A chilling future planned for Auschwitz museum

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2015-01-24 15:14

"Lies, damn lies and bigger lies."

Ronald S. Lauder, as head of the World Jewish Congress, is the #1 Jew running the Auschwitz "initiative" for the Tribe, as well as keeping the reparations money flowing from Germany. With the end of living "survivors," new sources must be found and the Big Lie must be kept going.

By Carolyn Yeager

Big plans are afoot in the meeting rooms of leading Jews who have dedicated themselves to perpetuating “The Holocaust” mythology as the true One World Religion. Foremost among these is Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress and the major driving force behind the long-term preservation of the Auschwitz museum complex.

Lauder, son and heir of Estee Lauder of the multi-billion dollar cosmetics firm, is such a recognized, influential figure at Auschwitz that he will deliver a short speech after Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski opens the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 27. The only other speakers will be survivors, telling their own stories.

According to recent comments by Lauder, Auschwitz is important mostly for the purpose of preventing antisemitism, the greatest fear of Jews. He is not the only Jew saying that, either, for it has become the common refrain especially during the past year. He says antisemitism is like a virus in that it seems “to go away but then it's coming right back. Right now, it's coming back very strongly.”

[We can ask why this is so. In science, everything has a cause, nothing just happens for no reason … the latter being a view that is found in religion: “Because I said so” and "It was a miracle." The cause of antisemitism lies in the Jews themselves, not in unfounded, inexplicable hatred within non-Jews for no reason. Nor is it because of jealousy, but very much because of resentment. Jews use these two excuses--unreasonable hatred and jealousy--because they refuse to change themselves when they live among non-Jews.]

Closely linked to the Jews' fear of antisemitism is the fear that the non-Jewish world will stop believing in their Holocaust scam, which is like a huge bubble that has grown so large and unstable it could burst wide open. They can't stop making it grow, however, because of their very nature, and for that reason have to manage it carefully.

Plans for the “new and improved” Auschwitz

Lauder is certainly one of those responsible for a shift that has been announced, beginning this year, in the way the memorial site's administrators conceive of their mission. Rather than to be simply a memorial to the "victims” (since there soon will be no more living  "survivors" to remind us), it will focus on explaining with more force and detail what happened to them in this place. As you can imagine, it will not be pretty.

A foundation has been raising money (always that) for a new wave of preservation, this time in the main camp. There will be brand new exhibition halls to replace the use of the brick barracks, which tells us the exhibits will become much bigger and grander.

More chilling, the theatre, which has never been shown to the public but which housed a stage with auditorium seating, piano and musical instruments, costumes and assorted props needed for putting on elaborate stage plays – all done by and for the inmates of the three camps – will be turned into an “education center.” This is so all talk and all evidence of it once being a theater will disappear down the memory hole.

And even more chilling, the kitchen, which has also been kept out of sight of visitors all these years, will be turned into the visitors' center. The reason? Because it is much bigger than told; it contained a dietary section (for hospital and infirmary patients), a bakery and a butchery in addition to the regular cooking area that boasts 12 chimneys for its 12 big stoves. The Auschwitz museum administration did not want this to be known, as we are supposed to imagine that the inmates got only thin, watery gruel twice a day!

Kitchen from the back, taken in 2008. When I was there in 2009 it was dark brown and was easy to miss altogether, as the guides still didn't mention it and this back side was all that was visible. See note* at end of article.

Below right: View of one of the two side extensions attached to the long back seen in the photo above, forming a courtyard in the center. All this is somehow camouflaged in the front from tourists' eyes and is not identified with a sign.

Turning this large kitchen complex into the new visitors' center will wipe out all knowledge of the real kitchen forevermore. This is the goal - to turn this former camp run by the National Socialist SS under Heinrich Himmer into what the current owners want it to be, while getting rid of all the true features that contradict their story.

Swimming pool at Auschwitz as it appeared in the 1970's before the ladders and other equipment were removed. Today it is declared to be a water reservoir for fire control built in the form of a swimming pool!

There is no mention of any further plans for the swimming pool, which the museum already denies is a swimming pool and doesn't take anyone in that vicinity during the tours.

The Founding Law

I just learned something that makes a big difference to what can be done or not. The law passed by the Polish parliament on July 2, 1947 establishing the camp areas as the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum included a clause on the inadmissibility of changes to the concentration camp gounds.This is no doubt the reason why the buildings the holocaust profiteers do not like, such as the large kitchen, theater, modern hospital and swimming pool, have remained in place. It's by law!

