Mike Piper's lonely battle to expose the Jewish takeover of the IHR

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-06-08 14:05

By Carolyn Yeager

It has been established to this writer's satisfaction that the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) was purposefully destroyed through the agency of Mark Weber, who now sits at the helm of an entirely inactive organization, kept inactive by Chairman of the Board Weber himself. Though he has been denounced by a majority of his ex-fellow revisionists, many now look the other way as they appear with him at various venues of a revisionist nature.

So it is that recently Mark Weber was an all-expenses paid speaker at a revisionist conference at a fancy Pacific Ocean-side resort in Mexico, in company with other revisionist luminaries as Ernst Zündel. Lady Michele Renouf and David Duke. Gerd Honsik and Robert Faurisson were scheduled to appear but had to cancel at the last moment for reasons of family illness … or was that the real reason? Did they have the integrity to refuse to appear with Mark Weber?

Weber's topic was the influence of the Israel Lobby on the US government and power. Do we really need to hear about that again? It has been fully outed since Mearsheimer and Walt's book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy came out in 2007. Well, I suppose Weber just pulled out his stock speech and freshened it up a bit for this audience.

This is how it tends to go in the course of human affairs: the victors in any battle, no matter how guilty of crimes, are rewarded – and often enough at the hands of the vanquished.

In late spring and summer 2013, Michael Collins Piper [pictured above right in December, 2014, courtesy The Ugly Truth Blog] sent me a number of emails in an attempt to correct what he perceived as some wrong views I was expressing about Willis and Elisabeth Carto and the IHR affair. He considered what I said important because I had written a number of articles and blog posts critical of Mark Weber (see here). He wanted to educate me about the sinister role Andrew Allen had played in the whole affair.

Mike's emails sketched out the Allen-Weber connection. but I paid little attention because at the time I was involved in other projects of importance to me. I also knew that there were revisionists and friends of revisionists who vouched for Andrew Allen as a good guy and a friend to revisionism. I didn't buy into that but it made it more difficult to make the case Mike wanted to make. I basically felt that Mike was pressuring me to do something about it (which he probably did not intend at all, as I can see in retrospect) so I took it as something of an imposition and we had a few testy exchanges.

Now that Mike is suddenly gone, I feel sorry that I wasn't more receptive. I generally believe, and always believed, that he was correct, especially considering the outcome at the IHR. So to make myself feel better and in the interests of bringing Mike's hard work to the public's attention once again, I decided to publish the pertinent parts of his emails here. One thing I notice is how loyal he is to Willis Carto.

In the first email, he is referring to a radio interview I conducted with Tom Metzger in which Tom made the accusation against the Cartos that they had hidden the money in foreign bank accounts, and I simply said, “I wouldn't be surprised.” Probably a mistake because I really had no such knowledge but I was not holding the Carto's in the highest esteem at that time. So here is Michael Collins Piper, in his own inimitable words.

*        *         *

- On Fri, 5/24/13, Michael Collins Piper wrote:

Dear Carolyn,

I was astounded to learn that you seem to believe that Willis and Elisabeth Carto made off with untold millions from the Farrell estate. 

In fact, during the IHR-Liberty Lobby court case, all of the details of the transfer of funds from the Swiss bank account, Vibet (established to hold the Farrell funds) to the IHR and to Liberty Lobby were carefully accounted for. 

And I can assure you that Mark Weber and "Andy" Allen (who has been funding a lot of revisionists lately) were in for a big surprise when Liberty Lobby revealed under court order that all of the funds transferred from Vibet---I think about 1.5 million (that's off the top of my head)---were then transferred to underwrite the Sun Radio Network.

The funds were earmarked as loans and were actually intended to be REPAID to Vibet, so that the money could remain available for other projects in years to come.

But the lawsuit from Mark and "Good Old Handy---With the Money---Andy" was filed EVEN BEFORE THE LOANS WERE TO BE REPAID, and, at any rate, Mark Weber, that fine revisionist, still got all of the money anyway!

I listened to your interview with Tom Metzger, having been alerted to the remarks about the IHR affair. Tom is a sharp guy and I agree with much of what he said about political matters, but his claim that Willis and Henri Fischer "split" the Farrell estate just isn't true.

What IS true is that Henri helped Willis expedite getting what part of the estate Willis did manage to obtain through the court process in Switzerland, helping arrange lawyers, private detectives and other assistance not only in Europe but in Singapore and Japan and elsewhere. Henry received $200,000 for his efforts and he did have considerable contacts that made it all possible. Francois Genoud received, I think, $650,000 for his own considerable efforts in similar realms.

