Ursula Haverbeck denied early release commonly given to all prisoners in Germany

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-12-13 13:03

Ursula Haverbeck at age 89, prior to being incarcerated in a German prison. She turned 91 in November.

By Carolyn Yeager

This is the bare-bones report published Dec. 12 by the Associated Press:

BERLIN (AP) — A German court decided Wednesday that a notorious 91-year-old neo-Nazi serving a two-year sentence for Holocaust denial shouldn't be released early.

Ursula Haverbeck was convicted of incitement by a court in the northern town of Verden in 2017 and started serving her sentence last year.

Haverbeck has repeatedly asserted that the Auschwitz death camp was just a work camp. She has been convicted several times but long avoided prison due to lengthy appeals. Germany's highest court threw out her case against the Verden conviction.

It is common in Germany for people to be released after serving two-thirds of their sentence. But [German] news agency dpa reported that the state court in Bielefeld, where she is in prison, said Wednesday it has decided not to release Haverbeck in January. It didn't give reasons for the decision.

Haverbeck's sentence is due to end next November.

The state court in Bielefeld (the town wherein sits the prison Ursula is held in) decided not to release her this January but gave no reason for that decision.

Since this particular bit of news is found and elaborated on mostly at Jewish news sites - the Yeshiva World, the Times of Israel, Israel National News, World Israel News (you get the idea) - we can guess who is responsible for that decision – the pro-Israel lobby.  Jews play up sob stories of every alleged “victim of nazi aggression” they can scrape up, but  have no sympathy at all for a German woman in her 90's who loses her freedom for exhibiting the human qualities they fear most: Integrity in the pursuit of Truth.

Let's remember that this is what Ursula Haverback is demonstrating for all of us so let's pray for her, send her letters and cards of support, and be ready to celebrate her release in November 2020. Just last month on the 9th of November, a large group of nationalists, patriots, well-wishers and admirers, organized by Richard Edmonds, gathered in front of the Bielefeld prison to recognize Frau Haverbeck's 91st birthday. Read about it and see a photo taken of the event here. Next November there will be a far larger and more joyous celebration, a victory celebration.

Write to: Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany. (Return address is not necessary, but do keep your content low-keyed and respectful if you want it to be passed on to her.) 


(((They))) have Ursula "cornered", so now the fangs come out.
110 and NEVER AGAIN.

She is that which they most fear.  She is an eye witness with real historical recollection.  She basically has a death sentence.

Shame on the Bundesrepublik, does it really think that a 91-year-old woman is such a threat to it?
Unless Germany will respect itself, no-one will respect it.
To quote a passage from the autobiography of a great German statesman:

The general anti-German psychosis which has developed in other countries through the war [WWI] propaganda must of necessity continue to exist as long as there is not a renaissance of the national conscience among the German people, so that the German Reich may once again become a State which is able to play its part on the chess-board of European politics and with whom the others feel that they can play.

David, Was it not Adolf Hitler who worked for that "renaissance of the national conscience among the German people" in order for it to be possible for the German Reich [to] once again become a State which is able to play its part on the chess-board of European politics"?

That's all he wanted to accomplish. It was widely believed at the time that the power of the Jews was decisively detrimental to this goal, and thus Jews had to be taken out of power in Germany. It was world Jewish resistance to loss of power that brought on the more stringent measures.

So Ursula Haverbeck, born 1928, 16 years old in 1945, says this and that is her crime. Not that she threatens them but that it cannot be allowed to be said.

Yes, you guessed right, I have taken that quotation from here.
The phrase 'The general anti-German psychosis which has developed in other countries through the war propaganda' leaped out at me, as it sounds like something that would appear here at your site. It supports your thesis that WWI and WWII were the same in their fundamentals.
The book contains great pearls of political wisdom. So much has changed since it was written - and so much hasn't.

Of course she poses a threat. A German woman of good conscience who stands up for truth must be crushed by them to scare off anyone who else might do so. When the German people finally get the courage to speak the truth, these Jews' days are numbered.

anon, how are the German people to have the courage to speak the truth when the rest of Europe, in total, takes such pleasure in telling lies about them? I think we should start putting pressure on the non-Germans to gain some courage and honesty. Since they don't have that, they deserve what is happening to them. I don't like it, but they brought it on themselves. They need to wake up and speak up too.

The Charlemagne Prize (Karlspreis in German) is an award given by the western German city of Aachen since 1950, and was originally said to be in recognition for "the most valuable contribution in the services of work done for the Western European community, and in the services of humanity and world peace."

