Holocaust deniers, unite!

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-08-10 00:59

The push to wipe us off the face of the earth, beginning with social media, is underway!

The grotesque "Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe," 2711 meaningless concrete slabs that sit on 4.7 acres of prime real estate in the heart of Berlin's tourism district reveals the terrible vengence Jews must extract for any attempt by Europeans to plot our own future.

UPDATE: See below

By Carolyn Yeager

THE LATEST RUCKUS BEING STIRRED UP BY BELIEVERS is a letter to Mark Zuckerberg (right) from a “coalition” of heads of global Holocaust museums and foundations with an “offer to help the Facebook CEO “battle Holocaust denial” on his social media platform.

For the letter-signers, battling Holocaust denial doesn't mean the opportunity to meet doubters' criticisms with irrefutable facts and documentary evidence that Jews really did experience during WWII what they claim. No, to them it means censoring, banning, removing all content that questions, contradicts or in any way belittles their official narrative of horrors that they have named “The Holocaust” or “The Shoah.”

That this is a specifically Jewish effort aimed at a Jewish multi-billionaire Internet mogul should be kept in mind—for it is not by chance. “The Holocaust” from the beginning has primarily assisted/benefited Jews and Zionists ... it has primarily been spread by Jews and Zionists ... thus the upholding of it is most important to Jews and Zionists.

So it's only natural that the coalition that wrote the letter is comprised of Jews and Zionists. In this instance, they are mostly British-related. Ten are from UK Holocaust museums and trusts, 4 from South Africa, 3 from Australia, 2 from Canada, 1 from Hong Kong, 3 from the United States, 1 from Germany, and 1 from Brazil, making 25 in all.

Because these 25 individuals work for holocaust organizations does not make them real experts on holocaust. They are purveyers of holocaust more than experts. They earn big bucks for attracting visitors to their museums and raising money for the activities and publishing carried on by their pro-holocaust organizations. That's why they're all Jewish, or almost all—holocaust is really important only to Jews. When you ask the average man-in-the-street if he/she believes in the holocaust, they will probably say yes, but that doesn't mean they know much about it. And that's just the way these Jewish purveyors want it! They want simple believers who wouldn't dare to question anything the holocaust “experts” say.

Holocaust deniers, however, have educated themselves about the actual claims and history of the Holocaust; that's what turned them into deniers! I don't know a single denier who takes that position because of hate or so-called antisemitism. All deniers used to be believers. We believed because we didn't know there was another side. When the very convincing early revisionist research began to come into public knowledge in the 1980's, the more curious began to 'study up' on the subject and a small movement began. How many of us there are today is unknown, but I would bet it is more than is generally thought – somewhere in the millions. Almost from the beginning, the holocaust purveyors and believers wanted to portray revisionists as evil so they could refuse to debate them on the evidence. No truly professional debate, with debate rules, has ever taken place as far as I know—only biased TV talk show confrontations that degenerated into appeals to emotionalism—and worse. Same with the very few court cases, which have now been outlawed by the believers.

I recently saw an opinion piece in the Washington Post that said Zuckerberg was right to allow holocaust denial because “a ban risks weakening our ability to defend the historical truth with facts and documentation.” Oh, don't we deniers wish that believers would actually do that—respond to us with facts and documentation and allow us to respond in turn. That is what debate is. But no—we're answered only with censorship and laws banning any mention of it! In the UK, holocaust denial is not illegal per se, but 'hate' is. So the game is to define holocaust denial, or even ridicule or skepticism, as an expression of racial 'hate,' and prosecute people that way.

Free speech equals anti-Semitism?

Free speech is under attack everywhere. And it's mainly from Jews. That's just a fact. Jews are a highly criticized population group because of their well-known socially harmful behaviors. In order to stop that criticism, they use 'anti-Semitism' and because the benefits flowing to them from the Holocaust are so valuable, they have worked hard to connect holocaust denial to anti-Semitism. I usually write the word without the hyphen because Jews are only a small part of the Semitic peoples—therefore the word should really be anti-Jewish. But having always hated being called Jews by non-Jews, they coined the word anti-Semitism.

