Setting the record straight with VK Clark, part 2

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-07-03 23:37


The second comment from one of Clark's blogsites. Enlarge

In this comment, Veronica Clark lies about what she has said and written about her book Hitler & Himmler - Uncensored, which includes Hitler's 1944 Platterhof address to officers. She recently removed what she had written about this book on Amazon, probably after hearing my Heretics' Hour program of Feb. 16th in which I used what she had put on that Amazon page. She refers to that here. She also reduced the amount of material that could be read gratis from the book.

This is totally typical of Clark - she is constantly editing, changing, deleting in response to what other people are saying about her and her work. Fortunately, I had copied down from Amazon what she had on that page, and retained it. This is what she had for a very long time as a description of the book:

Two hitherto unpublished, TOP SECRET speeches by Hitler and Himmler, never before available in English until now! Beginning with an exploration into the theoretical versus operational definitions of Volk, race, Nordic and Aryan,  author Veronica K. Clark sets the stage for two of the most important and revealing speeches ever delivered by Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler in 1943 and 1944 respectively (in her opinion only -cy). Were Hitler and Himmler really as anti-Slavic and “racist” as historians have made them out to be?  When speaking to their innermost circles of supporters and comrades did they advocate “Ueber” racial supremacy, or were they less racist than most of us ever imagined? If you believe Himmler and Hitler were all about “Slavic and Polish genocide” and “Aryan supermen,” think again…

So please, readers, was Clark saying that Hitler mentioned the Slavs here? She clearly is since she asks whether Hitler was really anti-Slavic, and what he (Hitler) thought about "Slavic and Polish genocide. She clearly wants potential book buyers to think that they're going to learn about this in this speech. But as I've pointed out, Hitler never uses the word Slav, Slavic or genocide at all, and the word "Polish" appears only once. But she has the gall to call me "krazy" and a "lunatic" for telling the truth about her. I don't call her krazy, but I do call her a liar and a dishonest fraud because she constantly changes what she has written on the Internet in order to call other people (who quote her in good faith) liars.

Then, in an attempt to distract from her lie, she tries to take a superior position on the Himmler speech and make it appear as if I don't know anything about it. And she switches over to Vlasov and Himmler, again trying to impress the readers with something she does not verify but just throws out there and leaves hanging. [See here] This does seem to me to be a sophisticated disinfo device, but it could also be just a frustrated woman who grabs hold of anything that comes to mind to use against her enemy when she feels herself under attack.

At this point she goes for the kill, calling me a liar and criminal, using words like 'lunacy' and 'vicious animal' against me. For what? For not stopping my criticism of her irresponsible liberties and interpretations of Hitler's Platterhof "speech."  Veronica had already decided that she owned it, having published her copyrighted translation in two books that she was selling for high prices. She had an exclusive, and she would make the most of it and be rewarded for it.

Then comes along Carolyn Yeager and messes up Clark's potentially profitable arrangement by pointing out her falsehoods and errors, plus making her own translation! Clark's reputation is taking a big hit; she is furious. What can she do? She makes a wild statement that I am a thief as proved by a (non-existent) misdemeanor recorded in the Ingram, Texas Dept. of Corrections! There is no such entity as the Ingram Dept. of Corrections (I called to find out and was told that there wasn't) and there is no truth in what she says. This is a serious defamation that she should not be throwing around so lightly, but, on the plus side, it does reveal her nutty and desperate state of mind. She's simply making it up or repeating something from the already discredited Rodney Martin. And finally, she compares this imaginary misdemeanor to the crime of violating her copyright!! She has truly gone off the deep end here.

And by the way, Veronica Clark never held a copyright for "the Platterhof speech". She only copyrighted her translation of it ... for what it's worth, since it's not the best translation. Carlos Porter, who is a professional translator and a National Socialist, has done a better job, and comparing the two translations revealed another intentional change of wording by Clark - the "sitting vs standing" issue. Hitler said he was sitting before the officers while he spoke; Clark changed it to standing, knowing that was incorrect. I haven't seen any response from her about that.

The result of all this is that Veronica Clark now says she is leaving NS revisionism. If it turns out that she really does, it will mean that it was never a very deep passion in her to begin with. It will mean that she was just looking for something interesting to do, but now it's become unrewarding, so she'll look for something else that's interesting to do. Let's hope so, and that we will soon be rid of Veronica Clark. Unless MK Ultra Slave is correct and she's just being reassigned. WinkSmile

P.S. I need to add that my comment that read "Let's remember that Clark has said that she is about 20% Polish (her mother is Polish) and only 1% German ..." came from a radio program she did with Deanna Spingola approximately one year ago.

I found the program [Spingola Speaks 7-20-2014] and she said "Genetically I'm only like 5% German, but I consider myself German." My memory is faulty; 5% turned into 1%. Well, it's not enough to make her a German, in any event. The 20% Polish came from a statement from her directly to me at an earlier time. Though it's true that what she says on one day will not necessarily remain the same on another day. This woman reserves the right to change her mind!


Adolf Hitler


Hitler described the Polish state as "laughable". This statement applies to this Pole as well. 

First, the over-the-top invective of Veronica Clark, calling Yeager an "animal" and "krazy"(sic) and a "criminal", reveals her instability, and her inability to defend her position. It shows Clark to lack credibility, so Yeager should be commended not merely for revealing Clark's loose ideas regarding truth and veracity, but her true character in the process.
Second, Yeager is also correct in her ongoing promotion of the idea that some groups of Whites are more capable than others. That is just as much true as that some races are more capbable than others, so acknowledging this goes hand in hand with acknowledging the truth of race and racial differences.  Yeager is also right in her view that in the modern era, Germans have shown themselves to be the best of our people, our people being White Europeans.    Yet she is constantly attacked for this position, one that was one of the core components of the German National Socialist philosphy, and one that we shouldn't be afraid to recognize.

VK Clark is a Douglas Duane Dietrich clone.  They're literally the same category of misdirection agent.  Remember, the Russian state spends unholy amounts of money sowing confusion and reality-editing.  They don't need a huge defense budget because their primary weapon is ideological subversion.
I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with the Russians, but ever since the Bolsheviks won, Russia has basically been a Jewish hellhole.  The overthrow of the Czar was an apocalypse.