Putin: "Soviet victory in WWII saved Europe from slavery"

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2014-05-09 06:03

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a Victory Day parade, focusing on the historic importance of the defeat of "Nazi" Germany, at Red Square in Moscow, Friday, May 9, 2014. (AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Mikhail Klimentyev, Presidential Press Service)

By Carolyn Yeager

Is the president of Russia just a bald-faced liar or is he a complete ignoramus when it comes to the history of his own country and that of Europe?

It has to be one or the other.

In his speech today on Red Square facing the Kremlin, Putin is quoted as saying it was "the Soviet victory in World War Two which saved Europe from slavery and preserved peace on the planet."

Patriotism can cause people to exaggerate and also to play down inconvenient facts, but this is ridiculous. It was the Allied (not Soviet alone) defeat of Germany that actually enslaved all of Europe--the West to International Jewry/Banking and the East to brutal communist/Jewish dictatorships and economic backwardness. Even Eastern Germany was enslaved for 40 years to this Soviet monolith due to its most regretable pyrrhic victory.

The official transcript has Putin saying:

The fierce battles for Moscow and Stalingrad, Kursk and the Dnieper determined the outcome of the whole of World War II. The Soviet people’s iron will, fearlessness and steadfast courage saved Europe from enslavement.

It was our country that pursued the Nazis right back into their dens, dealt them the full and final blow [and raped one million women and young girls, from age 7 to 70, and committed every kind of thievery and desecration against German troops and civilians along the way. And this is what can no longer be mentioned in Putin's Russia. -cy] , and achieved victory at a cost of millions of lives lost and terrible trials endured. 

I repeat: The victory that is being celebrated today in Russia is in fact one of the greatest tragedies ever to have befallen Europeans.

And just how European is Russia anyway? Here is a picture from May 8, 2014 of Putin with his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Is he White? Is he a European? He looks like an Indian or some  non-White mix.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, center, and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, attend a gala concert on the eve of Victory Day marking the defeat of National-Socialist Germany 69 years ago, in the Kremlin in Moscow on May 8, 2014.

Later in the day, Putin traveled to Sevastopol, Crimea where he presided over a triumphant spectacle of warships and fighter jets, and hailed the incorporation of Crimea's 2 million people into Russia as "return to the Motherland" and a tribute to the "historical justice and the memory of our ancestors."

In the center of Slovyansk, Eastern Ukraine, a man waves a communist flag in front of a monument to Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin during a Victory Day celebration on May 9, 2014.

A Crimean woman named Yelena, who said her grandfather had been killed in the second world war, called Putin a wise leader and said the new government in Kiev was discriminating against Russian speakers.

"Seeing all this military equipment, we feel such pride and patriotism, we feel ready to give our lives for our country," she said.

Her husband, Roman, said Crimea joining Russia had given residents "hope in a good, dignified future. Crimea has come into Russia's protection; protection against the fascism and economic changes that await Ukraine." [Shades of the old days when Father Stalin made them feel protected in their communist collective ... as Hitler said, that is the nature of the Russian people. -cy]

"Patriotism is in our blood, but now it is waking up," said Mikhail Tkachenko, who was wearing his grandfather's Red Army jacket and said he had previously served in the Ukrainian army. "Freedom is understood differently by everyone. In western Ukraine they understand it differently than we do here."


Elsewhere, in far western Ukraine, The head of the Lvov veterans association, Timofei Mahanyuk, told Russia Today that, despite the ban, he and many of the veterans will fulfill their duty and pay their respects to their fallen comrades by laying flowers at their graves.

Mahanyuk says that Lvov has become a "breeding ground for Ukrainian Nazism." He says that he and many of his veterans always face the possibility of being attacked. But despite a threat to their well-being, veterans will hold May 9 commemorations.


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At a reception for veterans held the evening before (May 8, 2014), Putin spoke these words:

This unity of a multi-ethnic people with different faiths was the greatest legacy of our victory. It is our duty to our forefathers to preserve and strengthen it now. This is our duty before those who defended our homeland, brought freedom to the peoples of Europe, and rid the world of Nazism.

And some WN's believe he's just saying these words over and over because he has to? Get real. He's building his multi-ethnic empire on what he considers the ashes of racialist thinking.