Let's look now at the text of the letter to Mark Zuckerberg. It is filled with inaccuracies and false statements even though this is what it complains of about deniers posting on Facebook. For example: “Virulent antisemitism is a proven pathway that leads from rhetoric to violence.” This is not true. First, we know from the Old Testament that throughout history it has been Israelites who have virulently hated and attacked their neighbors. When Semites first ventured into Europe, they self-segregated themselves because they didn't want to assimilate. They set themselves up in opposition to the local Christians whom they despised by engaging in usury and becoming ruthless tax and rent collectors for the wealthy landowners. The Christian European serfs were not allowed to harm the Jews in return and this created bad blood between them but nothing that could be called anti-Semitism, which is defined as 'hating Jews for no reason.' Since anti-Semitism doesn't exist, a pathway from it to violence against Jews has never been 'proven.'

The letter also says “History proves” that “antisemitism is the first unravelling of a society's moral fabric.” Wrong. In fair and impartial history, there is much more evidence that when Jews gain influence in any society, that's when the moral fabric begins to unravel. Zuckerberg himself recently had to admit to mishandling his Facebook users private information, exposing them to abuse.

Another falsehood in the letter is this: Antisemitism was the “first rung on the ladder of prejudice and discrimination that led to genocide—first against the Jews, then political opponents, homosexuals, Roma and Sinti people.” In the first place, there is no conclusive evidence that genocide took place against any of those groups, and in fact it didn't. But further, to claim that antisemitism (hatred of Jews) leads to prejudice and discrimination of other disfavored groups, and then genocide, is nuts. Many groups are not in favor at different times for different reasons, not just Jews. It's completely without foundation to say that it always starts with Jews and then spreads to others ('canary in the coal mine').

Finally, they use the very left-wing Guardian newspaper and the Jewish Antidefamation League as their sources of information. “According to the ADL, ignorance and lack of education are the dominant source of antisemitic views.” This reinforces their fixed idea that “antisemitism” is the problem, and portrays “antisemites” as ignorant and uneducated people. “The Guardian newspaper reported a 34% rise in 2017 violent assaults against Jewish people and the number has again risen in 2018.” This means nothing since these 'assaults' (only a tiny fraction of which consist of any violence or touching) are reported by Jews themselves, are not properly investigated but just accepted, and since there are so few to begin with a 34% rise could translate to only a couple more incidents, anyway.

Because they misrepresent us, our positions and arguments, we must always refute their misrepresentations in as aggressive a manner as they come after us. Not name calling! Not by making fun of. But directly and with superior knowledge, keeping to the point. I see excellent refutations taking place on the Internet all the time--great work going on in comment sections! We need to keep up with the latest findings and also expose their pathetic reliance on "hate and antisemitism" accusations instead of bringing forth evidence and documentation they claim they have.

Work with us! Jews say to Facebook

Their “offer” is that their coalition will deliver “educational resources in multiple languages at no cost” to Facebook, with which it can “tackle hate and prejudice, teach empathy, understanding and respect.” (Why don't they respect that others can have a different point of view on  Holocaust without being evil or a hater?) They also have “thousands of shareable stories—some in interactive format.” (They utterly rely on 'stories'.) So in other words, Facebook should become a Holocaust teaching site and use the coalition's teaching materials to actually promote the Holocaust on Facebook! Wow. Somehow I don't think Zuckerberg with take them up on it. They close with this: “We will contact your office to set something up.” It almost sounds like a threat.

UPDATE: [August 18] Times of Israel reports that Barrister Henry Grunwald, current chair of the UK National Holocaust Centre and Museum, and the instigator and first signer on the letter to Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed his “disappointment” after Facebook failed to respond directly to the letter from Jewish organisations. “I’m disappointed that Facebook has not been in touch with us, as we made a genuine offer to assist them in dealing with their problem over Holocaust denial,”Grunwald said. He added, "We will be trying to reach Mark Zuckerberg again about this. There can be few things more fake [news] than to deny the Holocaust.”

To my stated opinion in the article that "I don't think Zuckerberg will take them up on it," Charles Krafft wrote in a comment: "it's only a matter of time before he capitulates to the Holo-High Priesthood and adds skepticism about this 73 year old psy op to the vague Community Standards guideline."

We'll see.


The believers can not debate it because that would allow the possibility of exposure.  Therefore the only response to the unbeliever is to name call. 
The Jews have won by turning history upside down, where persecutor becomes the victim and the victims the persecutors. 
The Berlin monument to hate is disgusting.   Recently in Berlin I was having a discussion with a young man who said to me that if I questioned the religion of the Holocaust that he did not want have anything to do with me.  The German people and the surrounding countries are thoroughly enslaved by the Jews.   They can not wake up.  It can only end badly. 

