Bernie Sanders again plays the 'Holocaust' card in defense of Muslim immigration

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-04-04 22:37

By Carolyn Yeager

ON APRIL 2ND IN MILWAUKEE (a city settled by German immigrants), 'Democratic Socialist' presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was berating Republican candidate Donald Trump for calling for a temporary ban on non-US-citizens who are Muslim from entering the USA. Sanders likened Trump to a “lunatic,” after calling him "a nutcase" just a week before.

The Washington Post reported that on Saturday, the Senator from Vermont indicated he was against intolerance toward Muslims, explaining that some of his relatives [allegedly] died “in the Holocaust” because “a lunatic … stirred up racial hatred:”

“On a personal note, some of you know I’m Jewish. My father came to this country at the age of 17 from Poland. He came over, other people in his family did not come over. Those people died. Children died. … So that is in my heart, to see what a lunatic can do by stirring up racial hatred.”

The “lunatic” Sanders is speaking of is Adolf Hitler. I can say as well that my relatives died in the post-war assault on ethnic Germans because several lunatics, both east and west (Stalin, Benes, Tito, Churchill, Roosevelt and others) stirred up racial hatred. I could paraphrase Sanders in this way:

On a personal note, some of you know I'm German. Both my grandfathers came to this country alone at the age of 20 -24 from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, specifically what was Hungary at the time. They came over, other people in their families did not come over. Those people died. Children died. .. so that is in my heart, to see what lunatics can do by stirring up racial hatred.”

During and after the war, the area where my grandparents had lived was overrun by communist partisan fighters; hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans were murdered by Jews, Poles, Yugoslavs, Russians  … or died in Banat concentration camps or in the gulags of the Soviet Union. Certainly my relatives were among them ... but there is no worldwide campaign to bring attention, compensation and sympathy to them.

Sanders said if he is elected president, “trust me, Muslims, or anybody in this country, are not going to live in fear because of their religion, because of the color of their skin, because of the country they came from. That is not what this country is about.”

That's when he spoke once again about his family and the “Holocaust.” On Sunday's ABC News' “This Week,” Sanders denied he compared Trump to Hitler. But for weeks now he has been accusing Trump of racism and bigotry, and describing him with words that refer to the mentally ill.

My question for Bernie Sanders: If you are elected President, are you going to use the “Holocaust” to condemn and insult Americans who don't think the way you do? Will you use being a Jew as a badge of moral superiority because of “Holocaust”? Will you use the Jew card as well as the “Holocaust” card?

My message to Bernie is this:

The Holocaust” is based on witness testimony (much of it hearsay as yours seems to be), without which there would not be sufficient grounds to believe it ever happened. All the most important witnesses have been shown to be making up the more grisly parts of their testimony, and sometimes their entire testimony is proven false. You yourself seem to know nothing first-hand of your relatives whom you say “died” in Poland in concentration camps because they were in these camps. As if they would not have died otherwise. Were your father's family active communist revolutionaries (as you became) fighting against 3rd Reich Germany's policies during wartime? In that case, they were rightly incarcerated. You are not telling the whole story, and probably you don't know it. It's pure Jewish chutzpah to say ““Because I'm Jewish, my relatives, who I never knew, were murdered in a war environment we've named the “Holocaust” and Adolf Hitler is responsible.” For the vast majority who say that, it's not true.


Nice article Carolyn. I know it will never happen, but somebody should ask Bernie for specifics regarding his story. How many relatives? What camps were they in? etc. etc. He's a con man, and it's sad that so many white people are buying into him.

Here is somethiing I just came across that you will appreciate.

19 Fascinating Bernie Sanders Facts To Blow Your Mind

#14. Holocaust Roots [Photo of a stock map of Poland shown] 

Bernie’s ethnicity is Polish, and his father came to America from Poland during WWII. The rest of his family was killed by Hitler during the Holocaust. Read more at:

*      *       *

Bernie has no Holocaust roots. He was born in 1941 in New York 74 years ago. Thus his father could not have arrived in America during WWII. According to Wikipedia, his father emigrated in 1921 at the age of 17, long before any holocaust was going on. See how myths and misconceptions form on the Internet? ... so easy.

Next thing we know, it will be Bernie being born in a concentration camp that he miraculously survived even though Hitler killed all the rest of his family. Cry

I think Barney's family fraud unit came to the US following the First Holocaust.  Must make allowances as they've endured nothing but terror at the hands of the Gentiles.

has done another well researched article.
Unfortunately ,your right that it won't due much good because none of the jewish controled media will ever ask him about it and if someone did, it would never air.
I was watch Fox the other night and the host started by showing an older video of Al Sharpton back in the 90s, giving a speech at some church or something and calling for the people to go out and ' off ' cops !
Then at the end of the show, they had a little round table discussion with a group of five. Four Whites and one black. The black guy went on a rant about David Duke saying how Duke lynched blacks ! Huh What !
And not one of the Whites challenged him. They just sat there speechless and CLUELESS with blank looks on their faces.
Not one of them barked ' What we just showed you of Al Sharpton is worse then anything Duke has ever done. '
Watching the Wisconsin Primary was very disappointing. I thought Wis. was mostly German folk ! Oh Evangelicals. Oh brother.

The Germans are not tough. Do you know of Christine Miller? She is tough. I know she voted for Trump, but she has always been in a minority. Read about her experiences in her Wisconsin town. There are networking Jews there too.

It took Adolf Hitler to toughen up the German people, to build the "new German man".  But the post-war New/One-World-Order works tirelessly to undo all that.

Interesting this and many thanks Carolyn.

If Bernie so loves refugees then why dosn't he support Syrian refugees moving to Israel, its right next door and they are fellow semites.

Bernie might support Syrian refugees moving to Israel -- he is critical of Israel -- but they would not want to go there. So-called "refugees" only want to go to humane countries that will treat them well -- U.S., Canada, Germany, Britain, Sweden, etc.

Don't forget, please, that these people are looking for a better life, not a worse one. They're not truly refugees. Millions are now coming from Africa, and millions more will come in the future. Walls absolutely have to be built and Nature has to be allowed to take its course.

German formally workers party SPD, "the Social Democrats" just announced they want to become the Migrant Party.
Since Schröder, the SPD has completely abandoned the German worker, the traditional target group of the party. Hitler outlawed these closet traitors & sleeper intellectual terrorists for good reason. 
Interesting that Communist Bernie Sanders identifies as Social Democrat now with the same message of becoming the Migrant Party. 

Another reminder of people who say it doesn't matter if it's a hoax or not, it's ancient history and no longer relevant.

That's the issue. RELEVANCE. That started with Mark Weber, the turncoat, and spread throughout the "Alternative Right."

I don't deny Bernie Sanders has balls. The Alternative Right does not.