2019 ends and 2020 begins in a wave of antisemitism hysteria

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2019-12-26 14:15

Trying to look dignified and friendly, the frontpeople of the Fifth WORLD Holocaust Forum announce their event "Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism" will take place in Jerusalem on Jan. 23, 2020. Left to right: Avner Shalev, Chairman of Yad Vashem; Israel Katz, Israel's Foreign Minister; Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel; and billionaire Russian-born oligarch Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the Forum.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE CHARGE OF ANTISEMITISM HAS BECOME THE PREFERRED CUDGEL used to beat the non-Jewish world into submission to Jewish demands.

Along with the always highly publicized January 27 “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” Anniversary of the Auschwitz-Birkenau liberation—there are several other antisemitism-themed developments that have arisen in December as well. The most closely connected to 'Holocaust Day' is the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, scheduled to take place on January 23, 2020 at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, under the auspices of the President of the State of Israel. The four previous Forums were held in Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic—the last in January 2015, the first in 2005—and all four had the theme “Let My People Live.” This year's theme is new: “Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism.” More on this later.

Ronald Lauder takes off the gloves

A brand new “antisemitism watchdog group” was also announced in December: the Antisemitism Accountability Project (ASAP), meant to provide action rather than simply 'talking about the problem'. It's funded with $25 million to start by Ronald S. Lauder, cosmetics billionaire and long-time president of the World Jewish Congress (pictured in his New York office below left). According to the ASAP's own poll, antisemitism has doubled over the past five years. “We need action,” Lauder declared.

The 'action' from the ASAP will be watching (“we are watching you”) for antisemitism in universities and college classrooms, monitoring for antisemitic pro-BDS bills as well as classes where professors or lecturers espouse antisemitism. Student snitches, Lauder said, will monitor the classrooms and if there are lecturers who engage in antisemitism, “We will go after their reputation.” 

The ASAP will also monitor politicians, from the level of the city council through the sheriff’s office, Congress and the highest office in the country (watch out President Trump and Democrat candidates). When it comes to antisemitic politicians, Lauder said that ASAP will use aggressive political campaigns against federal, state, and local candidates who support or normalize antisemitism.

“If we use the money correctly,” he said, “we can have a big impact.” Lauder is starting with $25 million in the US, but there are plenty more billions where that comes from. Should money continue to be seen as an element of “free speech” in elections? I don't think so. There is nothing free about billionaire oligarchs ruling over the rest of us.

Trump issues executive order on antisemitism in December

In the United States, there is a new executive order signed by President Donald Trump (left) that instructs federal agencies to "consider" a definition of anti-Semitism from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in investigating complaints of discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Like many of the actions on behalf of Jews taken by President Trump, this order looks worse than it actually is. However, it advances the perception that antisemitism is a serious problem that requires legislation and legal action.

Jared Kushner, a son-in-law and senior adviser to Trump, wrote about the order in an op-ed published in The New York Times:

"Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. The inclusion of this language with contemporary examples gives critical guidance to agencies enforcing Title VI provisions."

But Jews decided that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism; only Jews. Kushner is a Jew. This was never put to a referendum of the American people. Let the whole American people decide if anti-zionism is antisemitism, and whether we think Jewish students are suffering unique discrimination on college campuses.

Advocates of campus free speech rights argued that instructing federal agencies to adopt the IHRA definition to aid in their enforcement of Title VI could [has the intention to] chill speech critical of Israel. This is America, land of the free! If Jews can't handle freedom, especially freedom of speech, the hallmark of our constitutional rights, they can go somewhere else more to their liking.

I wrote to Donald Trump expressing my displeasure at this executive order.

German Justice Minister intends to make antisemitism an aggravating factor in crimes

In Germany, the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster complained that justices were soft on antisemitic crime, and welcomed the fact that German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) told parliament last month that antisemitism would be made an aggravating factor for hate crimes, paving the way for tougher sentences.

