Germany's and US's grotesque Jew worship on the occasion of Israel's 70th Anniversary

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-05-14 13:11

Heiko Maas, Germany's new foreign minister, is deep into the cult of remembrance and quite willing to bow to Israel's needs.

By Carolyn Yeager

BOTH COUNTRIES' OFFICIAL POSITION, practically written in law, is that they have a 'special relationship' with the State of Israel.

We all know what Germany's 'special relationship' is derived from, but the USA? In my opinion, ours was totally built by Hollywood and Jewish media empires. (I think of the movie "Exodus" starring that teenage hearthrob Paul Newman which was incredibly impactful in the 1950's.) Unless they want to say that because Truman was the first to diplomatically recognize the new state of Israel in 1948, that cemented something forever and ever.

But no doubt the reason at bottom is the massive power base Jewry had established by that time in the United States.

In any event, the 'celebrations' for the combined 70th Anniversary (since 1948) and the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem--and the words from top officials--are all incredibly grotesque and unreal -- even incomprehensible.

First, though Jerusalem is not and has never been an Israeli city but is an international city, the Israeli's feel free to shoot dead the Palestinians who are protesting the event from Gaza on the other side of a security fence that Israel put up. The last count I saw was 52 dead just in the last 24 hours, justified because Jews are protecting their 70th birthday celebration with smiling and joyous guests from around the world. That's the best I can get from it.

Can you imagine if the US shot dead Mexicans protesting and clamoring at our border wall? No, you can't, it's unimaginable.

Heiko Maas, the groveling German Foreign Minister who is in attendance I believe, wrote an editorial in the daily Bild Monday edition in which he said Germans should be "eternally thankful" for the “unspeakable gift for us to be able to take part in the celebrations of Israel's birthday." Wow, the unspeakable gift! And "eternally thankful." Indeed, because he also said, as does Angela Merkel:

"Our responsibility to protect Jewish life never ends."

In light of this it only follows that he would also say, "The security of Israel and fighting anti-Semitism must always belong to our national identity."

Now this is something that the German people have been told, now and then, but never asked if they approve or accept it for their country. They're not asked since their elected leaders have accepted it for them because of what their forbears are accused of doing under National Socialism.

This is why it seems so unreal--because it's not talked about openly. It's just been slid in there, and once in awhile it comes up, but always in a way that it is a foregone conclusion, a done deal, no objections allowed.

Grotesque. Especially for a 'democracy.'

It's the same with the USA

Ivanka and Jared arrive in Jerusalem for the great occasion ... like coming home.

Our delegation to the 70th birthday & embassy-opening festivities in Jerusalem includes only stalwart Israel supporters like Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz, and Trump family members Ivanka and Jared Kushner.

Graham joyously told Fox News that the message President Trump has sent to Israelis by moving our embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, is "We have their back." No one ever explains why we should have their back. It's a very costly and dangerous back to have. Dual citizen Jared Kushner, in giving the major speech (and here) at the Embassy today tried to explain it. He said:

Our special bond is the envy of nations around the world. This bond is forged through shared history, sustained through shared interests, and immortalized through shared principles.

Well, big deal. And what shared history is he talking about? What shared interests? And bad on us if we share Israel's principles! So that does not explain it to me.

The United States stands with Israel because we both believe in freedom.

There we go - "the Arabs hate us for our freedoms."

We stand together because we both believe in human rights. We stand with Israel because we both believe democracy is worth defending. And the United States stands with Israel because we know that it is the right thing to do.

Boy, that is lame. And so he went on, cliche after cliche. What else is there? He got by far his biggest applause - a standing ovation - when he said:

Last week President Trump kept another promise when he announced his intention to exit the dangerous, flawed and one-sided Iran deal.

Notably, he also said that "when we look back on this day we will see that the journey to peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth." I'm sorry but I'm not clear on what 'truth' he's referring to and he did not explain. I guess it's an inside thing. [It has come to me from listening to some other speeches that the 'truth' being referred to here is the 'truth' that Jerusalem has always been Israel's rightful capital because of their 'history'. The 'rights' accorded to Jews because of their 'history' are legion ... and legendary. When questioned today about the shooting of protesting Palestinians and high number of deaths, White House spokesman quoted Sec. of State Pompeo as saying: "Israel has a right to defend itself."]

So the unreality continues. It's not comforting. I believe we need to confront the Jewish menace more directly but most are unwilling to do that. So we tread water, as the antisemitism campaigns grow in demands against our essential freedoms, and every one of our elected representatives in Congress is 100% loyal to Israel. That, however, is not allowed to come up as a campaign issue - have you noticed?


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A hard-hitting and 100% accurate article, Calolyn. I concur. The jew-worship, with its inborn  hypocrisy and cuckold nature, is mind-numbing to say the least. 

