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Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-04-01 13:28

I WAS INTERVIEWED ON JOHN FRIEND'S REALIST REPORT on Thursday, March 30 for almost two hours. We had a fun time exploring the usual issues (holocaust, hitler and the jews), plus Donald Trump's presidency. We found a lot of common ground. 

John is a great guy, easy to talk with, and very committed to defending truth in history wherever it takes him. He deserves your support.


Carolyn, listening to you answer John Friend's questions was an enjoyable listening experience.  Best 2 hours I've spent online listening to someone in some time.  I'm glad you had the stamina for it.  

I gave John's questions some thought, such as the one asking if there was something that really influenced me the most, like a person, book or website. I then recalled the book that really did affect my thinking: The Creature from Jeckyl Island, about the Federal Reserve which I read in 1998 or 99. I heard about it on a radio program and went to the library looking for it. I had to order it from Library Loan. I couldn't stop talking about what I learned in that book and how the Fed system was foisted on us. Which created the income tax and so many other bad things. And the big role of the Jews.

In retrospect, I think that opened me up for all that followed. Because my other reading about WWII, Third Reich, holo revisionism didn't have the same impact. It was like I already knew by the time I read the books but wanted to verify it. And learn the details.

Also, when I saw that Look magazine article as a teenager, I already knew about Nazi Germany, etc. but what it stirred in me was "why" did this happen. Why did Germans go down such a destructive path, as it seemed then. I had always felt good about being German because I knew there was a rich cultural history of great achievements. So this didn't fit. (The article said Germans were constitutionally prone to fall prey to charlatans and collective mass hysteria, so must always be watched!)

It turns out it doesn't fit because it didn't happen. Yes, the racial cleansing happened in the case of the Jews, the "antisemitism" was real, the camps and the attempts at deportation of Jews and then using arrested Jews as a labor force during the war happened. The typhus outbreaks that killed so many happened. But the intentional murder/genocide did not happen.

How good it would be if we could debate the right or wrong of what did happen, what the German responsibility is, rather than the war propaganda lies.

From this, I have to say that Jewish financial manipulation that impoverishes Christian nations and individuals is the key issue behind it all. Too bad I wasn't able to clearly state this on John's podcast. Perhaps another time.

I read The Creature from Jekyll Island, and I still have my own copy.  Yes, it was an eye-opening book all right, but you mentioned two other books on the podcast as well:  The Nameless War by Archibald Ramsey and Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, both of which are available online for free after a search.  I haven't read either yet.
I think you finally and fundamentally expressed the idea that the Holocaust has been thoroughly debunked such that anyone can know it didn't happen the way the media tells us it did. I think you covered all the proper bases for such a conclusion.  I understand your desire to leave no loose ends or to create no ambiguity, but without your current articulated ideas expressed in your comment above, I think your answers on the podcast said what you wanted to say implicitly and were the kind of answers to help others have a better sense of history.
I liked how you told John Friend in the beginning, almost as a warning, that you have some trouble with short-term memory, but that perhaps later as you and he talk the memories and ideas will be forthcoming.  You were right:  they certainly were forthcoming, in a long, fecund stream!  You delivered, Carolyn.  
I hope John Friend does keep his wish to have you back a second time.  I thought the interview between you both went swimmingly.

Well, OK then. I'll accept that. Laughing

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