Horst Mahler is out of prison, but not free

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-10-07 11:30

It is reported that 79-year-old dissident Horst Mahler was released from prison on Sept. 3rd after serving 2/3 (10 years) of his sentence, but will remain on probation for four more years. The probation terms are no doubt why we hear nothing from him, and nothing is or will be written about him in the media. He has been effectively silenced.

He is also critically ill. His left leg was amputated in prison because of neglect of his health by prison officials. His home needs some refurbishing to accommodate his now disabled status. It is up to the truth-for-Germany community to contribute to the financial needs of our courageous comrade. Here is how you can help:

Bank account:

Recipient: HORST MAHLER 

Address: see below 

Bank: BerlinerVolksbank             

IBAN: DE12 10090 0005 19471 9002


Purpose: Renovation for disabled access  


Alternatively, an International Money Order to:


Weidenbusch 13,

D-14532 Kleinmachnow


Read more and keep up with the latest news about Horst at http://www.adelaideinstitute.org/

Germany forced to remain perpeptually in the year 1946 ...

In 1946 the Allied Military Tribunal at Nuremberg declared itself to be an instrument of “a continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations” against Germany – IMT, XIX, p. 397.To this day courts in Germany are bound by any of the tribunal’s statements, as codified in the 4+2 treaties of 1990, and cannot challenge their validity. However, this makes a mockery of Germany’s Basic Law-Grundgesetz that has enshrined in Section 5 “freedom of opinion” as one of its pillars.
 And so in order to circumvent Section 5 of the Basic Law, Section 130 of the Criminal Law-Strafgesetzbuch, was enacted, which enables authorities to put on trial anybody who disputes the holocaust hypothesis.

Section 130 is unconstitutional but that is not allowed to be challenged in the 'police state' that is Germany. Furthermore, the 'police' are not Germans but the Security Council of the United Nations! 


Great to hear he's out.  Thanks for the update.

Two weeks ago I sent a donation to Horst Mahler c/o his wife using this Pay Pal account: 

Elzbieta Mahler
[email protected]


It was accepted.   

That makes it a lot easier for some of us.

I suppose it should not be bandied about too much, or the Jews will be trying to SHUT IT DOWN.

Lady Michelle Renouf informed one bank account has already been shut down possiblely the one you've listed.  

Hello, I've tried to send a donation but it won't work...

Which way doesn't work?

Hello, It does work after all! My bank blocked the initial payment because it thought it was a fraudulent transfer. Give my good wishes to Herr Mahler...
Hail Victory!