Josh Hawley's anti-cosmopolitan speech at the National Conservatism Conference

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Josh Hawley, US senator from Missouri, delivered the final address at the recent National Conservatism Conference in Washington DC. He's been criticized by Jews for over-using the term 'cosmopolitan' as a pejorative.

By Carolyn Yeager

THIS SPEECH, GIVEN A WEEK AGO TUESDAY, HAS ATTRACTED a lot of attention—especially in the Jewish Press. After reading about it there, I found the transcript and read it for myself. Now I needed to know more about his family background. Exactly who is Joshua David Hawley? Who were his parents? Turns out they aren't mentioned on his Wikipedia page or, I soon found out, on any other page online.

“Hawley was born in Springdale, Arkansas, but soon moved to Lexington, Missouri.” As though as a baby he decided on his own and moved himself to Lexington. I find the unwillingness to disclose anything about his parents or siblings' ethnicity or occupations to be suspicious Then somewhere else I saw that his second son is named Elijah, which is Hebrew for "Yahweh is God." Aha! I thought, but also vaguely recalled that that name came up rather frequently these days, and indeed, it turned out that Elijah has become very popular for some reason. In 2018, it was the 7th Most Popular Boys Name in the United States! So it doesn't suggest anything more than that. And Joshua is an Old Testament name too, as is David.

Josh Hawley is a whiz—a first-term senator at the age of 39, previously the state's attorney, a proven vote-getter in Missouri and an unapologetic Christian Conservative. He has for some time now impressed me as extremely confident, a take-charge kind of guy. His speech at the Nat-Con Conference was given in a strong, self-assured voice. In spite of my concerns about his pro-Israel positions, I liked everything about the speech and thought it showed we had a winner coming up who could possibly follow Trump as a presidential candidate in 2024. That's really my concern--where do we go, in the United States, from here? How do we keep the pro-nationalist momentum, begun by Trump, going? How do we defeat the continuing, well-financed and media-supported threat from the radical Left?

Hawley seems like a real possibility, but if he's completely tied to the Jewish agenda, which his votes so far show him to be, and even a crypto Jew or “Jew for Jesus,” then the blush is certainly off the rose. In his speech, he did refer to Jesus as a “Jewish rabbi who taught that the call of God comes to every person, and the power of God can work through each, so that every human being has dignity, and standing, and can change the world. And so [at that time in history] the idea of the individual was born.”

Interesting, but not my favorite part of his speech! The parts I liked were the many references praising home, nation and patriotism as opposed to cosmopolitanism and globalism. Hawley used the word 'cosmopolitan' six times in his speech, and that has been pointed out by Jews as an allusion to the perceived-to-be antisemitic word “rootlessness” (which he did not use). He used the words global/globalization five times.

This caused the ever watchful Anti-Defamation League to call out Hawley, charging him with being careless with his language.

“While there’s nothing outwardly anti-Semitic in the Senator’s speech, we can understand why some are concerned about his use of the phrases ‘cosmopolitan elites’ and ‘money changing on Wall Street,’ which have a history of being used to demean Jews and may resonate with extremists. We hope the Senator will be more careful with his words in the future.”

The liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who is Jewish, wrote:

“If you’re Jewish and the use of ‘cosmopolitan’ doesn’t scare you, read some history.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of the Atlantic, tweeted: “Rootlessness is also a cause for concern,” meaning, I think, that one word easily leads us to think of the other.

Hawley responded to the criticism with his own tweets:

“The liberal language police have lost their minds”

and that he was using the term “cosmopolitan” as “a person whose primary allegiance is to the community of human beings in the entire world” rather than to a “specifically American identity.”

Hawley's speech

I'm not the only one who was struck by the similarities in Hawley's words and phrases to the speeches and writings of Adolf Hitler and other National Socialists from the 1920's and 30's. Though this is the kiss of death today, I'm going to list the ones in Hawley's speech that stood out to me. You can read the full transcript here.

  1. government as a project bound to a particular place, practiced by citizens loyal to that place and loyal to the way of life they share together.

  2. our shared way of life. The common affections and common loves that make our way of life possible.

  3. the great divide of our time is between the political agenda of the leadership elite and the great and broad middle of our society.

  4. This class lives in the United States, but they identify as “citizens of the world.” They run businesses or oversee universities here, but their primary loyalty is to the global community.

  5. our elites distrust patriotism and dislike the common culture left to us by our forbearers.

  6. The cosmopolitan elite look down on the common affections for things like place and national feeling and religious faith – like family and neighborhood and church

  7. foreign competitors get to make the goods, and we just buy them. And then they buy up American companies with the profits.

  8. marriage rates are falling, birth rates are falling, life expectancy is falling while an epidemic of suicide and drug addiction ravages the working class.

  9. our citizens need work. They need jobs in the towns and communities where they live, not just in the cities on the coasts.

  10. an economy driven by money changing on Wall Street ultimately benefits those who have the money to start with, and that economy will not support a great nation.

  11. we must work to raise up a generation united in a common love for our distinctive achievements as a people. And that means we must teach our children who we are, without apology. [real history -cy]

  12. Horatius looked over his shoulder to the hills of Rome, and glimpsed his own home there, and knew it was worth defending.