Schuster also addressed the rise of the "far-right" Alternative for Germany (AfD),  saying that the party had shifted the red lines of what was acceptable to say, causing minorities to feel unsafe. "From words come deeds," Schuster said. Just more attacks on speech because of pressure from Jews.

Boris Johnson says “Every decent person in Britain is fighting antisemitism”

“On Dec. 22, the British Prime Minister gave a Chanukah message in which he said (apparently because he thought this was what his Jewish constituents demanded to hear):

“In the media, on the streets and particularly online, antisemites have, in alarming numbers, been emboldened to crawl out from under their rocks and begin once again to spread their brand of noxious hatred far and wide.

"Today, as Britain's Jews seek to drive back the darkness of resurgent antisemitism, you have every decent person in this country fighting by your side. Because Britain would not be Britain without its Jewish community.”

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis spoke Sunday at 'Chanukah in the Square' in Trafalgar Square, London, along with mayor Sadiq Khan, saying:

"We will do everything we can to eradicate the scourge of antisemitism. We will not be silenced.”

“75 years after Auschwitz” is theme for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan 27

The theme reflects on the fact that 75 years of holocaust education has not eradicated antisemitism around the world, in the opinion of Jewry, even though Jews are richer, more powerful and more accepted in more places than ever before. Could it be that Jews are expecting something that no people can expect—to be universally loved and admired by all? Are the Jews failing to see themselves and the world in realistic terms? Yes and yes. But even more, Jews are wanting to have total control over their future at the expense of freedom for the rest of us. Put another way, Jews want to guarantee their safety and freedom from any possible persecution, or even unpleasantness, by taking away other's freedoms. This is unreasonable, and should be addressed by way of expecting Jews to  monitor their own behavior toward non-Jews rather than seek to control us with laws preferential to themselves. This blindness of Jews must be staunchly opposed for the sake of our own people.

“Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism,” Jan 23

The announcement of the Fifth World Holocaust Forum was made by Avner Shalev, Chairman of Yad Vashem; Israel Katz, Israel's Foreign Minister; Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel; and Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the Forum.

The message they want to sound is that “antisemitism has no place in our global society.” Said Shalev:

"The Holocaust has become a paradigm to measure the human capacity to engage in radical, cruel and systematic evil, not only because of its unprecedented scope – the murder of six million Jewish men, women and children – but also because of the 'rationale"' behind Nazi ideology – the extermination of the Jewish people as a way to protect their own national interests and that of the 'pure German race."

This is nuts and simply a weak attempt to justify irresponsible Jewish exaggerations. The German “Nazis” would never have conceived of, or needed to “exterminate the Jewish people” in order to “protect their national interests” or a “pure German race.” They were smart enough to know such a scheme could only backfire on them. Jews think they can portray NS Germans both as fanatics who were so filled with irrational hatred they could not think straight and made stupid mistakes—as well as being cold-blooded efficient killers able to make millions of corpses disappear at will. This is fantasyland.

“The ability of an advanced society to justify the eradication of an entire people and culture was supported and even encouraged by age-old antisemitic tropes, some of which are present in our post-Holocaust global society."

More non-sense. Only Jews can spout tripe like this and get away with it. No one will contradict them. The chairman of Yad Vashem goes on:

"Yad Vashem works tirelessly to increase the knowledge and awareness of the history of the Holocaust, not only to ensure that its memory continues to be relevant 75 years after the end of WWII, but also as a tool to fight antisemitism, racism and xenophobia, alarming phenomena that are on the rise around the world today." 

Dr. Moshe Kantor, Founder and President of the World Holocaust Forum (read about him), added his own over-the-top words to the stew:

Antisemitism is a hatred that knows no boundaries, and has been adopted by multiple ideologies. Jews are relentlessly attacked by the Left, the Right, and the mainstream. This is another pivotal point in history where the leaders of the world have to stand up and act. Words are not enough, and I conceived of the World Holocaust Forum to be a place where we can create an action plan to aggressively fight back against antisemitism.”