The Soviets would have felt they needed that law to protect the renovated buildings they valued, like the rebuilt "gas chamber" with brand new, unused cremation ovens, and the prison known as Block 11 with the "Black Wall" in the courtyard. These are the ballyhooed sights shown to the tourists and in the media.

Obviously then, the Polish Sejm (parliament) would have to revise that law in order that permanent changes could be made to the grounds or structures removed altogether (although much has been removed from the structures), and that would raise questions and concerns for sure. I doubt that Poland today would ever acquiesce to such a thing.

Thus they have the challenge of keeping it all going while not making any major changes. Tall order, and we will see what they come up with. Knowing the founding law is important as we keep a close eye on what takes place there.

Increasing the hate still more

And now for the Ultimate Chill and the reason, I would surmise, for the large new exhibition halls (and where will they go?): they are going to show the faces and tell the stories of the “Nazi” commanders and personnel who ran the camp; those they call the perpetrators, those who they say are responsible for the murder of 1 million Jews and the untold suffering of millions more. So, instead of simply learning about the victims, it is going to be a place of “name and blame” to reinforce the guilt of the Germans and their National Socialist 3rd Reich which, already, it is very difficult to find anyone willing to defend. I am imagining life-size photos of men like Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and tens of others in brutal poses and cold expressions. A real hate-fest it will be, even worse than now.

Does it sound like a brilliant plan? Yes, along with being diabolical and based entirely on the falsification of history and of what Auschwitz really was. But please understand, the Jews have to do it in order to protect themselves from the goyim's growing antisemitism. Got it?

Please see this page at jan27.org. And read my booklet, Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour, to learn about the real Auschwitz.

*Note on the kitchen, by the person who took the picture above:

When the Soviet Communists took over the Camp and decided to make it into a museum to show and prove the ''crimes of capitalism,'' they painted the building black. That's why pictures at times show this building black. The reason was to make the building evil and hide it. Guides were forbidden to mention it, and it is still today an off-place. Once the new rulers got hold of the site, they re-painted it back to white as it originally was. For Info go to: www.door-fakes.blogspot.com The building is the largest one in the Camp and was probably the most modern kitchen in Poland at the time. It had a dietary section, bakery, butcher, fish section, poultry section, soup section, fruits and vegetable section, etc., and had flush toilets which the Soviet troops thought were basins to wash meat, fruits and vegetables in. They had never seen such before.


Memories of Auschwitz: Hungarian survivors recount horror of Nazi death camp
Ukraine Today has the best coverage of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia but it has become clear to me that there are jews in the management at Ukraine Today. I'm amazed  these announcers can read this crap without busting out laughing. Acually, the announcer for this particular "news" story seems awful jewy to me, he's got that classic rat-faced jew look.

Yes, it quite an education to see what the Russians are given for news coverage. Here's one I just clicked on and found interesting. The pro-Putin activists are just like the anti-racist thugs who attack our White Nationalist demonstrations. Why oh why are all these Westerners pro-Putin? They should watch this site.


This video of the Hungarian survivors is taken from Spielberg's Shoah Foundation interviews. They're bringing all this out for the 27th. They are disgusting and I'll be glad when every last one of them is dead. But of course, we have their immortal words and incredibly ugly faces captured on film and stored at the University of Southern California.

The narrator said one million died at Auschwitz. Then at the end he said 1 in 6 of the Jews who were killed in the war died in the camps. Since supposedly 2.5 million died in the so-called Reinhardt camps in the East, how does that work out??

Some of the "survival" stories that are recently being published are the most incredible, unbelievable iies. One is just blown away. I am going to post some of them.

I didn't notice that the narrator for the above holohoax story didn't show his face during that report. I watch Ukraine Today all the time so I recognized his voice, his name is Peter Byrne and he is in fact, a jew.
Peter Byrne is one of the Senior editors of Jewish News One

So Ukraine Today is just another Jewish site? Too bad. Maybe it's true that Jews want to make Ukraine another "homeland" in Europe for themselves. But if so, what the so-called "rebels" are doing is not the way to go about preventing it. Are Jews behind that too?

I'm surprised at how little news coverage is being given to this attack on Mariupol. It's like it's saying the Ukrainians will be left to fend for themselves. I feel sorry for them, with 30 people dead and around 100 injured in what, to my mind, is a criminal attack. And there will be more to come.  But there is more concern with what ISIS is doing in Muslim and Arab countries. And, of course, all the holocaust remembrance crap that fills up the news.

Poland and the other ex-Soviet countries should join together with Ukraine to drive out those "rebels." If Putin is not really involved, as he says, it won't set off a wider war. That would be the test of it.