Where is the fact-checking on Bernie Sanders' statements of relatives “wiped out in the Holocaust”?

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-03-09 22:59

Bernie Sanders shakes hands with a supporter. Does he have any idea what he's talking about?

I read today that Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during the last Democratic Party debate in Michigan that part of his father's family was “wiped out” in the so-called “Holocaust.” The thought  immediately came to me that part of my mother's family was wiped out financially in the Jewish “Wall Street holocaust” called the Great Depression of the 1930s – which, by the way, helped to create world conditions that set the groundwork for the war in Europe that negatively affected Bernie's family and cost the lives of 50 million people … as he said elsewhere. If I were equally as famous as Bernie and mentioned my family's misfortune, people would only be outraged by my impertinence in using the J-word, while Bernie is given bonus points for using the H-word for his family's misfortune.

Just a thought, but could that have had anything to do with his surprise upset victory Tuesday in Michigan?

These are the exact words from Sanders (who is considered radical and extremist by many) that have been quoted approvingly in numerous television newscasts and print news stories across the Internet:

"I am very proud to be Jewish, and being Jewish is an essential part of what I am. Look, my father's family was wiped out by Hitler in the Holocaust. I know about what crazy and radical and extremist politics mean."

Bernie's Wikipedia page also reports the story that many of his father's relatives who remained in Poland were "killed in the Holocaust"– devoid of any details, of course.

As a presidential candidate, Sanders should be required to produce the letters from family members in Poland or other documents informing his father of these deaths. If he cannot produce any evidence to show these were “Holocaust” deaths caused by Hitler, he should not claim they were. I submit it's probably hearsay or assumption – if not outright fabrication. With all the fact-checking the Press does, they should fact-check this. The problem, even if they were willing to (which they're not), is that they would not know where to look. Nor does anyone, including Sanders I would bet.

Sanders went on to tell an anecdote: as a child going shopping with his mother he remembers “seeing people working in stores with numbers on their arms because they were in Hitler's concentration camp.”

Bernie Sanders was born in 1941 in Brooklyn so by age 5 there could have been some Jewish refugees living there. But it raises the question: If these were authentic tattoos, why is Auschwitz (the only camp that tattooed prisoners) called a “Death Camp” and “Extermination Camp” when not a single named individual has ever been proven to have been exterminated there, and so many alumni popped up in New York City and Palestine afterward? I don't think Sanders has ever given any thought to this.

Bernie's father was a Polish Jewish immigrant from Galicia who arrived in the USA on his own at the age of 17 and took a very un-Jewish name: Sanders. Bernie's mother, Dorothy Glassberg, was born in New York City to Jewish immigrant parents from Poland and Russia. So Bernie carries the seeds of Polish-Russian Jewry, those Jews who are best known as the malcontents and revolutionary plotters against the bourgeois European order.

Bernie is an ideologue, not a scholar. He has no interest in finding historical truth but in what best serves his political aims. He is quoted in a number of places as saying his interest in politics started early because:

"A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932. He won an election, and 50 million people died as a result of that election in World War II, including 6 million Jews. So what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important."

Bad history, Bernie! Fifty million people died because of a single election? Adolf Hitler won that election in 1932? Six million Jews died? At least he admits he's still repeating what he learned “as a little kid.” Based on this, I see Bernie Sanders as an even worse choice than Hillary Clinton! The first Jewish president vs the first woman president – Yikes! Thank God for Donald Trump – he is the one who will save us from these two "firsts" because he is more capable of winning the general election than are his dwindling number of primary opponents.


I started thinking that Bernie might be okay when he said that we don't need immigrants competing with our own workers and driving down wages, but more and more the typical Jew seems to be coming out.

For me, Bernie also got to seem sort of decent (not that I was for him) but when he brings up his relatives in the Holohoax and Hitler, my alarm bells go off and I look more closely. Jews from Poland and Russia (same thing really) are the worst kind.