Jim Traficant was right - "Israel uses us like a whore!" -

And how many politicians do you hear bringing up 9-11? There's a damn strong reason the don't, the abject cowards! Is the subject of 9-11 taught in any high schools or colleges? There's a reason it isn't!
This situation is surreal. I absolutely lost it in a hardware store today talking politics with two employees and a customer, and in a very jewish town. I scared them away. Can't talk about the jews? I can - and will. Things are too dire to give a damn who hears me. I've got truth on my side. Gaza today - America tomorrow.
Slave to the jews Trump launches over 100 Tomahawk missiles into Syria over a fictitious staged gassing incident and not one Washington DC politician expresses anger over this slaughter and genocide of Palestinians.
One of the main players in the 9-11 attacks on America was Benjamin Netanyahu and he receives the all-time record for standing ovations in an address to the House.
America is now f’d and screwed-up beyond belief!

Matthew - I don't think Trump is a slave of the Jews, but he is a friend of the Jews. What president hasn't been? Jews have been influencing this country since the days of George Washington. Jews have always been making money via government business.

Nixon didn't like the Jews but he was afraid to say so and afraid to stand up to them. Kennedy didn't like them either - they made an example of him. No, don't blame Trump - that's too easy. Trump is doing a lot of good things. And if we got rid of Trump we would surely have something worse. It's very possible some of his concessions to the Jews may work out differently than it looks now.

You nailed it with "People have got to start talking about it." I have been writing to my representatives and senators, plus the White House, about giving away too much to Jews whenever something comes up. I just do that because I can and they're not going to retaliate. They'll just file it in the wastebasket BUT someone is seeing it.

We have to openly complain about the Jews, more and more of us.

Trump is much more than a friend of the Jews, he's an open collaborator.
The Jewish influence in America, pre-American revolution, was mainly exerted through proxies (i.e. Puritanism). George Washington wrote that he hadn't been involved in Freemasonry in over 30 years, although the Jews may have influenced his silent treatment towards Thomas Paine's imprisonment (we are commonly told that he did not want to offend the British, who he wanted to foster good relations with). The Jews had also found collaborators in Alexander Hamilton (who attended a Jewish school and was the instigator of the First Bank of America) and John Q. Adams. It was in Andrew Jackson's time that there was an attempt by Henry Clay (Adams being his collaborator) to reauthorize the Second Bank of America.
BTW the peculiar case of Pres. Truman (a Freemason), who penned a letter observing that the Jews had no sense of proportion and seemed intent on bringing down calamity on their own heads, tells me that the Jewish influence on the president hasn't always been as deeply entrenched as people make it out to be. But it should be clear as day that Trump is 100% sold to the Jewish cause. He gave his own daughter for marriage, had a wealthy upbringing, etc.


Once again, you don't make your case. Calling Trump an open collaborator with the Jews when he is actually less so than other presidents have been. I could give many examples. He also collaborates with the Christian community, the Veterans community, the Law Enforcement community, etc. all legitimate interest groups.

Your heading "Trump betrayed the people" is just nutty to me. It's like you're from another planet. In his campaign, he said he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem; he made no bones that he was 100% behind Israel. He said he thought Iran and Syrian Pres. Assad were evil. His voters didn't care because of the Wall, America First, etc. So where's the betrayal? 

Trump is the most honest president we've had since ?? If you got rid of him you would only have someone far worse. He has yet to fill the ridiculous Office to Monitor Anti-Semitism (the first prez to resist that since Bush 2 signed off on it) or to visit a concentration camp when in Europe, and only has one Jew in his cabinet. There are a few positive signs.

I found this nice youtube video about Germany:

This is Germany!:

With all of the seemingly gloomy topics we must address, I just wanted to post a video to remind us of what we are fighting for - a beautiful Germany with its wonderful Germans.

Thank you Carolyn, you do not tire writing the truth about the negative influence of the Jewry. Jews have spread their tentacles very wide during the 19th and 20th century.
Very late I woke up to the menace they are foremost to Whites and I think that they are esspecially focused on Germany.
Can we free us from those tentacles? The outlook is rather dire. Unless the majority of our people wake up. There is not much time left.
The enforced or natural change of the ethnic composition of Amerika and Germany/Europe is turning against us as well.

Germany’s anti-Nazi foreign minister

In his inauguration speech, he said the reason he went into politics was “not out of respect for Willy Brandt or the peace movement… but because of Auschwitz.” He later explained that much of what happened under the Nazi regime was “so horrific” that he simply couldn’t understand it.

He couldn't understand it because it's Jewish make-believe. As a German, he never knew any Germans who would/could behave that way. Fact is: the nazis were no different than other Germans. So Minister Maas has brainwashed himself! ... instead of trusting his self-knowledge and instincts.