Putin bringing back Soviet era practices in Russia

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-05-03 04:54
People in helmets dressed as Russian factory workers hold a man wearing a Barack Obama mask in chains as they take part in a Communist [note the Soviet symbol on the globe being carried] demonstration in downtown Moscow, May, 1, 2014.
Reuters - May 01, 2014 9:21 AM

MOSCOW — Russia staged a huge May Day parade on Moscow's Red Square for the first time since the Soviet era on Thursday, with workers holding banners proclaiming support for President Vladimir Putin after the seizure of territory from neighboring Ukraine.
Thousands of trade unionists marched with Russian flags and flags of Putin's ruling United Russia party onto the giant square beneath the Kremlin walls, past the red granite mausoleum of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin.  [Statues of Lenin remain in abundance in Russia; by contrast, in Germany there can be found no trace of a monument to Third Reich founder Adolf Hitler. -cy]

 Many banners displayed traditional slogans for the annual workers' holiday, like: “Peace, Labor, May”. But others were more directly political, alluding to the crisis in neighboring former Soviet republic Ukraine, where Russian troops seized and annexed the Crimea peninsula in March, precipitating the biggest confrontation with the West since the Cold War.

“I am proud of my country,” read one. “Putin is right,” said another.

Unlike Kremlin leaders in Soviet times, Putin did not personally preside at the parade from atop the mausoleum. But he carried out another Soviet-era tradition by awarding “Hero of Labor” medals to five workers at a ceremony in the Kremlin. He revived the Stalin-era award a year ago.

Putin has described the breakup of the Soviet Union as a tragedy and overturned decades of post-Cold War diplomacy in March by declaring Russia's right to intervene in former Soviet countries to protect Russian speakers.


May Day, always an important date in the Soviet calendar and still a major holiday for Russians, has been marked by rallies in other parts of Moscow since the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of 1991, but until now parades were kept off Red Square.


Putin has also revived the Soviet-era practice of staging massive displays of military firepower on Red Square to mark May 9, the allied victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, one of the most important days in the Soviet and Russian calendars.

Central Moscow streets have been partially closed in recent days as tanks and mobile rocket launchers rehearse for that parade next week.


See also "Survival of U.S. Communist Party".




You can take a Russian out of Communism, but you can't take Communism out of him.   On the lighter side Carolyn, I'm looking for a girlfriend.   Are you available?   In case yes I could fly over to Texas to meet you.   Optionally you could fly over to Europe to meet me.   What do you say?

No, I am not available.

Don't talk utter Rubbish. Russia was a Christian monarchy LONG before the (minority) j e w  bolsheviks came along and turned the whole place into a stinking commie hellhole. Get your facts straight Malema. Given your schooling record (or rather, lack of it) I suppose I shouldn't be suprised by you idiotic utterances.

PS - you are apparently unaware that communism is a jew creation, not  Russian one. But for decades Hollyjewed and the jew media have been spreading the notion that communism originated in Russia. If this is why you're misinformed I'll forgive you. The Russian military, under communism, was misappropriated as the US military currently is, under the demon spell of jewism=communism.

This type of attack and rhetoric used in both your posts is not welcome here. If you can't present your argument in a more intelligent way, don't come back. I'm not interested in hosting crude back and forth arguments between anonymous trolls.

Königsberg is still call Kaliningrad, after the Soviet Union's president Kalinin. 

Putin is like a Ronald Reagan. Russia is 20-30 years behind of Cultural Marxism, so traditional values etc are not as attacked yet as they are in the US. 

Putin's love for the Soviet Union and hatred for Hitler and National Socialism says it all. True Russian nationalists are thrown in prison by Putin's people. 

I notice that the Daily Stormer didn't publish this story, which is two days old already and is big news in the Russia he loves. How could he have missed it?!  I knew that Andrew was selecting his news very carefully and spinning it for it's propaganda value, but this tells us with certainty what he's up to. The big May 9 parade is coming up - will he cover that?

Basically everything that was allegedly bad in "Nazi-Germany" is mostly a projection of the Soviet Union's horror. How anyone can praise these mass-murdering rapists is beyond me. 

Any positive comment, glorification, association, or even looking the other way when these people spread their hatred and wicked ideology, should be shunned. Allowing their anti-human views within society must be punished by all means. Their presence alone is hate-speech, crime against humanity and an association with a criminal organization. Putin is one of these Neo-Communists. 

Russia is 20/30 years behind in cultural marxism... because they CREATED IT AS A WEAPON.

Communism is not dead, it wants the whole world.

In WW2 it realized it won't ever be as strong as the west... so they decided to weaken the west, with poison, cultural marxism, pacifism, self-hate, femimarxism...

The demonstrators in the photo are supporting the Jewish agenda. These same people are also part of the Pro Ukraine demonstrations. The end result? Another war with whites killing whites. The Jews are instigating both sides. The puppet leaders to all countries are playing their part. Including Putin, Ukraine and the West. This Ukraine crisis is a preplanned smoke screen for something bigger. All the pocket attacks going on are false flags to get people out on the streets killing each other.

The demonstrators in the photo are supporting the Jewish agenda. These same people are also part of the Pro Ukraine demonstrations.

These demonstrators are in Moscow. In what way are they part of pro-Ukraine demonstations?

The organization their working for either puts them on a plane to Ukraine or they have other demonstrators within the same organization already in Ukraine. Either way, it's the Jews instigating both sides with these payroll dominstrators. Yes, many of them are compassionate locals. Unfortunately the leaders of these demonstrations are the ones steering the direction of the agenda. ie Controlled Opposition.

On April 4, RT (Russia Today news outlet) published this:

The Russian Lower House has passed the first reading of a bill introducing prison sentences for the public justification of Nazism. The sponsors would like to sign it into law before May 9 – the anniversary of Russia’s victory in WWII. http://rt.com/politics/russia-nazi-ban-prison-293/

Today, a Ukrainian new outlet reports this: http://www.unian.ua/politics/914763-u-rosiji-vveli-kriminalnu-vidpovidal...

Translation here: http://mk.christogenea.org/content/putin-enacts-laws-glorifying-soviet-h...

I am trying to confirm it, but haven't found anything yet. If someone knows how to read Ukrainian, please advise on whether this has actually now been signed into law by Putin. Thanks.

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