I am not suggesting that Tom Metzger is lying. What I am saying is that his remarks could be misinterpreted and that while Metzger did have some contacts with Henri Fischer, I can assure you that Tom didn't have any of the "inside" knowledge that went beyond Fischer's initial involvement in the matter. 

In the meantime, I guarantee you, if Mark and Andy had ANY proof that Willis and/or Elisabeth absconded with any untold millions, we would have heard about it---and they would have gotten proof if it had happened, because they had some powerful law firms, along with the police power in Switzerland---keep that in mind, Carolyn---along with the police in San Diego county at their disposal.

I can tell you that Willis did invest a considerable sum from the Farrell estate in procuring control of a very valuable stash of quite historic Third Reich documents which have since been donated to a VERY PROMINENT individual who is highly respected among revisionists. 

If you have any questions, please address them to me, but please don't use your considerable talents and wide-ranging influence to perpetrate the lies of Mark and "Andy."


Sun, 26 May 2013 12:16:19

Hi Carolyn,

I listened, yesterday, to your accounting of the IHR's finances during the Allen-Weber era of rule and ruin and can probably explain why there was an increase in the finances in the late 90s after a big decline: I think if you check back you'll find that is when Liberty Lobby, after the court judgment that Tom Metzger bragged about witness, began paying off the judgment, Weber was getting big checks from Liberty Lobby. Then, after they pulled the plug on Liberty Lobby, Weber was getting money that was willed to Liberty Lobby.

I hope you don't seriously buy into this claim that I'm seeing on the Internet that "Andy" Allen dropped Weber because Weber was not productive.

Anyone who believes that --- well, the reason why Allen "dropped" Weber is because Weber accomplished precisely what Allen (and his associates) wanted:  getting Willis Carto out of the IHR and essentially shutting it down in the process. The destruction of Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight was just the icing on the cake.

I see some revisionists suggesting that "Carto and Piper are making up crazy conspiracy stories about Andy Allen and Weber and Jared Taylor."

Recently someone said that Piper "claimed" that Weber and Taylor met in Africa. No, Piper didn't claim that. That's what Weber's own wife, Priscilla, said in a recorded interview that I transcribed and reported upon in The SPOTLIGHT.

And this was when Weber was on the payroll of the Agency for International Development . . . otherwise known as a longtime front for CIA operations . . . right at the time the CIA and the Mossad were very active in Ghana where Weber was teaching English to our black brethren.

Well, if anyone seriously believes that the CIA and the Mossad (and the Church of Scientology, which was taken over by the Mossad) don't have any interest in historical revisionism, then those people deserve precisely what they get from the people who are trying to destroy historical revisionism.

And anyone who denies that Andrew Allen who, by his own admission, under oath, VOLUNTEERED information about his international connections ("running" supplies to the Mujahideen for 10 years---and yeah, sure, that didn't involve the CIA or the Mossad) and his involvement with the Burmese dissident movement---and yeah, sure, that didn't involve the CIA or the Mossad---can't seriously call themselves a "revisionist" because it simply means that they don't have the broad-ranging knowledge or awareness of the real world to address complex issues.

Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to ramp up my discussion of the Allen-Taylor nexus----all Jewish-connected----and blow these anti-revisionist rats out of the water once and for all. I'm getting a lot of reports about Allen spreading money around---just enough to feed the poor revisionists and keep them from starving – so it's probably VITAL that this piece of garbage be exposed for what he is.

Well, went on too long here.

Please see original email.


Tue, 2 Jul 2013 01:05:06

You have not responded further to my email expressing concern about certain inappropriate statements made in reference to Willis Carto's involvement with the Farrel estate.

This concerns me.

It also reminded me about the fact that once, in an email, you told me that there was, in your words, "no percentage" in exposing Andrew Allen.

This puzzles me.

You were quite open and direct in exposing Mark Weber, to a certain degree, although I don't think you ever have addressed his connections to Andrew Allen who, under sworn deposition, VOLUNTEERED and openly bragged about his involvement in "running" supplies (over a ten year period) to the Mujahideen during a period (although he did not mention this) when their activities were being funded by the CIA and under the direct SUPERVISION of the Israeli Mossad.

Why would there be no percentage in mentioning Allen?

I understand Allen now claims to have "broken" with Weber and is transferring his financial "support" elsewhere.


Please advise.

Tue, 2 Jul 2013 15:52:09

As far as Willis and the Farrel estate, I don't expect you to "defend" him----that's not your job---but then, again, I don't think you contribute anything to discussion by speculating, as you did, that he had run away with some money from the estate. And that is precisely why I wrote you in the first place.

