Keep telling the truth as you see it, Mr. President

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2019-03-21 11:51

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By Carolyn Yeager

DONALD TRUMP IS A REAL PERSON, including when he's being President of the United States.

He's being criticized for not playing the game of hypocrisy according to the “rules” like all the establishment politicians, Republican and Democrat, have done and continue to do. The insincerity of politicians is criticized but then, when a newcomer to the game speaks honestly and clears the air, as Trump did yesterday toward John McCain, the politicians run for the hills in horror.

The biased media characterize it as an attack, and "unseemly behavior" for a head of state. I see it as the President giving his side of the story, which he should do. The idea that he should remain above the fray, and never answer attacks on his person, is wrong. I love his instincts and think he should keep following them. I'm a big believer in the rightness of our instincts.

I also have never liked John McCain—the worshipful blubberings of his daughter don't help. In 2008 I didn't vote for either major party presidential nominee because I couldn't bring myself to vote for John McCain.

I thought Trump's remarks were helpful; I was glad to learn that the McCain family had to request all those special ceremonial privileges and government-funded air transport and security for McCain's many-days long lying in state and funeral/burial (for a senator!?) from President Donald Trump, which he graciously gave yet they couldn't bring themselves to thank him. In fact, the President was banned from the funeral! They feel themselves entitled. It puts things into better perspective for We the People. Why should we be kept in the dark so that a rigged consensus can be fashioned for making a national hero of John McCain? I prefer truth-tellers to the privileged sons of ex-presidents and admirals who themselves covered up the truth.

Keep telling the truth as you see it, Mr. President.


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For all those who think McCain was a hero, stop and listen to the 26 anti-American tapes he did for North Vietnam and the committee he sat on that denied help and release of our true military heroes that were not released from pow camps when they could have been. He is named songbird McCain by we veterans that know all about his hypocrisy.

You suffer from cognitive dissonance. Sad, really.

And what do you call what you suffer from? Cowardice?

I think Trump's condtradictions come from his being both British-Scottish and German - 50-50.

The more patriotic and Populist side of Trump is his German side, while the belligerent and billionaire side is Scottish. It's true he learned his business skills from his German father, but his father was never as ambitious as Donald is. In fact, it was his father who counselled him to "go easy" and soften his approach in business dealings.

Trump physically takes after his mother more. I point this out because I think it's the German side of Trump that cares about we White people, and about our rights guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution, and also about the Angel Moms and the laid-off coal miners, etc. and etc. The caring Trump. I'm sure of it.

But without the harsher Scottish element in his personality, he probably would not have gotten as far as he has. It contributes to his assertiveness and confidence which are a big part of his success. He's an outstanding and very unique human being, without a doubt.

I had these thoughts yesterday and just thought I would share them.

American Pravda: Was Rambo Right? (aka McStain - American Traitor) -
"detailed evidence that hundreds of American POWs had been condemned to death at enemy hands by top American leaders, apparently because their safe return home would have constituted a major political embarrassment. I found documentation that the cover-up of this betrayal had gone on for decades, eventually drawing in a certain Arizona senator."

Trump has done some good for White Americans by calling to awareness the Immigration problem, but his slavish attitude towards Israel is despicable.

Trump has done more than just bring awareness to the immigration problem. Add to that Fake News (to my mind the worst evil of all); straight talk vs. political correctness -- talking directly to the people; bringing attention to the Swamp in Washington; Nationalism/America First; tough trade policy --- all those things are important to us, too. 

I don't think his attitude toward Israel is "slavish." He's not subservient to Netanyahu or other Jews, but really believes they are an important ally, and also gets pleasure out of being their benefactor.  Trump has a simple-minded view of "Judeo-Christianity," while he sees Muslims as different from us, non-Western, and believes they really carried out the attacks on the World Trade Center.

I might think he is wrong-headed, and even dumb, on some of this, but he's nobody's slave ... except, one might say, to the demands of the office of POTUS.

Hi Carolyn,
All of that is true what you said. I agree, those are all good things. However, it seems to me that he does a lot of talking and not enough action on key issues such as immigration. The border wall, for example, should have been first on his to do list as soon as he bacame President. It is his promise of a border wall, after all, that catapulted him into the White House. Instead his administration passes things like "criminal reform", something that no one voted for. His war on the media is a plus, but at the end of the day he still grants outlets like the New York Times interviews despite it being ferociously against his agenda. And he only seems to care when he is attacked... when the media goes after his supporters and censors them, he does all but nothing. All that aside, however, Trump is still heads and tails better than any other candidate who ran in 2016, and he still better than anyone running in 2020 hands down.
Perhaps his attitude is not "slavish" but he  certainly is an Israeli-firster, putting their interests above and beyond America's in numerous occasions. He attacked Syria twice, moved the embassy to jerusalem, promised to remove troops from Syria but canceled in order to "protect Israel", and he just recently recognized the stolen golan heights as part of Israel. It may be more than an old fashioned Judeo-christian attitude towards Israel IMO, his daughter is afterall a convert to Judaism. His son in law Kushner is an Orthodox Jew Zionist, and it's most likely he who is influencing Trump's hyper-Zionism. 
If we removed the Israel-first actions, Trump perhaps would be the greatest President of this generation. Maybe in his mind he believes Israel is just a vulnerable, little country in need of a helping hand and like you say, he wants to be their benefactor. But it's hard to understand a Patriotic American as Trump claims to be, putting American troops in harms way soley for the benefit of a foreign power. 