His father's Polish family could have gone east into the Soviet Union as hundreds of thousands of Poles did, at the invitation of their friend Stalin. And they well could have been partisans, fighting illegally against the Wehrmacht, carrying out sabotage and committing atrocities on German troops. Being able to claim them as "holocaust" victims just "berns" me up.

This is the sign that every Jew, no matter how secular, is dangerous because they carry the same world view. It also shows that Jews can differ on many things, but never on the sacred Hoax ... which relates back to your article on Mark Weber and how relevant it is. It's damn relevant!

No Jew should ever get in the White House, if only for that reason. Just because Bernie is critical of Israel doesn't make him any less a Jew -- so are the Neturei-Karta religious Jews against Israel. We need to do more to expose these Jewish myths, not less.

The next comment reveals our weak links ...

Bernie Sanders has a very weak sense of Jewish identity. He is more a socialist than a Jew. For a Jewish critique on Bernie Sanders, read the article "Bernie Sanders is not a Jew" on :
But I think we don't have to worry about Bernie Sanders, unlike Hillary Clinton he is not popular among the minorities. It will be either Hillary or "the Donald".

There you go, Franklin, missing the point, stating the obvious, and playing the "expert" again. You are advising us to believe in a Jewish blogger (as you apparently do) who tells us not to see Sanders as a Jew. Yes, yes, I've read all about that for months now. [Your link doesn't work but readers can find it if they want to. Maybe linking to this article is your real reason for commenting?]

But that is not the point of my post. Maybe you didn't really read it, or not carefully. So let's up our level of discourse here. Your comment is an example of the very kind of undermining and sugar-coating that we have to look out for. 

Bernie Sanders:
"I am very proud to be jewish and being jewish is so much of what I am."
"I am very proud of being jewish and that is an essential part of who I am as a human being."
Oy vey!
You know those big menorahs we see on government grounds nowadays? Well, you can thank Bernie Sanders for that.
When Bernie Sanders fought for a giant menorah at City Hall:

Oy gevalt!
Perhaps Sanders’ most dramatic Jewish moment in the campaign came during a rally in October at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, in an exchange with a hijab-wearing senior, Remaz Abdelgader. She identified herself as “an American Muslim student who aspires to change this world” and complained about the “rhetoric that’s going on in the media.”
In response, Sanders hugged her and said, “Let me be very personal here if I might. I’m Jewish. My father’s family died in concentration camps. I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism, which has existed for far too many years.”

Little off topic, but I voted for Trump in the Michigan primary the other day. However, I'm still not sold on him. My main reason for this is that he does interviews on the Michael Savage radio show and seems to have accepted his endorsement. Without going into a lot of detail, I loathe Michael Savage. The fact that one of Trump's daughter is married to a Jew concerns me as well. As far as Sanders is concerned he's a rat.

There's no one in this race that a pro-White person can be "sold on" in that sense.  It's a matter of the least harmful, as it always is. Trump is good on immigration, which is most important -- don't expect him to be good on Jews too. Remember, if he were it would disqualify him.

You're right. I'm not sure what it would take for any American presidential candidate to attack the Jews overtly. Sometimes you read articles in the mainstrem media (Pat Buchanan) where it is kind of hinted at, but nobody really calls them out. By the way, I enjoy this site.

Trump's son Eric also married a jew. In other words, 40% of his five children are married to jewish persons, who supposedly only make up roughly 2% of the total population, though according to wiki "Jews were 18.4% of the City's population in 2012."

I was playing Poker in Las Vegas. Holding four Aces, I thought for certain I would win the hand.
Then this jew played the Holocaust card.

@ Carolyn
My comment was meant as a side-remark on Bernie Sanders, not to "undermine" the question whether his family died in the "Holocaust" or not. My impression of this man is that he is not the worst kind of Jew, perhaps not even the worst kind of Marxist. For his very reasonable views on Israel, the Palestinians and the Middle East, see : Haaretz, February 10 2015, "Where Does Bernie Sanders Stand on Israel?"

