Lenin statue in Karkiv toppled; why was it even there?

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-09-29 23:45

What was that about Eastern Ukraine being predominately Russian-speaking and hostile to Kiev? Didn't I recently read words to that effect from "Marcus Cicero" at The Daily Stormer? The Stormer position is that Kiev is a nest of oligarchic Jews wanting to drag "Russian Ukraine" into the European Union and the pro-Russian resistance "army" represents noble purposes. Well ...

Ukrainian nationalists, one waving Ukraine's flag, start to tear down Lenin's statue on Kharkiv central square on September 28, 2014. (Sergey Bobok/AFP/Getty Images)

Sunday in Karkiv, Ukraine's second largest city which happens to be in the Eastern part of the country (see dot on map), a 28-foot statue of the Bolshevik quarter-Jew Vladimir Lenin--which had been standing in "Freedom Plaza" since 1963, protected and apparently revered by Russian-speaking Ukrainians--was pulled down and broken up by pro-Ukrainian Nationalists.

What to make of that? And by the way, why wasn't this event mentioned at DS?

Karkiv is not majority Russian-speaking. The 1989 census found that 50.38% of the population was Ukrainian, 43.63% Russian, 3% Jews. Interestingly, the Soviet census of 1959 came up with 48.4% Ukrainian, 40.4% Russian, 8.7% Jews, 2.5% other. Are Jews once again hiding their true identity, something they didn't bother to do during Soviet rule? 

People jubilently display the fallen statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin after it was toppled by protesters during a rally organised by pro-Ukraine supporters in the centre of the eastern Ukrainian town of Kharkiv. Photo: Reuters

Kharkiv's statue of Lenin was one of the country's largest and had to be brought down by teams of people using ropes after cutting through an ankle of the massive bronze figure. A group of pro-Russian citizens attempted to stop the toppling of the statue, but the very large crowd, who recorded the felling with their smartphones and posted footage to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, ultimately prevailed.

Just think! The pro-Russian citizens LIKE the statue of the mass murderer Lenin dominating their main square. Why, I ask? I thought the Soviet Union was dead and discredited.

The demolition of the statue in Kharkiv is just the latest signal of hardening Ukrainian attitudes toward Moscow. Russia’s March seizure of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, followed by a bloody pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine's Donbass region, has damaged centuries-old affinities between Ukrainians and Russians.

“Lenin? Let him fall down. As long as nobody suffers under his weight. As long as this bloody Communist idol does not take more victims with it when it goes,” wrote Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who started his political career in Kharkiv, on his Facebook page on Monday. “I ordered the police to protect the people and not the idol.”

Previous attempts by pro-Kiev protesters to pull down the statue had been repelled by pro-Russian activists. That changed Sunday, when thousands of angry protesters gathered at Kharkiv’s vast Freedom Square with the intention of ridding their city of Lenin once and for all. After darkness fell, protesters chanting “glory to Ukraine” sawed through one of Lenin’s bronze legs. Then they used cables to pull him off his pedestal.

The pedestal, made of red granite like that of Lenin's Tomb in Red Square in Moscow, made the entire monument 66 feet tall, and was said to be the tallest in Ukraine.

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, who has straddled the pro-Kiev and pro-Russian camps, vowed Monday to rebuild the monument, saying that it had been “barbarically destroyed.”

We will restore the statue on Freedom Square by all means,” he wrote on the city’s website.

Again I ask, Why? Why do they want to continue to revere Lenin? It makes no sense to me and no one has yet been able to give it any sense. I understand that Lenin is part of Russian history, for better or for worse, but to retain giant statues of him on main city squares??

Other important memorials to be found in Karkiv include:

Memorial to the thousands of Polish officers executed by the NKVD in Kharkiv as part of the Katyn massacre

Memorial to the thousands of Ukrainian intellectuals murdered by the NKVD in 1937–38

Memorial to 23 August 1943, the end of German occupation during World War II (Here we have the glorious Red Army soldier)

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It seems the Ukrainian Social-Nationalist Movement is genuine. The West seems to desire to infiltrate it and "make coalitions" to bar a full revolution to happen with only nationalists in charge. At the same time, Russia and her supporters want to keep the "glorious Red reign" alive in peoples' memories. 
I bet there is some ancient father figure of the Ukrainians like Odin for the German nations or some other hero available to replace Lenin's spot on that socket. 
Kalinin, the president and formal head of state of the USSR is also still honored on German soil on the Baltic Sea in Russia's despicable occupation zone. 
As long as the Russians don't face their history, it doesn't really matter if they do some good in the meantime. If Putin was this great hero, he personally would order taking Lenin statues down and transform his mausoleum into a shrine of evil for Russians and others to be warned of this evil Communist past. Putin would also open the WW2 achieves and personally hold lectures to inform people of the truth, including the German nation, since Putin is fluent in German. 
p.s: Congrats on your 3 years, Carolyn. :-)

The guy squatting on the Lenin's neck looks Jewey to me!
Congrats also, Carolyn!

And the guy on the far left, behind, looks like Stalin! http://carolynyeager.net/sites/default/files/karkiv-busted%20head.jpg

There are jews everywhere, on both sides. I don't know if it means that much. In the videos taken at the time, the crowd looks young and, well, like normal Ukrainians, although it was dark. The photograph is from Reuters, which is jewish. 

Markus is right - if Putin were smart he would take down those damn statues himself. And he would quit honoring Lenin in Red Square. He would do a lot of things differently, rather than upholding the murderous and failed Soviet Union. The SU died (rotted) from the inside out, it wasn't destroyed by enemies as was the Third Reich.