"So in other words, Facebook should become a Holocaust teaching site and use the coalition's teaching materials to actually promote the Holocaust on Facebook! Wow. Somehow I don't think Zuckerberg with take them up on it. They close with this: “We will contact your office to set something up.” It almost sounds like a threat."
Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish and was no doubt raised on the same sort of Holocaust propaganda that has subdued most nations in the world and brought ithem into agreement with Jewish led legislation concerning Holocaust education, denial and "hate" speech laws, reparations pay outs and publically funded memorials, museums, university study programs and civic indoctrination centers. He is is already banning and purging his data mining social media leviathan of dissident content so I believe it's only a matter of time before he capitulates to the Holo-High Priesthood and adds skepticism about this 73 year old psy op to the vague Community Standards guidelines already being used to prevent people and groups from criticizing the increasingly hostile tribal technocrats who manage the global consumer/debt slave plantation we live on.   

You are a voice of weakness, Charles, do you know that? There are more and more, including Jews, who are saying all this banning and criminalizing of unpopular beliefs, even about Holocaust, is going to backfire--has already started to. One of the biggest causes of people opening to questioning the Holocaust is the laws passed in Europe and elsewhere against such questioning. And they know who's doing it. We must never give in. Just as much as I hate to see holocaust lies repeated in print, they hate to see those lies refuted repeatedly in print. The difference is: they have the power to do something about it and I/we don't. But that could be their undoing.

Keep truckin' on.

Do you know of any efforts by any political parties (AfD?) or other groups trying to legally overturn these bad laws (Holocaust denial laws) in Europe and Germany?

Another well-written, powerful essay, Carolyn! Your essays are always a welcome clarion call, like a summer rain to a very thirsty garden. Thank goodness there are many around the globe who feel as strongly in the fight for truth - and justice! 
Decades ago the Jews planted their Little Shop of Horrors tale, that grew as it devoured more and more unsuspecting victims. It now seems like a runaway locomotive - i.e., unstoppable. I can understand why. So many of our people heavily fined and imprisoned for daring to even QUESTION their fairy tale, much less DENY it! But Moloch and the Golem, try as they might to stomp out the rays of truth introduced by us DENIERS, can't put out all the little fires we light every time we stand up to their extortionist fairy-tale LIES.
Though our efforts may seem futile, they are not!! The proof of that is in the increased pressure by the LIARS upon government bodies to make our research and opposition ILLEGAL. Sure, Germany is in the heaviest of chains. Why? Because that is where the seed was planted, the seed that grew and exposed the Eternal Destroyers for just what they are. Germany stood alone for 4 years against the servants of the vampires and fought them to a standstill before the weight of numbers and equipment rolled into their country.
This is not yet the darkest of times. Do not doubt that the LIARS are going to turn up the heat to stop EVERY RAY OF TRUTH. I've used the expression before about the pendulum of time - and history - does not swing the same way all the time. It WILL one day stop, and turn the other way. And when it does, the criminal, lying, bullying COWARDS are going to face retribution and justice. And no amount of their GOLD will buy them out of that pendulum's vengeance.
Keep the powder dry and the flame of TRUTH alive as you've done, Carolyn. You are appreciated.

Some Remarks :
1) Zuckerbergs's Facebook is not exactly tolerant of non-PC material. It seems therefore strange that in case of Holocaust revisionism he suddenly is "tolerant". It is possible that this is only theater (a "PSYOP") : him being so-called a "champion of free speech" coming into conflict with various Jewish organizations, pleading for censorship, and finally him giving in, realizing that "Holocaust Denial" should not be considered as "free speech", thus stressing the point for the whole world to see. Such PSYOPs are a Jewish specialty.
2) It is true that generally Jews avoid discussing the Holocaust with revisionists, preferring censorship instead, but there are two websites that are exceptions : nizkor.org/  and holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/ The latter goes into serious discussion about crucial subjects. Do you have any comment on these websites if you know about them?
3) The general argument of revisionists is that most Jews who died in the camps died at the end of the war due to hunger and diseases because the supply lines to the camps had been bombed by the Allies. Is there any information about HOW MANY Jews died that way in the camps, thus accounting for the number of "missing Jews" who had been interned in those camps ? For example, of the 140,000 Jews of the Netherlands 107,000 had been deported to the camps. At the end of the war only 5,200 returned alive. Does the number of dead bodies found (and photographed) in the camps at their liberation sufficiently account for the number of "missing Jews"? A similar question could be asked about the 424,000 Hungarian Jews who had been deported to the camps in 1944.