I don't keep emails, with very, very rare exceptions, and I am certain I don't have the one in which you made the remark about Allen. Nor, obviously, can I expect you to be totally informed about Allen's past, but I did discuss it at length over a four-or-five day period on my old RBN broadcasts and if you go to michaelcollinspiper.podbean.com you can find those RBN broadcasts re-posted there, five in total. Not, of course, that I would expect you to listen to them, but if you ARE interested in the IHR affair to ANY degree (and I would think that any responsible revisionist would be), you SHOULD listen to them. [I found them here]

Tue, 2 Jul 2013 20:44:11

NOBODY has refuted ANY of my narrative regarding Andrew Allen or for that matter, regarding the IHR affair.

All those people do is say "Oh, Piper and Carto just make those things up." etc etc

I can provide you copies from the sworn deposition by Allen in which he brags of his role in the Middle East and also of his close association with the Myanmar rebels, along with data relating to Israel's particular interest in Myanmar and supporting the rebels there.

Please cite me any instance where anybody has "refuted" (other than to simply dismiss it or deny it).

I have also seen some people simply denying outright the fact that Jared Taylor and Mark Weber met in Ghana when Weber was on the U.S. government AID payroll "teaching English" and Taylor was supposedly wandering the African desert finding himself.

I repeat: NOBODY has refuted ANY of my narrative regarding Andrew Allen or for that matter, regarding the IHR affair.

Fri, 5 Jul 2013 12:35:23 

Well, it's kind of funny that "some people" didn't find any "proof" of the Allen/Weber relationship, considering the fact that Weber and a host of others at the IHR, not to mention Allen himself, openly talked about the relationship in a variety of depositions in a number of legal cases!

It's interesting that "fact-oriented" revisionists would dismiss all of that and, as you put it, say that there was no "smoking gun," when, in fact, the whole crew---including both Allen and Weber---acknowledged it, not to mention the fact that Allen eventually joined the IHR board of directors and even openly lent some $200,000 to 300,000 to the IHR at one point, which (if I recall correctly) was listed by the IHR in open filings as a loan.

So, Carolyn, I've provided you with the smoking gun and, if necessary, I will provide you data from Allen's own deposition which PROVES the smoking gun.

Considering Andrew Allen's considerable behind-the-scenes financial clout in the revisionist movement, I have to say that I think it is incumbent upon revisionists to acknowledge the facts about Allen's background and connections.

Now I understand, of course, that many of the "some people" you refer to are connected to Allen (i.e. they are on his "pad") so, naturally, they would dismiss ANYTHING I say about the matter, but when I have the sworn statements of Andrew Allen on the matter, wouldn't that kind of, maybe, perhaps, somehow tend to suggest that maybe "That Mike Piper" isn't "making that up."?

From: "[email protected]"
To: Michael Collins Piper <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, July 5, 2013 1:49 PM

You are starting to piss me off, Mike Piper. You have blared off as a
revisionist yourself many times, so don't tell me what "revisionists" should do. If you have the goods on these people, then put it in a book and have the Carto Industry promote it for you. I am busy with matters of my own choice.

Sat, 6 Jul 2013 07:29:43 -0700

There ya go, Carolyn. 

First of all, I don't know what you mean when you say that I have "blared off as a revisionist many times." and that, as a consequence of that, I shouldn't tell you what revisionists should do. 

You have spent an awful lot of your own voice power and literary talent telling revisionists what they should do and who they should associate with and all sorts of things.

I'm puzzled as to why you should get so hysterical when I should offer an opinion of my own. [Of course, I was not hysterical.]

I've always valued your opinions and, on more than one occasion, said that I thought it was great that we finally had a woman out there promoting the revisionist point of view, which is somewhat contrary to the thinking of a few apparently respected white nationalists who don't think there is a frontline place for women in white nationalism and revisionism.

Maybe I should reassess my thinking in that regard.

I figured that since you placed such an important emphasis on integrity that it would concern you that a guy with high-level Zionist Jewish family connections* and ties to the Mossad and the CIA would be such a big player behind the evisceration of the IHR (and who is now infiltrating other elements of the revisionist movement).

But maybe some folks you trust have "vouched" for "Andy."

(Since, of course, they've been getting money from him, right?)

Willis Carto is NOT allowed to publish ANYTHING about Mark Weber.

That was one of Mark Weber's demands when Weber, backed by his Scientology lawyers ---- oh, wait, that's right, it's a "myth" that Scientology was involved in the IHR affair, excuse me ---- reached an agreement to stop pestering Carto and the remnants of what had been "the Carto Industry," so "the Carto Industry" couldn't publish anything about Weber anyway.

Interesting that you call it "the Carto Industry."

