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RBN August 25th, 2011

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This turned out to be Carolyn's final program on RBN. More discussion of "The Making of a Fuehrer." Examining belief systems: why Utopianism is a false promise of liberal, marxist, globalist systems and also of religions.

RBN August 24th, 2011

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Obama's new hiring preferences for Blacks. Obama's new immigration policy that will halt the deportation process of thousands of illegal aliens; allowing them to remain in the country for several more years.

Questions raised of how much freedom of speech was there in Hitler's Third Reich. Potentential concentration camps in the U.S.

RBN August 23rd, 2011

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Heinz Linge (Hitler's valet) on Hitler's sex life. Recommended online book: The Making of a Fuehrer at Carolyn reads and comments on a letter from Eberhard Fuhr to the Wall Street Journal on a U.S. Japanese internment camp being turned into an Auschwitz-style memorial museum. Followed by the treatment given ultra-left parties in Germany compared to the treatment of right wing parties.

RBN August 22nd, 2011

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Listener question on whether Adolf Hitler died a virgin leads to an examination of Hitler's sex life and the lies that are told about it.

RBN August 19th, 2011

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Continuation of Hostility Toward Germans, Part 1 and 2. Utopianism vs. Conservatism. Liberal democracy promises utopianism, as also does Communism. These are not characteristics of the German mind, thus the German is seen as reactionary and backward. Rationalism vs. Romanticism: the latter is rooted in an emotional connection to one's own land and people ... also characteristically.German.

RBN August 18th, 2011

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Continuing with Adolf Eichmann. Carolyn gives her interpretation of the documents uncovered by Gaby Weber and others, as found in Der Spiegel articles. Carolyn switches to the anti-traditionalism by the now-controlling left and reviews an article "Hostility Toward Germany" by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage. She also plays a clip of an extreme anti-German listener who called in to another RBN program the day before.

RBN August 17th, 2011

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Disinformation. What it is and how it works. The Cold War institutionalized disinfo ... some surprising examples. Carolyn also discusses Christopher Bjerknes' lies and disinfo techniques about Adolf Eichmann.

RBN August 16th, 2011

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Carolyn gives her own views on Gaby Weber's investigation into Adolf Eichmann ... a negative one. He was not a Jew, he did not speak Hebrew, he was not working in cooperation with Zionists in the German government either during or after the war. All that is just more of the effort to discredit National Socialism and equate "Nazis" with "Zionists."

RBN August 12th, 2011

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Wilf Heink is back to give some new information about Adolf Eichmann. A German investigative journalist, Gaby Weber, thinks she has uncovered evidence that shows Eichmann was cooperating with Israel and the German government, meaning the story is not what we've been told.

RBN August 11th, 2011

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Guest: Wilfried Heink  More on Dr. Mengele's diaries. Then the surrender of the German Wehrmacht and the eventual "new" government of the Federal Republic under Adenauer. Wilf is leading to Adolf Eichmann.