Sanders in that Haaretz article:

"I'm talking about the hundreds of hate groups that exist in this country today whose only function is fomenting of hatred of African Americans, gays, immigrants, Jews."

But you say he's not the worst kind of Jew or Marxist and has "very reasonable views" on Israel, etc. That's what makes him so dangerous, that he could become president! I'm really glad Europeans can't vote in U.S. elections -- there are too many like you. My opinion of Americans has gone way up.

If one wants to explore hatred then read the Jewish Talmud which states that Mother Mary is a whore, and Jesus is burning in a fiery pit of feces. I also believe it says non Jews are animals and have no rights.
Judaism is a satanic force of evil. I continue to find it shocking that Baptists in the USA state of Texas love Jews and hate us Catholics. If you tell an American about the Talmud they might actually get mad at the messenger not the evil being condemned.

I'm not wanting to start a competition, but millions of Europeans love Jews just as much as Baptists in Texas. One advantage we have here -- we don't have laws prohibiting our criticism of Jewry, and second, we don't have laws prohibiting our ownership of guns. There is a spirit of freedom and self-sufficiency here that is long gone in the European welfare states.

And in Texas the people are really nice and very neighborly.

Dear Carolyn,
I am not European. I do not believe in individualism. My religion recognizes that laws are made for society as a whole not the individual. Every one I know in my latin society is far more strongly anti Jewish and anti black than Americans.
One of my grandmothers is from Spain when it was under Franco. She said everyone there recognized Jews as evil more than in USA. I do grant that nowadays under democracy it is bound to be different however.
As for Texans---------no further comment.

Barney is a Jew in populist clothing.  He had to resort to telling his constituents to "shut up" so he could explain his support for Israel (post the latest Gaza slaughter).  He's an expert on Hamas rocket fire.   Sorry, "missiles."
He's also been a supporter of the Chabad menorah in Burlington - http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/3224239/jewish/Some-More-I...

If I were an American I would not vote for Sanders but for Trump, even tho I have some reservations about him. I think Hillary as president would be more dangerous than Sanders in terms of an aggressive foreign policy, but of course Sanders as a Marxist is also a cultural Marxist. If Trump becomes president and survives eventual attempts on his life, then that would also be good for Europe since most of our "leaders" are virtual vassals of America.

If Trump becomes president it will shake up all those stuffy EU dictators like nothing else since who knows when. What a great joy that would be to behold! If Trump seems to be a friend of the Jews, he just might make it without being assassinated.

I'm glad you cleared up you weren't recommending Sanders. 

If the (((Democrats))) win, I am for (((Bernie))). It would be much better to have a Jewish president than a Shabbos Goy to point out Jewish decision making. 

This is the same stupid argument that was used by White Nationalists who voted for Barack Obama in 2008. They said one term of a Negro would be a lesson to the country about why equality is a myth. I said "he will never be blamed for the failures." I was right ... as usual, if I may say so.

The same applies here. The public would never see anything Bernie Sanders does as "Jewish." But another helpful "taboo" would be broken.

The media has been playing up Bernie's holocaust comment big-time and I've now come to the opinion that I favor Hilliary winning the Dem nomination. I think she can be beat and Bernie has become really scary to me. He is NOT a nice old man.

We've already had one jew as President. Lyndon Johnson, and look what he did.
 Civil Rights, The Great Society. Gave Israel nukes or allowed them to produce them . Kennedy wanted to stop them from getting nukes. hmmmm I wonder who killed Kennedy.

Were it not for the work of Holocaust revisionists in the last several decades, Sanders and people like him would be able to claim these stories were true and no one would question their authenticity. Thank Goodness for the revisionit's, who are some of the most courageous individuals in history. Sanders kind of talk is how the Holocaust story got so widespread. In the years to come, people will scratch their heads at why these allegations never received any public scrutiny.