1) I do not use Facebook except to follow certain German politicians who seem to depend on the site to reach more people, especially English-speaking people. It has a great format, what with the automatic translation and such. And free. Why does it take a Jew to come up with something so popular??

I don't have the sense that this is a PSYOP bc it seems natural to me that Z. is more concerned about maintaining his successful, top-level enterprise than in catering to the Jewish holocaust industry. I think he's more of an internationalist. Censorship is a difficult business, you get tangled up in lawsuits and unhappy customers and governmental issues. Europe is having a a hard time bc they have gone down the road of pleasing the Jews and their WWII industry. That's why I feel so strongly that we must fight hard and ratchet it up rather than to give in to anything. We could be on the verge of success and not know it. Stranger things have happened.

2)  I think the two sites you mention are not really open to debate and should not be depended on for information. Everything there is slanted toward Belief & Believers. Particularly I'm familiar with Holocaust Controversies, who are really bad name-callers, including using obscene 4-letter words (if anything can be called obscene anymore). Mattogno, Graf and Kues wrote a 2-volume book refuting everything HC came up with on the "Aktion Reinhardt" camps. HC writers lie and evade. These sites promise "debate" just to lure in fodder for their abuse.

Debate has to be on neutral ground and scrupulously follow traditional rules for fairness. But we know that even in federal courts, bias by the judge is common. Thomas Dalton, in his book Debating the Holocaust (also online) did a fairer job of comparing both sides than our official bodies or journalists do.

3) When you ask a question like this, you are expecting way more from revisionists than you expect from the spinners of the holocaust story. It is really up to the latter to show that 100,000 Dutch Jews were MURDERED in German-run camps. If there is no evidence of murder, or of the remains of all those bodies (except for a few still-uncremated corpses piled up for lack of working crematories), then all you have is a theory of what happened to them. If they ended up in Russia, in the U.S., in South America, in Israel and other places, the revisionist community does not have the resources to track that down. And it's not their responsibility! It's the responsibility of those claiming murder to prove that murder took place. Same with the Hungarians.

If you're not satisfied with that answer, I'm sorry. But why not tell the holocaust industry that you're not satisfied with their answers?

"It's the responsibility of those claiming murder to prove that murder took place."
Agreed, but it is still  the responsibility of those who deported a group of people and claim that they were not murdered, to account for their absence. If I have kidnapped a family and then am accused of having murdered them by gassing them in my garage, but then succeed in proving that such a murder never could have taken place, that doesn't relieve me from the obligation to answer the question : "where is the family?" I cannot say :"now that it has been proven that I didn't "gas" that family, it is no more my obligation to account for their disappearance. I have kidnapped them, I am obliged to tell what has happened to them. Similarly Holocaust revisionists who speak for the innocence of the NS regime owe that explanation.

You are wrong, Franklin. You're using a specious argument and your last sentence explains why.

The Jews were not kidnapped. Their deportation was a legal process. That's why you have numbers and names for them; records were kept. Records were kept of where they went, too, BUT the Allies were waging war on Germany and also conspiring to blame the war and much more on their enemy after their victory. All the camps in question were in former Polish territory. The Soviet Russians single-handedly controlled all that at the end, plus Berlin and all eastern Germany They had a massive propaganda bureacracy that swept up all files and paperwork and created their own version of events. None of it can be trusted.

The Germans on trial were not allowed to say anything in their own defense, but all denied a program of extermination. Yet extermination was "proved" at Nuremberg based on Russian documents and Russian witnesses. So the answer to the question "Where did those people go; where did they end up if they didn't die?" is: Ask those who were in control at the end of the war and after. But they are not trustworthy. However, there is evidence from newspaper articles that Stalin ordered non-Soviet Jews to be put in gulags, like in Siberia & Mongolia, because he didn't trust their loyalty, and that they mainly perished there. More will be coming out on that in the upcoming "Einsatzgruppen" book.

In light of all this, your demand that revisionists, most not even born until after the war, should be able to tell you where all the Jews went  is insincere and unrealistic, since the German records were altered or destroyed. The population figures for Jews did not change, btw.

