Carolyn's second appearance on The Realist Report

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2017-04-18 21:31

I HAD A SECOND APPEARANCE ON THE REALIST REPORT WITH JOHN FRIEND Monday night, April 17th. Topics were President Trump's standing after the Syria missile attack, defense of Adolf Hitler and his National-Socialism, and the Jewish Problem. I advised not to pull away from Trump after this one incident because, as things stand, we have no better alternative. Plus that is exactly what our twin enemies - the Democrat Party and the Media - want us to do. I also noted similarities between our current President and the German Fuehrer. John emphasized the importance of getting the history straight about WWII and the Third Reich because those lies continue to harm White communities today. The program lasts one hour and 48 minutes.


Trump has become isolated and is now in the hands of Dark Money and the Industrial Military Complex.  My reservation in voting for Trump was his Israel right or wrong policy.  Still, I thought that he would stand by his promise not to go into Syria save to get rid of ISIS incooperation with Russia and Assad.  The President is now totally in the hands of the Jews and has made enemies with Assad and Russia.   America's one party system is now fully supportive of President Trump.   Every issue is now side-lined or at least overshadowed by this warring President.  He has needlessly killed Syrians in this attack.  I am not waiting for the next false flag.  I do not trust this administration.  I am still for Trumpism but am not for Trump. 
Aside, I think the best thing you have pointed out, consistently, is that President Hitler went into Poland because of the violence against the Germans and how many were being killed.  The false news was that he was in a land grab and called it an invasion.    Keep up the good work.  

"I had a second appearance on the realist report with John Friend monday night, March 17th."--> It was April, not March !

I fixed it. These are the kind of mistakes I'm more prone to, so I appreciate the help!

Hi, Carolyn.
I just wanted to compliment you on your statement on The Realist Report about the main reason Hitler had to be defeated.  I, too, have long held the opinion that the MAIN reason the international jews wanted National Socialism destroyed utterly is because they had shown the world how quickly their economic burdens could be lifted by eliminating the debt-based usurious Rothschild-modeled central banking scam which plagues the world.  People like to say that it was "rearmament" which turned the German economy around, but this is a typical lie as their war production didn't kick into high gear until 1938 (mostly with the re-building of the Luftwaffe).
To this day, the German economic miracle of the 1930s stands as the perfect model if we ever wish to honestly fix our monetary problems.

Thanks Joe - and that's why I want to have a resource site for National Socialist policy and program writings -- because Hitler's NS program is still "the perfect model if we ever wish to honestly fix" our White societies. Hitler and his "henchmen" (as the Jews like to put it) have already done all the intellectual work. Or a lot of it anyway. We don't have to reinvent it!!