When you were sucking on the tit of that industry, you didn't refer to it as such, did you?

That would be like me referring to all of the revisionists who are sucking on the tit of the Andrew Allen Industry.

You keep telling me to put it in a book. It is in book form, but I also discussed it in that five-part series of broadcasts a few years ago that are posted online in multiple places and which the "Andy Allen Advocates" keep saying is just a bunch of lies and Carto Industry propaganda.

But I guess since "Andy" Allen has been handing out money----not too much, to be sure, but enough to keep his tit-suckers happy----a lot of people really would rather not hear about the nature of the source of the money. ~

*Here is the connection, afaik, quoted from the NYTimes obituary:

Elizabeth Allen was born in San Francisco on Nov. 23, 1916, the daughter of Harry Allen, a successful real estate developer, and Winifred Bridge, an accomplished gardener.

Elizabeth was a student at Stanford University when she met her future husband in Hawaii while she was in a summer school program and he was on a sailing trip. (She later graduated.) Mr. Straus, a New Yorker, was a grandson of Isidor Straus, one of two brothers who had owned Macy’s before he and his wife, Ida, perished on the Titanic.”


BREAKING! Michael's own story in "book form" of the takeover of the IHR has just been made available (on Sunday, June 7, 2015) as Coup d'Etat, downloadable as an Adobe pdf. According to Anon18 (see first comment) it is comprised of the "five banned chapters" from MCP's book The Judas Goats.


Carolyn, if you're not yet aware, the 5 "banned" chapters from Mike's 'The Judas Goats' outlining the IHR affair have made their way onto the internet following his passing.

No, I wasn't aware, but that's great news. I didn't know what he meant when he said:

You keep telling me to put it in a book. It is in book form, but I also discussed it ......

I"ll enjoy reading it. I hope he talks about Andrew Allen. Wink

Mike's series of programs on the IHR takeover is some of his very best stuff.  Have heard it repeatedly but always riveting and worthy of study.

IHR IRS tax filings for 2014 show Weber got a $1,000,000 gift. I'm assuming it was a court ordered seizure of Carto donations. this would tie into the fact of Elizabeth Carto telling Willis they can't afford Mikes services, or she had a falling out with him, both are likely.
Mark Weber and the IHR sit on a nice million bucks, he can copy and paste his news articles now till he dies.

Since you don't give a valid name or email address, why should I believe you? You might be pushing false information. I can't bring up the 2014 tax filing ... or any other year. Tell us where to see it and I will publish the rest of your comment.

Why would the court order a seizure of Carto donations now?

Carto owes LSF/IHR $6.4 Million with interest from the Farrell bequest. Any large donations to Carto are to be seized this is court ordered going back years. 
There really is no conspiracy here. It is simply about money and greed on Carto's behalf, and laziness chronic indolence on Weber's behalf.

A million dollars plus the usual 125,000 last year. Good money down the drain. That's the purpose of Weber being there -- to make sure that nothing is done. For whom? The Jews. Otherwise, his self-regard and pride would make him do something! To do nothing at all PUBLICLY for years on end while drawing a salary is beyond any White man's native indolence. Of course, if he's jewish ...

I cannot agree that Weber, Allen and the other revisionists who were EMPLOYED there had the right to conduct a coup against the legitimate owner. It was because of the Farrell money. This is greed on everyone's part. Plus, they were completely unable to manage the organization on their own. They let Weber become their leader and look what he's done. It's unforgiveable, imo.

It's like when Tanstaafl (it's time his real name is revealed) decided that he should take over The White Network from the rightful founder of it -- Me!  He was wrong, very wrong in what he did. And what did he do with it? Nothing. Just like these guys. He's lazy too.

So I don't accept that the Jews were not swirling around there. Andrew Allen's aunt (?) married into that big Jew Straus family of Macy's Dept. Store. What makes you so sure he wasn't helping the Jews and Israel? Ruining Willis Carto was quite an accomplishment for Israel. Why do you vouch for Andrew Allen?

Carolyn I'm not in anyway "vouching" for Andrew Allen. I know for a fact he was a regular donor to the IHR over many years. When the laziness and indolence of Weber stopped the JHR, and Weber's inactive behavior, Allen called it a day in and around 2002 in financially supporting the IHR. I agree there could be deeper machinations going on in the background that I'm not privy too, sure. One thing is for sure, the Jews love Weber at the IHR because he does nothing, where if Germar Rudolf was Director, that would give the Jews a hissy fit, because he is productive.

