Book Update: 3rd edition now available

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-09-15 12:39

    "Your book 'The Artist Within the Warlord' is outstanding. It helped me understand Der Fuhrer's escape into his Linz plans even as the Red Army closed in on Berlin. It seemed like delusional behavior until I learned from you that it was the only thing that gave him relief as das ende was closing in.  - KIRK CONKLIN, Jan. 1, 2019     

The 3rd edition of “The Artist Within the Warlord: An Adolf Hitler You've Never Known” is now available at Amazon and many other booksellers.

Why a 3rd edition?

The publisher and printer has changed. I am now publishing the book myself and I do not expect there to be any more revisions. I've reduced the price to $21 and made the book available to a wide range of sellers.

What makes this book special? You will learn from face-to-face conversations directly with Adolf Hitler:

  • His true opinion of the Eiffel Tower and of other Paris landmarks (ch.1);

  • Why and for what reason he had to postpone the Denmark/Norway invasion so many times (ch.1);

  • How Hitler was the sole architect and commander of the brilliant French campaign, not Franz Halder (ch.3);

  • His reasons for his decision at Dunkirk (ch.3);
  • Why he signed the 1939 non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union (ch.2);

  • Why he went ahead with Operation Barbarossa in spite of so many unknowns (ch.5);

  • His concerns about Rudolf Hess before the flight to Scotland (ch.4);

  • His opinion of Generalissimo Francisco Franco (ch.4);

  • In what way Hitler believed Germany was outsmarted by the Russians (ch.5);

  • Why taking Moscow came last in his plan of attack against the SU, incl. Hitler's own sketch (ch.5);

  • How Hitler foresaw the swastika becoming a magnetic power symbol for Europe (ch.6);

  • European architectural structures most admired by Hitler (ch.6);

  • The failure at the Wolchow Front that led Hitler to a devastating realization (ch.7);

  • How famed surgeon Dr. Sauerbruch came to write outrageous lies about Blondi in his memoir (ch.7);

  • The discovery made following the July 20th assassination plot that disgusted Hitler more than any other (ch.9);

  • How Hitler decided on Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel as his choice to succeed him as Fuehrer (ch. 12);

  • Why the completed model of the Linz Danube river bank reconstruction installed in the Berlin bunker in the last months meant so much to him (ch. 13);

  • How the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 affected him (ch.13);

  • And much more.


I was happy to have received my copy the other day. It should be noted that on top of the fine research into the subject matter the print quality, cover art, beautiful black and white pictures, and the large crisp text makes this book visually stunning and a work of art in itself.

Nice to hear from you again Rick; thanks for your lovely comment. It would be nice if you submitted that as a review on the Amazon page.

Have you considered a hardcover release?

I see no need or reason for that. In this day of kindle and e-books, especially. And what would your interest be in that?

I hope this book be released also in other languages suchs as German and Spanish. It would be great to find it also in .pdf or e-book. Thank you Carolyn.

For German, you can purchase the original memoir by Hermann Giesler, "Ein Anderer Hitler." It's expensive but it's full of photographs and has much more content that what we translated for our book.

Amazon --

It will not come out in any other formats for quite some time, if ever.