“We are building a global coalition of leaders who can send a strong message that will resonate around the world that Antisemitism, in all its forms, is absolutely unacceptable.”

Their goal is to pass laws on a global scale criminalizing any words or actions against Jews—to put Jews, and Israel too, above the law and above criticism. There are to be no nationalist enclaves outside Israel where free speech can exist, where free thought is allowed. Everything will be monitored by Jews. Yet in spite of that, the elites of European society are committing to attend the Jerusalem conference! The cream of the crop for the Jewish organizers is Prince Charles, His Royal Highness, heir to the British Crown.

“Prince Charles is a figure of strong moral authority [ahem​] and has long been recognized as a leading voice against intolerance, hate and antisemitism. That Prince Charles has chosen to attend our unprecedented conference on Holocaust remembrance and against antisemitism on his first official visit to Israel speaks volumes,” said Moshe Kantor.

It surely does, as Charles is morally compromised by his affair with current wife Camilla during his marriage to Diana, and his shoddy treatment of wife Diana. There is nothing of moral authority in any member of that royal family. They are following the money like all other establishment members in good standing.

Heads of state from around the world that have already confirmed their attendence at this writing are: President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of France Emmanuel Macron, President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Italy Sergio Mattarella and President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen. Well can the organizers of the Fifth World Holocaust Forum feel satisfied that their plans are moving in the right direction for them. What about those of us who disagree? We need to do more than talk also: we need action. Go to www.jan27.org and share it with your friends. And watch this space for further developments leading up to Monday, January 27th. 


Just as doubting the Holocaust can inspire anti-Semitism, so believing in the Holocaust can, and often does, inspire philo-Semitism.
So, laud, encourage, pay belief in the Holocaust and punish (by means fair and/or foul) doubt in the enforced narrative.
That is enough to inspire anti-Semitism quite without reference to the Holocaust. And it has.

Coincidentally, over the Christmas break, I've been reading through Table Talk and Hitler's Collected Speeches to glean some of Hitler's insights on anti-Semitism and the Jews.
He was one for making prophecies - prophecies which will turn out to be true.
In this one he predicts the rise of Marxism (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren?) in the US (?), and also the downfall of the British Empire:

And I will repeat my prophecy of long ago, that, at the end of this war, it will not be Germany and its allied states that will have become the victims of Bolshevism, but instead those countries and nations, which the Jews increasingly have in the hollow of their hands, that will one day collapse and meet their end by the Bolshevik poison to which they are the least immune because of their outdated social orders. It will not be the National Socialist and Fascist regimes that will have been torn to pieces, but an old empire that will have been unraveled into rags. The sin against your own and kindred blood will one day lead to misery and misfortune that will cry to heaven in these countries.
[Berlin, March 21 1943]

And these two are quite uplifting:

And the more the fighting expands, the more anti-Semitism will spread- let that be said to world Jewry. Anti-Semitism will be fed in every prisoner-of-war camp, in every family enlightened to the reason why, in the end, it has to make this sacrifice. And the hour will come when the most evil enemy of the world of all time will at least be finished with for the next millennium.
[Berlin, January 30, 1942]

The wire-pullers of this insane man in the White House [FDR -cy] have managed to pull one nation after another into this war.
Correspondingly, however, a wave of anti-Semitism swept over one nation after another. And it will continue to do so, taking hold of one state after another. Every state that enters this war will one day emerge from it as an anti-Semitic state. The Jews once laughed about my prophecies in Germany. I do not know whether they are still laughing today or whether they no longer feel like laughing. Today, too, I can assure you of one thing: they will soon not feel like laughing anymore anywhere. My prophecies will prove correct here, too.
[Berlin, September 30, 1942]

He was one for making prophecies - prophecies which will turn out to be true.

