Joerg Meuthen, AfD Chairman, directs much-needed fire to his party's detractors

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2019-06-25 15:01

Jörg Meuthen: The AfD stands for non-violent discourse, which many media deny us.

I love this commentary from Meuthen which was posted on the Alternative for Deutschland website. It openly expresses the disgust he feels at the low blows that are consistently directed AfD's way from the entirety of the "respectable" immigration-loving, German-supressing parties and media that have held sway in the Federal Republic since it's beginning. Meuthen really lets go here, while maintaining his own dignified composure. Germany needs lots more of this. -CY

Berlin, 24 June 2019: What happened yesterday on ARD's Anne Will programme is probably the absolute low point in German talk show history to date - and at the same time a highlight of GEZ* brainwashing for the less informed television viewer. *[GEZ - processing center for German TV and radio licenses. Anyone owning a television, PC or radio (including a car radio) is required to pay a license fee.]

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) and Katrin Göring-Eckardt (so-called "Greens") spread hate, smear-and-lie-propaganda against our civil party, unchallenged and without any substantive evidence, on a scale never seen before - and in the past there were indeed many unspeakable things that were fired against us, as insubstantially as they were perfidiously.

This underground broadcast was obviously about the outrageous attempt to establish a connection between the heinous murder of Dr. Walter Lübcke, President of the Government in Kassel, and our strictly constitutional party, Alternative for Germany.

This suggestion alone is already a tangible scandal. WE are that in this country which demand permanently strict rule of law! We are that which always require the force-free democratic discourse - a discourse from which one excludes us regularly in the public discourse.

It almost always happens as it did yesterday with Anne Will: People talk about us in the worst way possible - but of course they do not talk to us. We are denied the opportunity to express ourselves immediately and to the same audience on such unspeakable accusations.

And this worst way was even celebrated yesterday: Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer, herself politically hopeless with her back to the wall, took the liberty in all seriousness and repeatedly insinuated that we were jointly responsible for this terrible murder.

This wicked and grotesque suggestion culminated in her saying that anyone who could imagine working with such a party should close their eyes and imagine Walter Lübcke with a gun being held to his temple and squeezed:

How deeply shameful and shabby it is to instrumentalize this terrible murder in a talk show for party political purposes. Unbelievable.

And unfortunately completely unchallenged by the presenter. Imagine if an AfD politician had said something comparable on her programme towards the other side of the political spectrum? The absolute least Mrs. Will would have demanded would have been evidence of such insinuations.

But none of this was heard yesterday from Mrs Will. Neither to Kramp-Karrenbauer nor to the totally blinded ecosocialist Göring-Eckardt.

This one [G-E], along with many other agitating attacks, went over to the completely scandalous statement: "The AfD has a problem with violence".

As chairman of this party, which is confronted day by day with the constantly growing threat to our party and its members, I was left breathless at that moment: WE are supposed to have a problem with violence?

We, who in all the years of our existence have not launched a single violent attack against things or even people? WE have a problem of violence?

Yes, we as AfD do indeed have a problem of violence - but not as perpetrators, but again and again and more worryingly as victims.

As a rule, perpetrators are unscrupulous, blinded violent criminals of the so-called Antifa or the "interventionist left", who in reality are battle-troops who want to silence those who think differently, those who are not for Merkel's illegal mass migration to Germany in particular, with the unrestrained aid of violence and in part even with the support of the left-wing camp from SPD to the "left" to the "green".

It was such people who, for example, beat up my party friends Uwe Junge and Frank Magnitz, [putting them] in the hospital with serious injuries. Those who, for example, can still see the pictures of the surveillance camera of the attack on Mr Magnitz and the subsequent photos in the hospital with the deepest forehead wound, know that this attack could have been fatal.

Such left-wing violent fanatics are incited by spiritual arsonists such as Ralf Stegner (SPD) and Franziska Keller (so-called "Greens"), but also meanwhile, as cannot be denied any more since yesterday's programme, by the CDU chairman as well as by the parliamentary group chairman of the "Greens" in the Bundestag.

It was Ralf Stegner who, as is well known, called on Twitter to attack "positions and personnel of right-wing populists". It was Franziska Keller, the "Green" member of parliament in the European Parliament, who demonstratively displayed the flag of that left-wing terrorist antifa (subsequent outcry in the media: none!).

