Auschwitz Museum intrudes into political dispute, defending its brand

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2019-06-19 23:02

Auschwitz is one of the best-known brands in the world, and now it's showing its muscle on social media via controversial tweeting . On the left: MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes; right: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

By Carolyn Yeager

HOW HAS IT COME TO THIS? Will there be more of it in our future?

A far-left, first-term democrat congresswoman from New York compares detention facilities for illegal border-crossers to concentration camps. Republicans and their Jewish allies immediately jump on her for taking the name of the Jewish holocaust in vain, especially big Israel-supporter Congresswoman Liz Cheney who accused Dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of “evoking the extermintion of six million Jews” just to make a point about the treatment of migrants.

What Ocasio-Cortez had posted on Instagram on Monday, referring to the U.S. southern border, that brought on Cheney's rebuke was:

"The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the land of the free is extraordinarily disturbing." 

Far-left MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes replied to Cheney on Tuesday with this retort:

“If you spend a few minutes learning some actual history, you will find out that concentration camps are different from death camps and have a history that both predates and extends far past the Nazis.”

I would agree with Hayes reference to history in this instance even though I am on the opposite extreme of the political spectrum from him. Cheney's knee-jerk use of the “six million Jews” calumny is prompted by her view that US and Israeli interests are one and the same. But it's reprehensible that the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Poland jumped into the discussion and tweeted to Hayes:

“@chrislhayes Please consider following @AuschwitzMuseum where everyday we commemorate and educate about the tragic human history of #Auschwitz.”

Well, I guess the Poles have decided to engage in more agressive self-promotion! The Auschwitz Memorial also sent a similar tweet to CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski, who had declared the camp “a mixture of work and extermination camps.” The Museum corrected him:

“The history of Auschwitz is far more complicated than this as it combined two functions: a concentration camp and from March 1942 an extermination center. See our online lesson.”

How different is that from what Kaczynski said? Are we seeing a new level of the Holocaust Lobby's outreach, bringing it into our living rooms as though it's a normal aspect of every issue that comes up? This could be a new way to push it down our throats and into our guts that better circumvents our resistance. Every issue that arises will have its connection with the Jewish Holocaust in one way or another. Frightening.

Unless it bombs due to overexposure. That's another possibility.


It really is time to push back on social media. You have all these right wing Trump supporters voicing outrage on the remarks by Cortez. EG Here at the 22 minute mark
I left a comment but I doubt he ever read it !
The Jews must be delighted at the re-confirmation of the hoax. Ingram on Fox was another expressing outrage !
I don't do Twitter but we should get on these peoples' Twitter pages to show our outrage at how they are perpetuating the hoax.

We DO always need to push back, but as you say it's very hard to be seen or heard these days. I'm not on social media and don't plan to be. Everyone on Fox News is totally on board with the narrative there. I did see Laura Ingraham tonight and it was par for the course for her. 

With Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar speaking up all the time (and more to come after 2020 probably) this will not subside. I can only hope that the claims and counterclaims become so ridiculous and silly that more people will just become disgusted by the whole affair ... and not want to hear about it anymore. You know? I feel that way already.

Maybe the Left will start to associate the 'Holocaust' with Fox News personalities, and turn against the whole thing for that reason. LOL. Maybe it will cause a closer look at history ... like the abominable Chris Hayes said there have been lots of concentration camps other than with Jews in them. He's right about that. Could be positive in the long run?

Hello, Carolyn,
as a German man (*1939) who loves his fatherland, it makes me angry and helpless never to "get rid of" Jews. 
The German publisher Kopp ( has a book by the authors Edgar Mayer and Thomas Mehner “Zeitbombe Jonastal”  in its range (Item number : 976100, ISBN-13: 9783864456787), which deals with the technical development and the alleged truth about the state of German nuclear research in the 1940s.
In the description of the book contents it says: “Further evidence is provided by a cruel attempt near Auschwitz in which 20,000 Jews were killed by the detonation of two nuclear weapons. A contemporary witness report describes the shocking details of this crime.”
A book that proves German technical exploits could now fill me with pride, instead the mass Jewish victim role appears again and again.
Klaus Borgolte

I sympathize, Klaus. Do you think the Germans really detonated a nuclear weapon? When they say 20,000 Jews were killed by it, it makes it less credible for me. If you read the book, please be so kind as to send a review of it to us here.

Yes, I would say my sentiments are the same as yours -- I am sick to death of hearing about Jews all the time. But it has to be worse for you in Germany just because of the kind of prison you're in. Thank you for your endurance ... definitely a German strength.

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