Dresden Holocaust 70th Anniversary gets usual whitewash, especially from the perpetrators

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-02-13 11:45

The old Dresden. It does not look like this today, even after being "rebuilt." The essence is gone, leaving it mainly a tourist destination rather than a place for Germans to enjoy.

On this 70 year remembrance of the destruction of Dresden, the incomparable cultural city of Europe and a German treasure, remembering the hellish inferno that burnt to death up to 200,000 undefended civilians whose "crime" was to live in Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, I feel compelled to acknowledge publicly that my anger and disgust goes mainly toward the British.

A nation that can lie to itself, in order to keep lying to the rest of the world, and feel sincere about it, as the British do, deserves no respect. This includes the British decendants in Canada, the US, Australia, wherever they may be.

And well, I must also include the German traitors, prime among whom is President Gauck who is in Dresden today remembering the Jews, some of whom also died in Dresden. An appalling spectacle he makes of himself wherever he goes.

Two years ago, for this anniversary, the British Broadcasting Corporation managed somehow to publish the remembrance of an British man who was there during the 2 days of bombing and relates his experience. One has to wonder what they may have left out, but what is there is more acknowlegement of the criminal intent of the British and Americans than we usually get to see. Please listen to the words of Victor Gregg, former soldier in the 10th Parachute Brigade who was a POW near Dresden at the time.

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Another fairly good article is this interview with Eberhard Renner who lived in Dresden as a 12 yr-old schoolboy at the time.

By KERSTIN SOPKE and DAVID RISING Associated Press Feb. 12, 2015

DRESDEN, Germany (AP) — Soviet troops were pressing into Germany from the east and the other Allies from the west, but for 12-year-old schoolboy Eberhard Renner (at right, in front of the rebuilt Frauenkirche) the war seemed far away.

Dresden had been spared the destruction suffered by other cities like Berlin and Hamburg, and Renner clung to the hope that the Saxon capital would stay off the target list with the war so clearly near its end.

Even as air-raid sirens started screaming 70 years ago Friday, Renner's father dismissed the attack as another reconnaissance mission.

Then the bomb fell into Renner's backyard. It blew the thick oak door off the shelter where the family had taken refuge, slamming him and his mother to the ground. Somebody yelled that the roof was on fire, and they ventured out into the streets as the bombs rained down.

The Allied decision to firebomb Dresden — immortalized in Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Slaughterhouse Five" — has long been a source of controversy.

At the time, the Allies hoped the attack on a city deep in the German heartland would hit hard at civilian morale and help force the Nazis to capitulate. Some historians, however, said the destruction was a tragic waste of human life and cultural patrimony — with little to no effect on the outcome of the war. [This Allied "justification" is nothing but that and it is not the way even halfway decent men wage war. To vindicate themselves, the British population in large numbers must DEMAND that their government acknowledge its War Crimes as such. -cy]

The raid left the city littered with corpses, and tens of thousands of Dresden's buildings had been turned to rubble, including its famous opera house and museums in the historic old city. The baroque Church of Our Lady, appeared initially to have survived, but, weakened by the intense heat, it collapsed two days after the bombing under its own weight.

As Renner wandered the streets of Dresden, he saw a dead body for the first time in his life. In the days to come, he would see many more. Renner remembers the streets still being littered with bodies a week after the attack and coming across the corpse of a woman in a square.

"She was burned to a cinder, had become very small, but her hand was held up and on it was her gold wedding band, shining, not blackened at all," said the 82-year-old retired architecture professor. "I will never forget this scene."

It was not just the bombs dropped by the waves of British and U.S. bombers that wreaked devastation. The fire made superheated air rise rapidly, creating a vacuum at ground level that produced winds strong enough to uproot trees and suck people into the flames. Many Dresden residents died of collapsed lungs.

Renner's family made it safely to the home of one of his dentist father's patients. They were able to stay the night and regroup. After that they moved in with an uncle.

Nazi propaganda from 1945 put the death toll at 200,000 and after the war some scholars estimated as many as 135,000 were killed — more than the combined total of those immediately killed by the nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ~

[This was a real holocaust. So as not to compete with the fake "holocaust" of the Jews, the deniers of the Dresden holocaust have revised the number of dead down as far as they could get away with. How is “Nazi” propaganda different from Allied propaganda? Answer: it's more honest.