You are brave, stubborn and honest.       I like that though you are also stupidly rude sometimes!

As I recall, back when you accused me of being rude to you, you were the one who was being stupid. :-)

But thanks for the back-handed compliment.

I just thought i'd give my two penn'orth on DS. I do like the site, but I think that sometimes Andrew and the others jump on to one side or the other without knowing the facts.
Putin is difficult to pin down, on the one hand he meets with rabbi's in their distinctive garb, on the other he locks up the jewish Oligarchs and puts others to flight (mostly to my country).
He has increased the White birthrate, but has also increased immigration from the Caucasus and East Asia.
I think that overall DS is a good thing for our 'movement' and although it isn't perfect we should try and have some unity(ha!) for a change.
I have to be honest that sometimes you make me really mad with your stubbornness and bloody mindedness, but your loyalty to the Fuhrer and National Socialism always makes me forgive you! Lol...
Good night to you and all the best for the future...
Hail Victory!

 I think that sometimes Andrew and the others jump on to one side or the other without knowing the facts.

Good for you for saying so.  When they think that, for a site of that type, it doesn't matter all that much, it's a disservice to the "movement" you care about. I don't like "propaganda" that sacrifices truth, and I don't think one can get away with being pro-Putin/Dugin/Novorussiya at the same time one is pro-Hitler/National Socialism/Revisionism. When that is brought up to A.A. he just denies it and tells you you don't understand what he meant. He always blames the people criticizing him.

Andrew was after ratings, to try to beat Alex Jones. So he got ratings, but that's all he got. Andrew really isn't very smart ... just clever. And not clever enough, either.

Putin is difficult to pin down, on the one hand he meets with rabbi's in their distinctive garb, on the other he locks up the jewish Oligarchs and puts others to flight (mostly to my country). 

How many Jewish oligarchs has Putin "locked up?" He goes after the ones he wants to steal from and leaves the rest alone. What he said to them was, "Leave the business of the state alone (to me) and I will leave you alone."

He has increased the White birthrate, but has also increased immigration from the Caucasus and East Asia.

Do you have any hard data on the WHITE birthrate? I didn't think so. I just found this from RT, Dec. 2012:

According to Tatiana Maleva, the director of the Institute of Humanitarian Development of Metropolis, the survey revealed that out of the families polled that had children, only 6 percent made their decision based on the introduction of government incentives. These individuals also said they were planning to have children regardless of the incentives.

Maleva noted that urbanization had negatively impacted Russia’s birth rate. “In Moscow, 15 percent of childless respondents said they did not plan to have babies, while this index for all of Russia was just 6 percent," she said.

The study showed that in order for Russia to maintain its current population level, each woman would need to have two children. Large cities such as Moscow did not reach this objective: Of the men and women surveyed in the Russian capital, which boasts some 12 million people, a majority did not want to have more than two babies.

It also doesn't help the birthrate to get involved in starting wars. This is counter-productive.

Thanks for your comment. :-)

He locked up Khodorkovsky, the former head of Yukos, Berezovsky fled to Britain, ditto Kasparov the ''Azerbaijani'' chess player. Roman Abramovich appears to be mates with Putin, but he also lives in London.
I can't find any hard data on the birthrate, but logic would dictate that if people are more financially secure they'd have more children. I know that is supposition but I would consider it an 'educated' guess.
I hope that you make up with AA over at DS, I thought you worked well together. The problem with our 'movement' is that it's like herding cats, we fall out over trivial issues instead of uniting.
On a unrelated issue, what do you think of Northwest Front and Harold Covington? I can't understand why you continue to live in Texas?! Living amongst those Mexicans and Negroes, I just couldn't physically live around those people!
Isn't the Pacific Northwest a beautiful place to live? If I was an American I would have moved there long ago...

Unfortunately you don't have any answers for me beyond this first one. I will respond that Putin locked up Khodorkovshy, "head of Yukos," so he could steal Yukos and turn it into what has become Gazprom (and grab a few billion for himself out of it). Kasparov and Berezovsky are dissidents who clashed politically with Putin. Berezovsky died last year in the UK - he was a convert to Orthodox Christianity in the mid-1990's. Kasparov calls himself a "self-appointed Christian," just for the record. This leaves many more Jewish oligarchs unmolested in Russia, so it has nothing to do with their being Jewish. As I already said, Putin's rule is "don't mess with Putin" and you'll be alright.

As to the Russian birthrate, logic would dictate that if you provoke war and sanctions from abroad that seriously harm your economy, making the people less financially secure, they will have less children. The non-Russian part of the population will have children no matter what.

Nobody thinks the issues they fall out over are trivial. It's only the people who don't want to be held to account (or scrutinized) who consider other's disagreements with them to be trivial.

I don't live amongst Negroes at all, I only sometimes see them in the nearby city where I shop. Negroes, like Jews, mostly congregate in the big cities. Mexicans are not my neighbors but, yes, they are here and they have big families. That's the worst thing about them. I wonder how many White families are being created in Harold Covington's Pacific Northwest? Very few, if any, I imagine. It's all a figment and an internet scam. What I would ask you, Pierre, is, are you married and do you have any White children or intend to? It's rhetorical. But most WN's cannot honestly answer yes, and if they do, they have small families. I think this is where we fall down the worst. We are not competing.

"I hope that you make up with AA over at DS, I thought you worked well together."

What it was is that I made him look good when he came on a program with me. No one else is able to do that.

I do not accept annonymous commentrs, nor annonymous addresses. Everyone should take note of that.

kharkiv is always be russian city with russian culture,language,history

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