If "the Holocaust happened", not in the German concentration camps but in Stalin's Gulag, surely there would have been some survivors who could have told the story. As far as I know there weren't. After all, ordinary Russians, such as Solzhenitsyn also survived the Gulag, and of the German POWs some survived the Russian prison camps too.
BTW, I consider "legal" kidnapping still kidnapping.

As far as I know there weren't.

As far as you know isn't very far, is it?

And we know that Jewish camp survivors don't tend to tell the truth if it conflicts with their tribe's overall narrative. So I wouldn't expect it.

Btw, do you know that I could claim my family members were incarcerated, starved, abused and died in Soviet and communist concentration/detainment camps in Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia (even taken to Siberia or elsewhere in Russia), or on "death marches," after the war. That's what happened to those of their community. But I never heard a word about it, and I have no idea what happened to any of them.

Carolyn, you asked, "Why does it take a Jew to come up with something so popular?"  You were referring to Facebook.  M.Z. did not come up with Facebook.  He did not invent Facebook.  A White male and an engineer by the name of Michael McKibben invented Facebook, and Z. and his team stole that technology.  Michael McKibben has his own legal fight trying to win back his right to own the technology that was stolen from him.
I also discovered recently the Holocaust Controversies and literally couldn't believe most of what I found on the site because (((they))) are only searching for any tedious detail that might confirm their belief or foregone conclusion. There's no real historical investigation going on there.

Carolyn, is Adolf Hitler's Political Testament a fake? I ask you because this particular document says clearly that Hitler DID in fact something in relation to the jewish question. I for one do not see how denying the Holocaust can empower anyone as the jew remains and will remain for all time the enemy of culture and civilized humanity, not that we have such thing today of course. You are in the middle of the greatest war of all times, why not try solve this problem once and for all? Doesn't make sense. Of course this Holocaust stuff is today an industry, and a great one at that, the jew is that stupid.

Hitler's Last Will and Testament is not a fake. The worst thing is says about Jews is this:

I have left no one in doubt that if the people of Europe are once more treated as mere blocks of shares in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then the sole responsibility for the massacre must be borne by the true culprits: the Jews.

The 'massacre' he's referring to is the war itself. But there is something called the Hitler-Bormann Documents that are published as a book titled "Hitler's Political Testament." I have not read it; I do not vouch for it. It's generally considered fake, but some people like it. 

Please understand that it's not just a matter of "denying the holocaust' but of demanding we hear the truth. The holocaust story doesn't give us that.

What about the declaration in the German Reichstag on 1 september 1939?

What about it?

That were the German people forced into another war it wouldn't have been the Aryan the one who will disappear from Europe, but Jewry. Doesn't this declaration tell us something? I don't know about revisionism but common sense tells me things happened, 6 million or less it hardly even matters anymore. If I would have been in his position I would have mercilessly destroyed them. And I know many would have done the same.

Ezra, I deleted my previous snswer to you bc I belatedly recognized that you were giving me an opportunity to say something I think is important. It's this:

There is no way it would ever be possible to wipe out all Jews, or even all Jews in Europe. And if someone imagined they could make Jews disappear from Europe, what about all the rest of the Jews in the world who would come together against that one, along with all the non-Jews who would join them. Which did happen, didn't it. It's an unworkable idea.

In the same way, Jews could never get rid of Germans; no one can 'get rid of' other people unless the group is small in number and territory, has no where else to go and no one cares about them. It is very difficult to get rid of anything! So Hitler had to know he could not 'exterminate' millions of human beings--it is ridiculous to believe they had a plan to do so. And if they would have, they would have created the best facilities and means to do it, including for destroying the corpses. Since they were very intelligent people, they would have seen right away that such a 'plan' could not possibly be successfully carried out.

For those like you who say you wish the Jews had been destroyed, and if it were up to you, it would have been done ... well, no because no one could have carried out such a physically impossible feat with the  technology available. Even 1/3 or 1/8 or 1/16 of it could not have been accomplished. Sane people don't think this way. If we could introduce people to the person Hitler really was, they would know he was too sane to behave the way (((they))) say. That's why they control that information.

Now, the most important part of this is that I would like to 'get rid of' what I don't like as much as the next person. But I have come to recognize I can't, I never will be able to, and that is not the answer.  Instead, discover the best ways to protect myself/ourselves from the bad influences around me/us. The best way is to ignore it and only pay attention to that which I like and want more of. Just ignoring alone doesn't work, but joining that with keeping my attention on what I want to see, what I like, what I love--that can really change things. We can have the world we want ... while others who want a different world can have theirs. That's the message of our age.