The fact is that the so-called "Greens" have had a massive problem with violence from the very beginning until today. From Joseph "Joschka" Fischer's early deeds (paving stones against policemen and gloating comments on several RAF murders) to the support of terrorist organisations (from Hamas to Antifa to the interventionist left, which in Hamburg provided fire and violent terror among the frightened inhabitants) to the support of the perpetrators of violence against the police now in Garzweiler this weekend: THIS is the trace of the GREEN violence problem, and this even only in short form!

You may recall: When I asked Ms. Göring-Eckardt a few months ago live on Dunja Hayali on ZDF to distance herself from violence, especially against the AfD, she refused to do so - just as she did in the later show with Mrs. Baerbock live on Anne Will.

Everything is verifiable. The allegedly peace-loving sunflower "greens" have a problem with violence, and no small one at that.

And once again, for all those involved in yesterday's ARD propaganda broadcast to take notes: From our Civic Party there is NOTHING known, NOTHING at all about violence, and that although we are permanently threatened and provoked. WE do not go this wrong way, but WE remain on the ground of our free democratic basic order!

Time, therefore, for the end of lies and propaganda in forced-funded television programmes. Time for our political opponents (who meanwhile act as enemies instead of opponents) to finally come to their senses and see that THEY - THEY are the ones who continue to poison and ignite the climate in Germany. It is high time for a strictly law-abiding civil party. High time for the AfD.

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Dear Carolyn,
THANK YOU for presenting the EXCELLENT words of Joerg Meuthen: they are clear, educated, honourable and full with self-respect.
I shall tell my people of him.
The true Britons, Northern Irish and Gibraltarians STAND WITH the AfD and the true Germanic people.
God bless us all.

Berlin, 26 June 2019 - AfD Federal spokesman Dr. Alexander Gauland has spoken out against the "shameful instrumentalisation of the murder of Walter Lübcke":

The old parties, but also the media, now seem to like almost any means, even if it is only remotely suited to associating the AfD with right-wing extremism. It is tried to exclude us from the democratic discourse by hook or by crook.

Peter Tauber gives our party and faction leaders a direct complicity in the murder of Lübcke. That is politically motivated defamation. In short: those who think differently should be stigmatized in public as enemies of democracy and supporters of right-wing violence, although they obviously have nothing to do with it.

This is measured by double standards: When Horst Seehofer explains "words can be the forerunner for agitation, agitation the forerunner for deeds" and, in view of the murder of Lübcke, establishes a connection "between language and such excesses of violence", I ask myself: Does this also apply to his own statements? For at the political Ash Wednesday 2011 in Passau the same Horst Seehofer said that the Berlin coalition would defend itself "until the last cartridge" against "immigration into the German social systems". Was that a call to take up arms?

Taubers' outrageous accusation against Erika Steinbach is that she is partly to blame for Walter Lübcke's murder because she criticised his statements on refugee policy. Steinbach did nothing other than make use of her right as a citizen to criticise the government's policy - also in sharp words. Anyone who derives a joint guilt for a crime from this poisons the political discourse and places criticism of the rulers under general suspicion.

With reference to the murder of Lübcke, it is already demanded that any fundamental criticism of the asylum policy of the federal government be stigmatised as agitation. After Karsten Rohwedder's murder, did anyone demand that the criticism of the Treuhand cease? Was leftist banking criticism taboo after Alfred Herrhausen's assassination?

We must not allow murderers to determine our political discourse, because then these criminals will have achieved their goal.

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The Radisson Blu Hotel in Szczecin unceremoniously nixed the reservations for an AfD gathering two hours before the meeting. They said there had been a power outage.

AfD spokesman Christian Lüth told French news agency AFP that he believed "political reasons" were behind the decision.

"We had repeatedly confirmed the reservation," he added. "There will be legal action."

About 70 of the party's 91 representatives in parliament were due to travel to the Polish border town, including leaders Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel. Instead, the lawmakers met in the Reichstag building in Berlin.

The populists first attempt to hold the summit in the eastern state of Brandenburg was also canceled by the same hotel, citing the "bad publicity" that came with hosting the AfD.