The prophecies weren't necessarily made in a moment of inspiration, but rather passion. He wasn't really that specific in those listed speeches. His Table Talk pronunciations on the other hand, may have had weight behind it, but his prophecy that Britain and Germany would unite against the North American continent (made on two different occasions iirc), was an expression of naivety.
Actually today's Americans are increasingly inclining themselves towards spirituality (which is largely presided by charlatans and opportunists) while the British are still steeped in materialistic interests under the guise of religion, and in some cases, are succumbing to the same mystical, romantic, and philosophical excesses which have been the fatal defect of the German psyche. The British are a pure Germanic race going downhill, perhaps faster than the negrified, judaized American people, as much as I hate to admit it.
Recent events and interactions have imbued in me a considerable distrust and contempt for the British over even Americans. Carolyn's contemptible attitude towards David Irving is actually well justified. Irving boasted in having been the fulfillment of one of Hitler's prophecy (supposedly an Englishman writing his biography), this wasn't just a narrative pushed by the mainstream pulpits. Clearly it went to his head. Even Christa Schroeder, in her German memoirs, expressed contempt for Irving's representation of the German people, pointing out his errors.

"The British are a pure Germanic race"


The analysis shows that the Anglo-Saxons were the only conquering force, around 400-500 AD, to substantially alter the country’s genetic makeup, with most white British people now owing almost 30% of their DNA to the ancestors of modern-day Germans.

People living in southern and central England today typically share about 40% of their DNA with the French, 11% with the Danes and 9% with the Belgians, the study of more than 2,000 people found. The French contribution was not linked to the Norman invasion of 1066, however, but a previously unknown wave of migration to Britain some time after the end of the last Ice Age nearly 10,000 years ago.

The Welsh also showed striking differences to the rest of Britain, and scientists concluded that their DNA most closely resembles that of the earliest hunter-gatherers to have arrived when Britain became habitable again after the Ice Age.

Surprisingly, the study showed no genetic basis for a single “Celtic” group, with people living in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cornwall being among the most different from each other genetically.

See also https://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2015/0318/Where-did-the-British-come-from-Fine-scale-genetic-study-reveals-clues

"... in some cases, are succumbing to the same mystical, romantic, and philosophical excesses which have been the fatal defect of the German psyche."

Not sure it's fatal, but the three adjectives you chose are spot on. However opposites exist as expressions of the same thing (as in two sides of the same coin), so what are the opposites of excessive mysticism, romanticism and philosophizing in Germans? Maybe pragmatism, realism, mundane, practical, utilitarian, factual, commonplace ... it's actually not easy to find them. So there's always balance.

I like your comment about Irving; also spot on.

Yeah in retrospect fatal wasn't the right word for it.
As for the opposites to mysticism, romanticism, and intellectualism, I'd propose mentalism, realism (admittedly not very fitting), and heroism respectively. I think of pragmatism as a subversion of philosophy. End justifies the means is closer to ecclesiastical thinking, more concerned with the social aspect than that of knowledge.
It's too bad DNA research wasn't prevalent back then, I'd be interested in reading what Hitler would've said on the matter. Nonetheless he seems spot-on about people with certain racial combinations having more potential to be great musicians and inventors over pure Germanics.

Janus: "Even Christa Schroeder, in her German memoirs, expressed contempt for Irving's representation of the German people, pointing out his errors."
I know this is an old-ish post, but if you read this reply, can you elaborate upon what Christa expressed, regarding Irving's misrepresentation of the Germans?  I'm very curious to know.
Irving, by way of his denied entry to Australia, introduced me to an alternative view of WW2.  For that I am thankful (Sidenote: does the truth really set you free?  I'm not sure.)
With that said, I was not impressed with his assessment of the Reinhardt camps (quote: "this is where the Nazis gunned down 800k Jews") and after reading Faurisson's impressions of him, I feel like I have a good feeling for his character.
Also, regarding the quote I was searching for (re: AH and "his Germans") I have a feeling it's something I read in Bradbury's Myth of German Villainy book.  I was flicking through it the other day, and I came across another sentence expressing the same sentiments.  So Carolyn was most likely right - it didn't come out of AH's mouth.  If I find the exact quote again, I'll post it.