What you are saying, John, is that the only real culprit in the loss of the IHR is Mark Weber, and only due to his laziness and indolence. Jews were not involved - they are only happy that Weber on his own managed to shut everything down. Andrew Allen, special friend of Weber's, helped support the IHR until Weber got installed as Director and got the Board he wanted/needed, then Allen left "because he was disgusted with Weber's lack of productiveness."  Weber remains in place with some minor fund-raising that keeps donations coming in to pay his salary.

I'll take Mike Piper's version over that one anytime.

Everybody loves a conspiracy Carolyn. As I said maybe Mike Piper is correct with Andrew Allen's machinations in the background. Carto was going to fire Weber at IHR because of his lack of productivity before he stole the Farrell bequest. It's all about greed, Weber keeping his sinecure employment, and outright indolence.

I haven't completed Mike's Coup d'Etat yet, by a long shot. But do you think Mark Weber is so smart that he could have carried out that whole coup on his own? I realize he would not be happy to have been thrown out by Carto ... having no other means of support.  How was he able to manipulate all the other staffers to go along with him? The vision of the Farrell money?

What has Andrew Allen been doing since he dropped away from the IHR? Anybody know?

Willis Carto always sees himself as a sort of svengali, working in the background, he truly thought he could move the Farrell bequest to his other projects, without fear or hindrance from anybody. However the outrage felt at the IHR with the officers, Weber, Raven, O'Keffee plus the board was enough to ignite the fire storm against Carto. Mark Weber is no "Evil Genius", what he is is a man with some mental issues and a whole lot of laziness inside him. 

I did finally read it all. Turns out I had already read it all, or knew it all, at one time or another. But Coup d'Etat presents a powerful argument for the participation of Israeli interests in bringing down, doing in, Willis Carto. The involvement of Scientology also cannot be denied. So we have the Jew-connected Andrew Allen working so closely with Mark Weber ... until he wasn't needed any longer. And the meetings of Weber and Jared Taylor in Africa is just too perfect!

Scientologist Tom Marcellus had been IHR Director for a long time, but turned against the Cartos. Elisabeth is quoted as saying to Tom, "We've worked together for 14 years. I thought we were friends." To which Tom replied, "We were never friends!"  The first we hear of him is on page 6:

"In the meantime, another IHR staffer had been hired by Tom Marcellus, one Greg Raven, a self-described Libertarian Revisionist"...

who was unknown in revisionist circles but touted by Marcellus, according to Piper. Once Marcellus and co-conspirators wrested the IHR away from Carto, they trashed and discontinued many revisionist projects that had been in process. They also accused Carto, in court, of wanting to publish "pro-Hitler" works (like Gen. Leon Degrelle's book) and to make the JHR a "racist" and "Nazi" magazine.

It's also true that easily corruptible people got corrupted as events moved along; they saw opportunities appear and got into the mode of scheming against one another.

I find it odd that Greg Raven complained to the Board when Mark Weber didn't get the JHR issues out, but when Ted O'Keefe DID, he gave O'Keefe nothing but a hard time, too. Mark Weber wanted editorial control with someone else doing all the work; he also preferred rerunning old articles to bothering with new content! Both Weber and Raven were more interested in collecting money from Carto through the courts than in keeping revisionism alive and progressing.

Another red flag against Weber is that he has never, ever explained his bizarre and do-nothing behavior and he never will. Yet people forgive and forget. Just recently our friend John Friend wrote a blog post praising Weber and saying how much he has learned from him. No hint of criticism or of any of the controversy that swirls around Weber. Both Dr. Robert Faurisson and Dr. Arthur Butz called for Weber to resign after his 2009 article trivializing holocaust revisionism.

I truly don't think these things can be done without traitors, or as Mike Piper puts it, "Judas Goats." That's why I'm not satisfied with the simple idea that 'It all turned out this way because Mark Weber is so lazy.' But I CAN understand that he is the only one left on the IHR payroll BECAUSE of his legendary indolence ... assuring no work would be done! The perfect director for those who engineered the takedown of the world's only truly revisionist institution.

Dear Carolyn,

I read in Dr Toben’s newsletter no. 873 (http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/newsletters/Newsletter 873.pdf):

Gerd Honsik and Robert Faurisson were scheduled to appear but had to cancel at the last moment for reasons of family illness ... or was that the real reason? Did they have the integrity to refuse to appear with Mark Weber?

 Prof. Faurisson was not aware that Weber had been invited, and his reasons for not attending the conference were as stated. That said, his integrity has never been subject to doubt, and he would hardly have shrunk from a confrontation with Weber.

Yours faithfully,

I appreciate your responding in this way, G. Best wishes.

Why is Weber selling two of David Stein née Cole books?

Good. Glad you finally got there. And it wasn't at all about personality - just the facts.