In 1988, it became an international award for work done in the service of European unification (East and West). Patrons of the foundation are King Philippe of Belgium, King Felipe VI of Spain, and Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, which reveals its very liberal (globalist) direction. Though the award is connected with a German city, there is nothing German about it.

As you will remember, in October Romanian president Klaus Iohannis approved the creation/construction of a state Holocaust museum in downtown Bucharest, in conjunction with the Elie Wiesel Institute of Romania. This is the consciousness that rules in Germany.

All you have to do is smear someone as a "NAZI" and that will justify anything you do to them.  Some people thank God the "NAZIS" prevented the crimianal Judeo Bolshevik Soviet army, with the help of the criminal democracies, from doing to western Europe what they did to eastern Europe. 

Often there is something called "Weihnachts-Amnesty" (christmas-amnesty) where people get out of prison before christmas if the sentence or the 2/3 would end some weeks around christmas. Many of Merkel's "guests" will walk free again in our streets throughout christmas and new year and "enrich" (bereichern) the german populartion once again. :-(

Real Nazis (the kind we are all brainwashed to believe gassed 6 million Jews, which never happened) put elderly women in prison for speaking the truth.  Hitler would never have stood for this, but today's Germany thinks it is proper behavior.  How the morally mighty have fallen.

Hi Hugh,

I have to question your use of the term "Real Nazis." Are you trying to turn Nazi into a generic term? I think that's a bad idea and always have thought so. 'Nazi' is forever associated with German National Socialists and the German Third Reich. It's a nickname of sorts for National Socialist. Therefore I think the un-mythologizing/un-demonizing of the word Nazi, or ending the use of it altogether, is the way to go.

For instance, I'm on record for being adamantly opposed to use of the term "Zio-Nazis" for Israeli Jews. That's the kind of confusion such thinking leads to.

I welcome your further thoughts.

In the brainwashed mind of the general public, Nazi is already a generic term standing for the ultimate evil, and this is the way I am using it in this instance in order to point out to the general public the hypocrisy of imprisoning an elderly woman for simply exercising her right to free speech.  This is the meaning of "Nazi" I was originally programmed with in my own brainwashing when I was young, so I am deliberately choosing to speak the common language that is most prevalent among the public.  I totally agree with you that "Nazi" is a manipulative bastardization of the term National Socialist and should not really be used, but this is how the man in the street uses it and how I chose to use it in this instance to help the average person relate to the injustice of imprisoning Ursula Haverbeck.  You are totally justified in calling me out for doing this, and I am delighted that you did, so that I can provide this potentially useful explanation.  And thank you for your explanation, which is sorely needed by the average person who has been so deceived and manipulated by the ceaseless wartime propaganda we are continually fed, which of course includes the demonization of the word "Nazi".

Dear Hugh,

I appreciate and understand what you're trying to say -- I love your phrase "How the morally mighty have fallen" in regard to the Germans, but I want to make myself crystal clear: NAZI cannot ever be used or accepted as a generic term for "ultimate evil," or any evil, no matter what reasons are given. Josef Goebbels wrote an essay titled tongue-in-cheek "Those Darn Nazis." Hitler once used the term in normal conversation in Table Talk. Others used it also on occasion.

Also, since the general public doesn't read this site, pointing anything out to them here is a lost cause. If you want to reach the average person about this subject, it must be done on the much more crowded sites which the average person reads. (Even at sites like AmRen and Occidental Observer where belief in "the bad Nazi" actually exists.) I would encourage you to do that; we need strong voices to appear in the unlikeliest places!

Sorry, I thought your website was visible to the general public, of which I am a member.  I too wish the term "Nazi" had not been corrupted into a pejorative, but it has been for over 75 years, and I don't see that changing any time soon.  But knowing now how you feel about the word, I will choose my terms with more care.  Thanks again for highlighting this important issue, as the general public usage of the word "Nazi" certainly illustrates how thoroughly we have been propagandized and brainwashed.

I didn't say it wasn't visible, only that they don't come here. How would they find out about it? If they did, I'd have a lot more visitors than I do, and some would leave messages of disgust. The only comments of that type I get are from Jews. They, of course, love to hear "Nazi" used as a generic pejorative.

Keep up the good work, Carolyn.  I know it's hard being the target of "haters", but the truth must be exposed and the deceivers must be unmasked.  Do you know about Vincent Reynouard's work?  Top notch research, but all in French.

Heard she was released today!