary Clinton highlights the reasonableness of Trump's already maligned refusal to commit to immediately accepting the election results on Nov. 8th, no matter what they are.

If Trump were to say now that he will fully accept the result as it comes in, he puts himself at a disadvantage in the event of a very close election. All he is doing is keeping his options open -- and putting the Clinton campaign on notice that he is taking election fraud seriously. Considering all the other fraud that has been uncovered on the part of the Democrats in recent weeks via Wikileaks and Project Veritas, it is the right reaction, and one that shows his experience as a negotiater and deal-maker. Such a business-like approach signals he is better presidential material than his platitude-spouting opponent.

The media chorus now singing in unison about a threat to “democracy” and “our electoral traditions,” and that such a statement by Trump “threatens our tradition of the peaceful transfer of power,"  flies in the face of their very undemocratic and unjournalistic efforts to sweep Hillary Clinton into office. It has been proven again and again that negative coverage of Trump outweighs any of Clinton by more than 10 to 1!

So I for one am glad that the unorthodox Trump campaign is aware of and dealing with of all these important problems that the politics-as-usual crowd try to label as "un-American" and "un-democratic" in order to supress attention to what they are doing against the interests of the American people. It's going to be a wild ride to November 8th.