You need to stick with the points at issue, not just throw out a whole laundry list of complaints. First you said Trump was good on immigration but bad on Israel. Now he's bad on everything, but still heads and tails better than anyone else. So where does that leave you? You're just generally griping but can't really defend what you say and don't want to have to.

Imagine yourself as President. Every officeholder in a 'Democracy' has to be a politician. His first priority, always, is getting re-elected. So he has lots of advisors telling him how to do that, and what would cause him to lose. He has to please a majority of people, and also outsmart the opposition.  In modern times the candidate who spends the most money usually gets elected, so raising money gets top priority. What does this say about the voters? Not much. How do you think you would do?

I think you and WE would do better to try to improve ourselves and  the image of 'White Nationalists' and the European race. How did we get to be so hated? And what should we do about it? We need to work together, instead of expecting one man to win back for us all that WE have lost. First WE welcomed, or allowed, the Jews full rights in our societies in Europe - called Jewish Emancipation. Then came Black Emancipation, now Brown Emancipation. That has not made us more popular or improved society, has it. 

By the way, when has Tump put American troops in harms way solely for the benefit of a foreign power?

Does it interest you that in 1914, the people of the U.S. approved of sending over million men and boys to war in Europe (for the very first time!!) to SAVE Great Britain and France in their vindictive, unecessary war with a fellow white nation, Germany? 110,000 died. They didn't care about white lives then.

And then just 24 years later, we once again went to the rescue of Britain, France and the Soviet Union against our own flesh and blood in Germany. Over 400,000 Americans died.

After this, the stage was set for Israel to be created. What was Britain's role and what means do they use to cover that up? Sometimes they brag about it. Does this seem important to you, or water over the bridge? Do you think you are being manipulated by the Media (and by the Anglo-dominated Alt-Right) to pay attention to some things and not others?

Yes I know about those wars, it was a tragedy of immense proportions. Incredibly Fratricidal. Especially the second one. I believe America had no business in either conflict.
We should as a nation one day realize why those Americans had to die, and what those American troops did to Pow's after the 2nd war, which was terrible. 
But because it was done back then, it doesn't mean it's not incumbent on us to point out now, to other Americans, why it's wrong to do so today. Don't you agree with that?
Also, you don't foolishly believe this President is above criticism, do you? I mean at some point the rationalizations for why he's doing some of the things he's doing has to stop, and we have to point out that those things are wrong for America.

But because it was done back then, it doesn't mean it's not incumbent on us to point out now, to other Americans, why it's wrong to do so today. Don't you agree with that?

No, I think we still need to deal with what we did wrong back then. It's not fratricidal today, it's at the behest of Jews against their enemies. I agree we should not do anything for Jews. Seems to me Trump is trying to encourage Israel to fight for itself, rather than us fight for them. It's a start, I guess, but I don't want to help them financially either. I resent it.

you don't foolishly believe this President is above criticism, do you?

Your criticisms are not well-founded or well-aimed - they are scattershot. If you criticise, you should be damn sure you can prove it, not just repeat what so many others are saying. 

Right now he's looking at the 2020 election. Once he gets re-elected he'll do like all 2nd termers do - be more free to think about his legacy, which I think will be for White Americans. He's not confused about what color he is, nor about history.

And unexpectedly, more and more right-wing nationalists are making friends with Israel because of its very nationalist policies. I do not know where this will end up.

I think my criticisms are legitimate. I praised the president for raising the awareness on the immigration issues among the American public... but that's about all he's done. He's not done anything else and the problem has actually worsened under his watch. He has not delivered on his promise to build the border wall (even though that's what he tells his supporters) and is allowing one million illegal aliens to stream every year across our borders. He has the authority to implement at least some reasonable defense. How about pull the troops from syria & afghanistan and put them on the border? oh right, they're there to protect Israel. He still has under 2 years left so we'll see if anything is done. Besides the criticism on Israel, which i also think is legitimate, there are plenry of other things i can list but i'll leave it to just the core issue of Immigration, because that is what got him elected. If he doesn't do something on that by 2020, he will not be re-elected and deservedly so.

Your other points on what Trump has to do to get elected are well taken, and no I don't expect one man to fix everything.

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