Trump to suspend immigration

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2020-04-20 22:39

April 20 (Reuters) - U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SAID ON MONDAY he will be signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.

"In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States", Trump said in a tweet late on Monday. 

60-day Pause in immigration

In his daily news briefing on Tuesday, Trump described it as a pause for 60 days, after which it will be evaluated by himself and a group he picks, based on economic conditions at the time. The order will only apply to individuals seeking permanent residency, not to those seeking temporary employment. "As we move forward," he said,  "we'll examine what additional immigration-related measures should be put in place to protect US workers." He emphasized protecting US workers was most important.

He added, "As we move forward we will become more and more protective of them. This pause will also help to conserve vital Amercan resources for American citizens."

He said it's not fair for American workers to be replaced with new immigrant labor flown in from abroad. 

Later, during questioning, the President said there was a second order prepared in case more was needed after the 60 days were up. He said it's use would depend on how he and his team evaluated the results and outcome of the first order. He wouldn't say what the 2nd order contained.

He finished by saying the order in all its detail would be made public Tuesday night or Wednesday, depending on when the lawyers preparing it were finished. He would sign it at that time.

Trump signs order on April 22

"I just signed it before walking in this door," Trump said during the question period of his coronavirus press briefing. He said the order can be modified at anytime, to make it stronger or weaker. I would think it would only be made weaker because he said, "We don't want to hurt our businesses, our farmers."

One thing we can say about this President, he won't be caught asleep at the wheel, as Joe Biden would be. He's always thinking of how to tout his accomplishments ... as in, announcing in a night-time tweet he's suspending immigration via executive order, thereby stirring attention and critical comment until the following afternoon when he formally announces something in a milder form. This could also be designed to please both sides of his constituency - the 'close the borders' crowd and the 'no borders' crowd (that would be the Chamber of Commerce and many business owners).

I think it's pretty clear Trump is easily bored and needs to be constantly involved in something. He's spending too much time answering questions from reporters at these daily briefings, leading him to repeat the same things over and over. It's because he literally can't leave the White House and so has nothing better to do. Hope this ends soon. I'm getting bored myself.


There is no question that President Donald Trump is unique amongst contemporary world-leaders. May the Gods protect him. 

Amen to that, Richard.

Bored indeed! Thankfully my place of residence did not attempt to ban parks and hiking like the corrupt oligarchs elsewhere in America.
At least Trump met my expectations with this immigration thing. As soon as a friend mentioned it to me, I said, "I don't mean to be a pessimist, but watch; he'll water it down."
Oh well.

P.S. If anyone has the time and is interested, these two doctors in California gave a presentation on why the quarantines are bound to be counter-productive. I hope Trump hears them, somehow.

I saw those two. I'd love to end the "stay-at-home" orders all together. And I now agree that no one has the right to order people to "stay at home", even governors, when the danger out there is as low as it is! Where I live there is no danger ... and people are not staying at home either. I'm ready to open up the whole country and let people protect themselves by wearing masks, washing their hands and staying as distant from others as they think best.

The hospitals are going broke because they're empty! It's an amazing situation. The experts were wrong ... again.

Trump wants normal life to start, but he has to show support for his medical experts or he'll be accused of not giving a fig about American lives. And voters will believe it! I just watched the briefing in the Rose Garden today, with all the CEO's, and was so grateful for my President for the way he hangs in there tough no matter what abuse he has to take. He was very dignified, kept his answers to the reporters short and direct but polite, stayed positive as always ... then when he turned his back to the camera to walk back into the WH, some idiot reporter yelled out something about what was he going to do about all the death blah blah....!  As Trump turned you could see the disgusted expression on his face & mouth. No matter how great of a job he does and how many hours a day he works, 90% of the media are only out to get him. He can be compared to Adolf Hitler in the amount of abuse he's able to put up with -- and in many other ways as well.

From the sound of so-called "mainstream" news stories as they get ever more aggressive against Donald Trump, it's become hard for me to believe that the coronavirus "pandemic lockdown" is not a coordinated international-level plot against his reelection and the success of all populism everywhere (what we used to call nationalism or just patriotism).

I'm in complete rebellion against unelected Fauci, Birx and all world "health control" flunkies (put in place by the UN, isn't it?) actually ordering us to do as they say. The result is people are getting sicker and poorer and less free! We don't have to listen to them or obey them, and some politicians are getting the message, seeing the writing on the wall for their future reelection. Politician is synonomous with coward.

I'm just sounding off.

Donald Trump is THE American President and our last best hope of preserving our beloved Democratic Republic.  Too much is at stake for us to consider any other altenative to this great man.  

I agree with your suspicions about Fauchi, etc., and also recommend you read, where Jim Kunstler makes a strong summation of the persecution of Genral Flynn. Trump is doing his best, but we forget he's basically on his own. There is no Trump News network, Trump political party (he went into the GOP in what was essentially a corporate takeover of a dying corporation: can you imagine what Jeb! would be doing?), and, like Hitler, he has appealed to the common people. As it is, the system has let it be known how they despise us. They aren't hiding it any more, and I dread what it will be like when Trump is gone. 
I also think this Virus is a dividing point between people, those who want to be free, and those who want to hide, collect a check, and be passive.  I think what it must have been like when Christianity took over and the last hellenists were suppressed. It's sad to see people become so afraid and hysterical.
I'm also glad to see how Germany handled things, putting controls, shutting down the border, etc. Europe seems to be slowly revocering, but in the U.S., the media will say nothing except the official view, which is 'the vaccine-the vaccine-the vaccine.' In other words, do nothing.

"Trump is doing his best, but we forget he's basically on his own."

I don't forget it.

"I dread what it will be like when Trump is gone."

Me too. He is another one of those "one of a kinds." There are some good people out there, but they don't have that amazing something he does. I think it's called genius, but not the genius merely based on IQ. It's discouraging so many white people fail to appreciate it - guess they'd rather be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, god forbid.

Thanks for the comment.