Consider that the number of Jews who died in concentration camps was 300,000, and honest reporting gives the total Germans burnt to death in Dresden as 200,000; add the rest of the fire-bombed cities in Germany by mainly the British, and you have the reality of a German Holocaust, not a Jewish one. -cy]



It just so happens that in last night's Table Talk reading (Aug. 1, 1942) there was some discussion of the credulity of the British public:

Conversation turned to a book entitled "Juan in America" which Bormann had recently lent to the Fuehrer. In it the author paints a picture of the unbelievable conditions which reigned in the intellectual and political circles of the United States, and of the astonishing credulity of the American citizen. [Ambassador] Hewel stated that this credulity was not an exclusively American characteristic, and that in Britain, too, the people swallowed everything they were told.

Further on, Hitler said:

It is perfectly true that the British swallow everything they are told.

At the moment, nevertheless, there is a certain amount of murmuring over faked reports. To justify their bluff, those at the head of affairs are reduced to telling the discontented that these false reports are being spread in order to deceive the enemy. A large portion of intelligent Britons say: "We are waging this war by bluff, and it's the only way we can wage it!"

Whether they believe that they are really bluffing us, is a very different matter. In the autumn of 1939 they declared that there were already a million Britons in France ! Even I estimated their strength at between thirty-five and forty divisions, whereas in reality they had twelve or fifteen — a mere 350,000 men ! I cannot imagine the publication of a deliberate lie in the German official communique; but they don't mind how many they publish in their reports, and one realises now the extent to which they are hoodwinking their own people.

Amen, Carolyn.
The British are beyond reprobates.  By allowing the drunken sot, Churchill, to lead them head-long in the war against Germany (despite several poignant attempts by Hitler to make peace), they not only lost their entire empire, but doomed their descendants to the multi-cultural hell of today.  One would think that by now, the truth - not only of the war, but of the state of their "nation" - would be apparent and undeniable.  But, the Brits are VERY good at denying the truth.

You can see the same issue with the Anglo Boer war when brought up where the British placed all the Boer women and children into death camps in South Africa. They also ran a scortched earth policy in order to starve everyone. Sounds like ...history repeating itself.

We're not denying the truth, majority of us have never known the truth, as all the media power was in the hands of the few. Apart from individual reading, how long do you think it would take to learn the realitys of these incidents you've disclosed.
When the majority of Brits have to work long hours, everything is expensive and always has been, including our housing, when do you actually think many brits get the tim e to sit and rid a myriad of literature on these subjects. Plus they didn't feel they had a need to , as they presumed, foolishly & naively,that the government only held the best interests of the nations people.
As for Books, literature, you'd be lucky to get your hands on anything revealing the truth and to do so was massivly expensive. it's as if it were a mass propaganda effort, by an entire strata at the higher levels of our society to only supply books with approved versions of events. Even Napolean was made out as some tyrant that wished to conquer Britain and enslave every person in it. Having recently read on him, it's a total fallacy, apart from the bit where he went a bit dodgy, with the supreme emporer, he was an amazingly good guy to the people.
It's all changed now, with the advent of the internet. Many know a lot more than ever, although it's going to take some time for the majority of the population to catch up. I do my best to enlighten them, when ever the opportunity arises.
It wasn't and isn't the British people who're the problem, it's those at the top of the pyramide. Those who were there during the wars and post war to date. Don't keep blaming us Britsh people colectively, as the more we learn the greater is our detestation of the elitist ruling classes of our nation.
The ruling elitist class know this, as the British governemnt is one of the most malevolent, grotesque, abusive, organisations on this planet, especially against it's own people.
They have excreted over Brits for at least the last century, & beyond, vile to their own people, whom they simply wanterd as a labour force to produce the wealth, so as to dominate the planet. What makes anyone believe they'd be any more benevolent to others? Especially the millions of imigrants they're bringing in to our nation. Wait until they realise what the British governemnt is about.
Even today, the media is full of the so called racism on the paris tube by some chelsea fans. along with news on the three mulsim girls who've gone to the middle east to join the terrorists. As if we care, when there is so much more improtant news that needs to be given to the people. Funny how they've made a huge fuss over these 2 particular issues, just when the national census has just been released, which shoiws that we now have 20% non whites in our population.In all previous census's I've known, when it's released, the main stream news announces it, this time, we've hardly heard a murmur, in fact i had to get the news from the BNP website.
it will never happen on the BBC or other media channels, papers, radio. hence the reason they want to control the internet, becuase Britis, especially us En glish are discovering their abuses. That'll do for now. Good Luck to you all.