This is all so powerful and good that we may have to overlook some of our dislike of Christian Zionism and the Zionist project in Israel, and work with those allies who share our desire for our own homogeneous nation state in which we can be one people living on our own land, making our own laws, sovereign and strong. Is this still possible? I don't know but it bears watching out for, at least.

It's no secret that Orthodox Jewish communities largely support Donald Trump and the Republicans, unlike the reform and secular Jews. The First Amendment is very important to them because it gives them the religious freedom they value above all else. Any law circumscribing their religious practices is anathema to them. Just so should any law circumscribing what we can say or write (i.e. 'hate speech') be anathema to us. This is where Jewish allies become questionable in upholding what must be our non-negotiable interests. I think if we keep love for and increase of our own people (as do the Orthodox Jews) uppermost in mind, and are not waylaid by “humanitarian” arguments that would contradict that love/favoritism for our own, as we have done to our detriment in the past, we can manage to maneuver through the minefields that will come up. This is a big “if” considering our past performance. But I will say that young Sen. Hawley, who we certainly need to know more about, has not held back on his clearly nationalistic language in this speech.

[I discussed this topic on my podcast spot on Radio Aryan this week: ]


US elections


Even if he's the real deal, voting will not get you there. As we see with Trump the system will bury him. It would take a coup. Not likely. It will take regional organization, in the braodest terms, to break away from Washington. The coming ecnomic, political, and socail crisis will be our aid in waking people up...Any party needs an army behind it, in order to speak the truth; name the enemy. Have you learned nothing from Trump--the BS King?

There is nothing helpful in this comment, Stuart. You're not even sure what you're advocating.

How can a nation break away from its capital? Those who did so would just create a new capital.

I've been hearing about this coming economic crisis for a very long time already, which is promised to "wake people up." Wake them up to what? Your beliefs or accepting your authority over them? Utter chaos? When you "speak the truth" at least 50% of the people are woke to an opposite truth. You never have, and never will, have any following.

As Hitler, himself, recognized after leaving prison, "the crisis will aid us" (paraphrase). 2) You will not get a majority. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar never got them Human nature. Elites lead. We are iin a worse position becasue, unlike the Parliamentary system, we have no proportional representation...The social crisis is beginning with the immigration invasion and the rise of Antifa. The ecnomomy is not good; and there's the real threat of hyper-inflation due to the BS King's sanction frenzy, which is driving nations away form the dollar--the world reserve currency. Without that status, severe weakening of the world buying our debt. Then printing dollars is likely alternative. Hyper-inflation...People will be foreced to consider local organization to survive. Not tomorrow, but near future. White is already becoming a dirty word; history being erased. Fuel for the "fire".

That National Conservative conference was all about denying that race or ethnos is the defining feature of nationalism; those involved aim to subvert the concept. Anyone who thought so, was asked to leave by the (((organizers.)))
Hawley wouldn't have been asked to speak if the Jew organizers thought he was an up and coming Hitler. Rather, he might speak things that sound Hitleresque, to pull in the suckers, but he would deny he meant anything, like a blood-nation.
The US is "a land of many races," as Vietnamese describe it. There is no nation here for nationalism to thrive. A nation out of what we have now is impossible, if we mean a blood-nation. You can only have blood-nations by breaking up the US into at least four pieces striving for homogeneity.
Homogeneity and the current political structure is impossible as ethnic and racial identities rise. In a multi-racial society, of so many races and ethnic groups, a peaceful breakup is the path forward.  I always discounted the civil war notion, until Trump, practically, incited the murder of the Squad. That tells me our masonic theocracy doesn't mind a bloody civil war.
We overlook our dislike of Christian Zionism and the Zionist project at our perile.
Zionism is not just an effort to make a jewish safe-space, but to have Israel be the capitol of a world government.
WASP conservatives are happy to have a world government run out of Jewish Tel Viv, but get upset if it is out of the WASP-created UN. 
Zionism and Jewish nationalism ends up being a religious form of communism and world-rule by Jews. That's what the Noahide laws are for.
Since Israel is a British colony, (most) WASPS are fully supportive of Israel and are happy to have the world run out of Israel. That's the kingdom of god on earth for them; and Hawley, being a Buy-Bull fanatic would love it.
Zionists don't share our desire for homogeneous nation-states. They want heterogeneous nation-states, except, for Israel.
What they want nationalism to mean is civic nationalism or civic socialism, but not genuine National Socialism. These pseudo-nationalists would be just fine with a swastika, as long as, it was flying in the hands of a multi-cultural, multi-racial, transsexual army. That's the kind of phony nationalism they will give us.
I would never tolerate a Jew who speaks of the Virtue of Nationalism, if he didn't shed a bucket of tears, while on his hands and knees, for every German who was burned alive in the Jewish quest to exterminate nationalism, just 80 years ago.
I don't believe any Jew has the right to speak of the "Virtue of Nationalism," after what they did to so many nations in the 20th Century.
One ought to be incensed that these bastards would be considered good-faith experts on, or friends of, nationlism. On their part, it is nothing but chutzpah to nose-dive nationalism before repudiates the emancipation of Jews entirely.
This short article really drives the point home. Hazony is the ringleader of the effort to nose-dive nationalism in the name of nationalism.