There's quite a lot to translate and summarize, but it's mostly under Appendix 8, with the title "Anmerkungen zu David Irvings Büchern" (Notes on David Irving's books) in Schroeder's memoir Er War Mein Chef.
Myth of German Villainy seems to rely on some rather dubious quotes, although they sound correct. I'm thinking of Goebbels' "ennobled democracy" quote, for instance.

Cheers for that, I found a copy of the book on archive.org.  I'll check it out.
Quotes are often troublesome, I find.  Are you saying that quote from Goebbels is fake?  It's hard to know what to make of it - it's certainly open to interpretation.  Considering the fact that they made good use of referendums (all banned in Germany now), I know how I'd chose view it.  What a job to sort through all of this.
There was a supposed quote circulating from James Baker (former Foreign Minister) which claimed that the war was only a an economic preventive measure.  The source being the Spiegel... The problem was, that quote doesn't seem to exist in the issue mentioned.  I found an online copy at least, and it wasn't there.
Now that doesn't mean he didn't say it, or that it wasn't published in the Spiegel hardcopy.  Who knows, maybe they removed it?  Seems unlikely.
I have actually come across other quotes which are actually truthful, but have the wrong source linked.  And after much searching, I have been able to hunt them down and find the real source - it's a lot of work though.
But in the mean time you have people claiming it's all "fake Nazi quotes" to fool the gullable... *sigh*

So having quickly read through a translation of Appendix 8 - I cannot help but express my disappointment.
When I read those quotes from Christa vs the reality she knew, and all the embelishments you almost get the feeling you're dealing with a history channel production or a TV docu-drama.  Making things up isn't the same as engaging an audience.
I once read that Irving had really just blindly stumbled onto the whole Holocaust revisionist circuit, feeling he was onto the next "big thing" without fully understanding the implications (i.e. the power behind the propaganda.)  While he certainly and clearly understands it now, it had apparently came at quite a shock to him (the backlash) and that he'd become accustomed to a certain "celebrity" status as a Historian which was now at risk of being lost (and was lost.)
Not sure if that's 100% true or not, but I do wonder about it...

I would say what you read was generally 100% true, or close enough. I continue to tell people who want to hero-worship David Irving that he makes a lot of stuff up. I'm very sceptical of his books. https://jan27.org/semi-revisionism-is-dead/

Did you read Appendix 8 in German or English? Be nice and give us the link to it at Archive.org.

Yes, that's the article, but I think I read it at CODOH, or a similar article perhaps?  From memory David Cole/Stein was getting all worked up about this.  People calling them out on their unsupportable stance, I mean.
I found Christa's book here:
I then downloaded the book in plain text format, took out Appendix 8 and ran it through a HTML converter (there are lot of unfriendly characters in the text) and finally through Google translate.  It's not perfect, but it's understandable.  My German language skills are just conversational level - so it would take forever to work though it the orignal German otherwise.

Of course as soon I posted that, I scrolled further down in the article and saw the section on David Cole as well.
I can shoot you the translation of the Appendix via e-mail if you like?

P-K, I have Schroeder's book "He Was My Chief" and there is single appendix, but it's not called Appendix 8. It's from an interrogation by a U.S. counter intelligence officer in May 1945 in Berchtesgaden.

Yes, please send me the Appendix 8 translation you're speaking about. Thanks!

A JEWISH-ISRAELI-AMERICAN student at Columbia University has filed a complaint with the Department of Education alleging anti-Semitism on campus, with lawyers representing him saying he is the first to do so under a new executive order from President Trump.

A press release on the complaint from The Lawfare Project accuses Columbia's administration of knowing about a "hostile environment" but doing nothing to fix it. 

