Tell your Congressional representatives you don't want a Special Antisemitism Monitor in the State Department

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-01-05 21:26

Ira Forman, who formerly took up space in the U.S. State Department and had a big budget to spend as "Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism" around the world, gives a speech in France. He looks real tough, doesn't he.

By Carolyn Yeager

DONALD TRUMP WANTED TO ABOLISH THE OFFICE OF THE "SPECIAL ANTISEMITISM MONITOR" in the State Department after he became President, and Sec. of State Rex Tillerson agreed with him. They were right because the office is a total boondoggle give-away to Jewry (begun in the Republican W. Bush administration) with no benefit to society that can justify its expense. But as soon as Jews got wind of that, they sprung into action to prevent the president's recommendation from being enacted. As usual, they won. And the culprits are our congressmen and senators who vote as a block for everything the Jews want.

The Times of Israel wrote on January 5th:

The Trump administration considers the position of anti-Semitism monitor “crucial” and hopes to name one “soon,” a State Department official told JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) Thursday.

The official did not provide a timeline on when the special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism would be appointed. But the tone was a pronounced change from the summer, when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the position was not necessary and the issue was best handled by other departments in the agency.

That led a bipartisan slate of lawmakers to remind Tillerson that the position, in place since 2004, was congressionally mandated and that he was not in a position to do away with it. Jewish groups also have lobbied intensively to restore the position, which they say makes clear to other countries that the United States prioritizes the issue.


Last June, Tillerson said in testimony before Congress that the administration had yet to make a decision about whether the position would be filled at all.

Part of his argument against appointing a special envoy was that local State Department missions neglect their responsibility to confront the issue if there is a special office in Washington dedicated to combating anti-Semitism.

Two previous envoys, Hannah Rosenthal and Ira Forman, who each held the post during the Obama administration, have vigorously disputed Tillerson's explanation and bemoaned the possible consequences if the office wasn’t filled. [Oy vey, a holocaust could happen ...]

Jewish groups have lobbied US President Donald Trump to name an envoy, saying that despite Tillerson’s claims, the position has been key to encouraging diplomats and officials throughout the department to focus on anti-Semitism. [But is that a good idea?]

Write your congressman and your senators via email at their .gov websites and tell them you don't want an "anti-semitism special monitor in the State Department" and you will not vote for them again unless they drop their support for such an office. It's what I do. It is a waste of our money and a blatant bowing of the knee to the dominance of the Jew in American society. In addition to that, the politicians are afraid of the negative fallout to their election campaign coffer$. The nerve of these senators and congressmen - putting their own interests ahead of their voters!!

So don't let this opportunity pass. A simple, short email on the contact form at their formal websites is all that is required. Do it. And follow through - don't vote for them if they continue to vote in Washington this way.


Thank you, Carolyn, for making a public service announcement.  I took it to heart and took it seriously, writing my Rep and Senators, all of whom are useless.  Everybody should write their Congress critters about this dangerous and disgusting issue.

Mine are not totally useless; they are all Republicans, but they have perfect records with the Jews. I am not going to vote for Cruz in November - I hope someone challenges him in the Primary.

My next post is going to be for the book.

Yippee!!  I'm looking forward to it!!