No, we can't have the world we want. WW2 made that clear. They are "God's chosen" and it's only about them. Now if you think 40.000 civilians were burned alive in just one day in Hamburg and Hitler did nothing, ok. Maybe he even send them some gifts. That must have been. The Holocaust was jew-charity.

Okay correction. I can have the world I want and you can have the world you want. Each can have the world they want. This is not a 'pretending' but the way perception actually works. We see what we're looking for, basically. So Jewish influence and control exists for those who believe it and look for it, but it doesn't for those who believe and look for opposite things. We can inhabit the same space yet live in very different worlds. That's what I mean.

News in the German media about the upcoming Unite the Right rally that's gonna take place TODAY outside the White House at Lafayette Square!
Last rally in Charlottsville reverberated aroubf the world: There is no excuse for patriots (by patriots I obviously don't mean the keyboard crowd) who live in this part of USA not to show up. 
The effect a rally  in Washington DC in terms of publicity is devastating: Most people around the world (including in Germany) can't figure out how "Nazis" are allowed to rally in front of the White House!
Defending freedom of speach and our civil liberties should be the main concern of all true Nationalists. We in the West have been too confortable with our freedoms forgetting that we're losing them! I don't think any Western person would like to live in a shithole country like Iran or Russia where political dissidents are tortured to death.
Mr Jasson Kessler is the organizer of this and the last one rally who should be praised for fighting for the civil rights of our people!
Freedom above all!

Thanks. I didn't even know about this! But why is it a good idea?

The rally is Sunday in Layfayette park. Jason Kessler says he expects around 400 people. Not very much, but most patriots don't live around Washington DC; Kessler does. Many more counter-protesters will be there.

I truthfully don't see why counter-protesters are allowed in the numbers they are. If a legitimate group  gets a permit to demonstrate, they should be allowed that space and time for themselves without being drowned out by nasty, noise-making mobs. Am I missing something about freedom?

Likewise I don't see why groups of people are allowed to stand outside of businesses and shout and yell at the people inside (like a restaurant). Wouldn't that come under disturbing the peace?

An excellent article.  My compliments!

Yes, I used to be a "believer" until I decided to see what had to say those "crazy deniers", and to my huge surprise, their claims were absolutely logic and full of real proofs.
Contrary to the ADL claims, forced ignorance is the real strength of the holocaust tale, but this has such a massive support from media and laws in many countries, that still it's very hard to tell something that sets appart from the politically correct narrative, but we should keep trying. People is becoming tired of the political use of the holocaust, and the endless flood of "documentaries" that depict a history that keeps getting more cruel with time, reaching grotesque levels that maybe sooner than we think could start backfiring.

talk about the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES ----It is OKAY to DENY any HOLOCAUST, except "The Special" one. SELECTIVE outrage and SELECTIVE consideration. Well THANK YOU for this perfect illustration of your HYPOCRISY and DUPLICITY. WHENEVER I hear WHINING about "holocaust denial" I will show people WHAT IT IS......
Thursday, May 04, 2000,No Policy Change over "Armenian Genocide": IsraelIsrael told the Turkish Foreign Ministry that there was no policy change on its side over the so-called Armenian genocide, saying that it is up to historians, not politicians, to discuss the issue, Turkish Daily News reported on Wednesday.
US Jewish group retracts stance on Armenian genocide AFP and EJP 25/Aug/2007 Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's Prime Minister:"With this statement, they have retracted their previous erroneous step."ANKARA (AFP-EJP)---A prominent US Jewish advocacy group has retracted its decision to call the mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire a genocide, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday."The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has sent us a statement sharing our sensitivity on this issue," Erdogan was quoted by the Anatolia news agency as saying."With this statement, they have retracted their previous erroneous step."The ADL unleashed anger in Turkey this week when it said in a written statement that it had changed its position on the Armenian massacres after consultations with experts.But in a separate statement on Thursday the group was more circumspect on the World War I events."Although independent scholars may have reached a consensus about the genocide, in an effort to help accomplish the reconciliation (between Turkey and Armenia) there is room for further dispassionate scholarly examination of the details of those dark and terrible days," the second statement read.

I cannot deny something which didn't happen. Jesting; I will continue to crush the lies  both online and in actual daily life.
Calmly but without compromise.