[this was set up in advance, natch. It's going to be a mess and the USA and Republicans are stuck right in the middle of it, just the way Israel likes it. Trump stepped in it again.] Below is a pro-Palestinian account:


The fact that almost every "...World leader..." that is going to the "...Jews' Lie of the Holocaust..." Conference, is infact a Jew, is no sheer coincidence.  And even where the Racial Nature of the person in question is uncertain (I.le.  Prince Charles) the outcome is that all eyes are on Jews.  In order to get a Factor introduced into a court of law,   that would otherwise be excuplitory,    it is the Prosecution who must be the first to introduce the issue before it can be discussed by the Defense.  Now that Jews and World Leaders (who mostly happen to be Jews) have introduced the subject to the masses, they have let Pandora out of her Box!  We can now safely dicuss the issue of:   the Fake Holocaust, Jewish Power (Leaders of most (only??) White Nations are Jewish !), Royalty paying tribute to a Fake Holocaust at the behest of Jews, (Why?)  Trump shouting loudly the Holocaust Lie from the roof tops..., Why?  And many more...     The beginning of the end of Jewish Power has begun...   

Please, let us all take the time to write meaninful comments that make sense and add to the discussion. Pandora (according to Greek mythology) was the first woman on earth, who had been given a box by the gods and instructed not to open it, but who disobeyed the instructions out of curiosity, releasing all manner of evils into the world. Pandora was never INSIDE that box so she could have not come out of it herself, and neither anyone else could have let her out of the box since she was the one holding it. Sorry if I sound pedantic, but one of the previous comment does not help, and it's not only the Pandora element, the first few lines do not make any sense, either: "The fact that ... all eyes are on Jews." (?!?)
Now to the point, to call someone "something" that something has to be FIRST defined in a clear and beyond any doubt, way. Antisemitic, antisemitism etc, are terms that have been exhaustively used but never properly explained to us about their meaning. Therefore I never worry about being called that, and every time a jew or a philo-jew attempts to do that for me they usually regret it; the more they try to define it, the more they shoot themselves in the foot. Actually jews have an obvious predilection to misnomers. The so called "Holocaust" is a prime example of that, e.g. jews creating, adopting and imposing to the rest of the world terms that mean absolutely nothing or at least do not mean (to the rest of the world) what the jews say their meaning is. Btw, by definition you cannot be against something that does not yet exist.

It would be very good if those called "Holocaust deniers" would ask, in as dramatic a way as possible, what is meant by Holocaust (of the Jews). The same could be done for Antisemitism. I put the word in bold throughout the above article to emphasize how and how often it is used, as a bad word.  The definition from the IHRA does not help - it's more of what is not understood by non-Jews if they would really try to apply it to their own experience.

So in short, a good first step of action (in answer to my sentiment at the end of the article: "We need to do more than talk also: we need action.") would be to make Jews and Jew-sympathizers DEFINE the terms Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism when they use them. That is not too much to ask!

Did you know that 49% of US millenials were unable to name one extermination camp?!! 
Did you know that 41% also believe the number of Jews killed in the holocaust is less than 6 million?!!!!  
Did you know that 22% are not even sure if they have ever heard of The Holocaust?!!!!!  
What has this world come to?!  
Holocaust studies must start before kindergarten and keep going all the way to the post-doctoral level with special studies in Special Relativistic Holocaust Mathematics.  
I shall be dining shortly with Rabbi Wieselburger to discuss the construction of a giant Holocaust Cathedral at the top of Mount Everest.  
Then we shall fly to Florida to see about building a giant roller-coaster in Disneyland called the Rolocaust.  
I have a meeting in January with Bibitte in Hel Aviv to talk about a Jerusalem football team called “The Holocaust Survivors”.  
Instead of chocolate bars, baseball caps, mugs and T-shirts, we’ll be making money selling cheap coffee table coasters called HOLLOWCOAST that we get from COSTCO renamed HOLOCOSTCO. We plan on a few telethons to raise money for the brand new war: The War on Antisemites.  
Then, I shall fly my Lear Jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the Sun and show my recommendations to Jonathan Greenblack of the Handi Defamation League.  
Holocaust Hoax for Kids
By Brother Nathanael Kapner on July 23, 2019 
P.S.: A new band called Grievance Holocaust Revival is expected to go viral in 2020.