This is a rant, Lorenz. And not a very intelligent one. In it, you are confusing one thing with another. Nationalism will not look the same in every country, with every people. And we can only work with what we have.

Everything doesn't always have to be the final solution. How about steps along the way? The goal now is to prevent the radical Dems from taking power and to convince the American people that the global marketplace is not inevitable. There are other alternatives.

What are the other alternatives?  Hispanics will soon conquer Texas.  Once they own Texas, the electoral vote will be fixed and the Democrats will own the Presidency moving forward.  You might get one more election which prevents the "radical dems" from taking over, but things are looking bad.  I think some sort of break-up is necessary and inevitable if "red-state" people do not want to be ruled by radical dems and permanently outvoted by millions of urban socialists/communists/white haters.

The only alternative is to be willing to join with allies to build coalitions because the idea of creating small separatist White states is not feasible. They would not survive and most Whites would not move to them.

California should be quarantined, along with Oregon. Nobody gets out. They can jump into the sea.

All I was writing about was Hawley's speech and what potential he has. I am not defending the Jewish National Conservatism Conference or Yoram Hazony.

"Creating small separatist white states" is more realistic, possible, and probable than quarantining California and Oregon.  Those are not even the only areas that need to be quarantined!  They have huge borders which would be impossible to close.  Whites already flee areas once they become too "colorful".  I think white separatist areas will become more likely and possible as this country continues its descent towards 3rd world conditions.

Powell, quarantining California and Oregon was said as an answer to those residents moving to Texas. They don't necessarily change their politics when they do so. Not that I think it could happen … it's only 'I wish.'

Texas and the entire US is already too crowded. Yet we want “more workers” for some kind of prosperity. Whose prosperity? The more people in a given state or area, the more demand for goods and services. That is interpreted as more wealth, and in turn more power. But for whom?

As my friend in Oakland, CA (currently 28% black) says, "You should have seen it 100 years ago. So lovely a place, even if there were few indoor toilets! Haha."

However, neither I nor you know how to “separate” Whites into their own autonomous areas. It would be fought tooth and nail. It's just an idea to make people like you feel better, as if there is a solution in sight. As this country “continues its descent towards 3rd world conditions,” there will be less possibility of any solution, not more. Whites will be suffering in silence. Maybe even committing mass suicide.

Here are a lot of other views:

Whites are already suffering in silence and committing suicide in multiple ways.  So that's it then, we are supposed to just accept our doom?  Certainly many things will be much worse in a decaying America, but chaotic conditions can sometimes lead to things which were not seen as possible before.  What's happening is tragic, it is manufactured, and completely goes against nature.  But maybe you are right and there is no solution in sight, and nature does not care if we disappear forever.

I hear your pain and I'd like to help, but I can only say in truth that it's not whether nature cares if we disappear, but that not enough white people care. White people are the only ones who can change that.

You wanted a Missourian to comment, and here I am. Hawley is well-liked here among conservatives, and he's been very supportive of the right, and admired by those supporting familoies and traditional values. I'm not aware he's Jewish. Biblical names tend to run a lot in America...look at the previous centuries. I know Hawley was disliked in Columbia, Missouri, where I lived, but that's a Democrat fiefdom, home of the university, so it's a lost cause. 
Missouri is a refreshingly conversative state, but as in many cases, the Democrats have a strong hold on the cities, and let's be honest, they seem better politicians and campaigners.
Hawley also has gotten supporters since Eric Greitens was removed as Governor. Greitens, Jewish and a former Navy SEAL, was elected, but forced to resign over trumped up adultery charges...but the main reason was he was wanting to discontinue a lot of tax benefits and programs favoring the status quo and to clean out the corruption. Ironically, it was the Republicans, his own party, who helped get rid of him, since they're doing very well by getting their wallets fattened, and joined forces with the black St. Louis prosecutor to get Greitens charged, partly from testimony from a former (black) FBI agent whose research is now the result of an investigation for perjury.
it shows how deeply entrenched the system is. As for Hawley warmly referring to Jews, it's no secret Americans believe they have a special relationship with Israel. 
Well, that's something we have to deal with. As for the conference, I'm not impressed with it either, and I would argue that the Jews love to show they're for family values and a stable society, yet at the same time are undermining it, consistently so for a century. But if we're going to change things and speak of nationalism...white nationalism...we have to talk about the family and normal human relations. As Anthony Burgess said in 1985, his study of Orwell, Orwell's big mistake in 1984 was in not showing Winston Smith having a family, because Burgess asserted families are the major enemy of the totalitarian state. Hawley may not be 100 percent with us on all things, but he's a good first step.

Once Hawley discovers Jesus not a rabbi and was not even Jewish, he'll start to understand his religion better. By the way, cosmopolitan was not a bad word until the Jews made it so, just like America was not a bad country until they made it so. The hope is elsewhere, not in the U.S.A.