Carolyn guests on Lana Lokteff's 3Fourteen program on Red Ice Radio

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-09-07 14:12

On Friday, July 29, I was interviewed by Lana Lokteff of Red Ice Radio, which was posted at their website on Sept. 3. This is the program. Don't they do a great job with their visuals!

I enjoyed meeting Lana, who has a similar family situation to mine in that all four of her grandparents emigrated to Sweden from Russia and she is 100% Russian genetically though has always lived in Sweden. In my case, my four grandparents were German, emigrated from a German colony in Hungary to the USA, where I was born and raised. Her grandparents went from East to West; my grandparents went from West to East - although she being about a generation and a half younger than I, it was for very different reasons.

Lana asked me mostly about Holocaust Revisionism because that's what I told her was probably my main focus. I may return to her program another time and talk about some other things. Anyway, I was graciously given an open invitation.


Red Ice either had my voice too loud, or I was speaking too loud ... as I tend to do when I think I'm talking to someone at a distance, haha. But the better reason might be because I was thinking so hard how to answer the questions without any preparation or notes. I haven't been interviewed in a long time.

Lana pronounced my last name incorrectly, but she only used it in what was recorded after our conversation, so I didn't know when she introduced me that she didn't have the pronounciaion right. What she read about what Holocaust Revisionists do and DO NOT believe, or say, is from Germar Rudolf's website.

I do want to say I got a little jumbled up talking about my grandfather and father "arguing" about Hitler. Clearly, what I remembered was after the war, not during. And a lot of what I "remember" I was told about, then I put it together in my mind with my memory of my Dad and Grandpa sitting across from each other at this tray table holding their drinks, talking loudly and even shouting as they disagreed on whatever it was. Sometimes it was Hitler. My dad loved nothing better than a good argument. So I come by it naturally.

Carolyn it was a very entertaining and enjoyable show; I like the fact that it covered some of your personal experiences and awakening to revisionism.  I've been listening to you since "Voice of Reason" but didn't know that you were a professional artist at one time or that you came upon revisionism later on in your life.  I imagine your observations and insights will continue to grow and expand.  I like the fact you warned about the David Cole's character in the interview as well.

I agree, you did well warning about Cole. His old video is fantastic and opens the eyes of many newcomers, but since he is compromised now, either from duress or voluntarily, his come-back has to be looked at critically. 
Please do another show with Lana. 

Carolyn - I really enjoyed your interview with Lana.  It felt like a conversation between friends.  You seemed so relaxed and genuine.  I look forward to hopefully more appearences on R314.

This is a very NICE setup. Well done. Lots of options to choose from. Carolyn, you did a wonderful job,. Your voice was fine, don't worry about that. The content was very good. I wish were more of it. Another great program! Even a word counter. NEAT!


Maybe I should try to be interviewed on other people's shows and quit doing my own. That would sure be a lot easier.