The Russians stopped parading for their Bolshevik coup government after the collapse of the Soviet Union until it continued in 1995. Putin might as well parade for the sake of it, celebrating Russian culture or historic battles against the Asiatic hordes, when Russia was still Swedish or truely Slavic. But no, Putin celebrates the genocidal war against Germany and against the political system that cures the world's illnesses. 

I am truely disgusted with Vladimir "Lenin" Putin. He should be ashamed for imitating our Prussian Stechschritt ("goose step" but literally piercing step, which is appropriate). 

I read General Patton's quotes again about Russians. He was right on the Jews, the Germans and also the Russians. Also, look at the gigantic hammer and sickle sign during the parade! So, is Berlin or London going to be called Putingrad after the Neo-Red Army has liberated Europe? 

He didn't expect to be backed into a corner, so sure he doesn't believe it, just tactic of what a good spy does, in this case, now, so much sudden responsibility, with the coup, pipeline, revenues, sanctions, devaluation, heroe of Russian-Ukrainian people, he went back to what the former Russia as USSR espoused, force, etc & is showing all who have turned against Russia now, Don't mess with Russia!  Theatre with good reason & show.  I am told he was educated in Germany.

And you, Valerie, know all this about him. But you don't know that he got all his educaton in the Soviet Union, pre-1990. It is his daughters who went to school in East Germany while he was stationed in Dresden with the KGB from 1985-90. It was also a communist education system.

I don't think your name is Valerie, but I do think you could be Russian. So inventing a partisan storyline comes naturally.

I may not be a fan of Putin, but consider, please, that he may be practising taqiyya with some longterm political goal in mind that may not be entirely to your dis-liking.   And I dare say, if more of us did this, we wouldn't be in the situation we are now in.

That the "Soviet victory saved Europe from slavery" can be spoken without blinking an eye is a joke and he knows it.  He is confounding his enemies is how I see it.  Let me repeat that I am not a fan of Putin but as Valerie suggested, he did not expect to be backed into a corner.

Practicing taqiyya ... give me a break. He is confounding no one, except you folks who are so determined to create a romantic belief in an imminent breakthrough, that you will dream up anything.

You should consider that there is such a thing as the CIA, and M15, and other intelligence organizations. They know a thing or two, and will not be fooled by some kind of taqiyya.

P.S. I want people looking for their comments here to know that I am not giving free space to anonymous trolls ... even if you give yourself some kind of name. I can tell a sincere comment when I see one ... vs. someone pushing an agenda.

I am not "dreaming up anything" nor am I given to creating romantic beliefs in "imminent breakthrough".  There isn't going to be any kind of breakthrough anytime soon and if there is, it won't be compliments of The Little Tatar in Moscow. I just suggested that maybe Putin is playing some kind of game, I am just throwing ideas around.  

My comment was sincere and I'm not a troll, if that is what you were implying in your Post Script.  Why do you have to be so mean, Carolyn, just because some of us aren't quite as hip as you are?  You could have responded more kindly. 

My Troll comment was meant for another person who sent in a comment at the same time you did. Note that I addressed it to: "people looking for their comments here" -- which tells you it is not you since your comment was posted.

If you want people to know you are sincere, why not use a real name instead of "WhyNot" which doesn't inspire confidence. But so far, I have approved everything you've sent.

I have heard this idea that Putin is playing some kind of game from innumerable people already, some of whom I'm disappointed to hear it from. It's lame. You're not the first one to present it here.

Now I am wondering if you are Charles. :-)

I don't know who Charles is.  You think Prince Charles hangs out here?  I have posted only under my WhyNot screen name.  I don't have any inclination to play games or try to fool people.  My viewpoints will inspire confidence - or not - irrespective of my desire to put my real name down here.  Lots of people post opinions on the internet under phony titles.  We don't want to get our families or ourselves into any trouble.  This is not antique cars we're discussing.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that Putin is being, how shall we say, disingenuous.  Crazy like a fox.  What would you do if you were in his shoes. Being attacked from (almost) all angles.  The world is not a little village. Time will tell if that is a "lame" theory or not.  Thank you for publishing my views.

His foreign minister is half Russian and half Turkic, of the Tuvan group http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuvans 

Considering the fact that the USSR lost 30 million people during Hitler's war of extermination against it, mostly ethnic East Slavs, I don't have any surprise or concern at the fact Russians look back at the incredible suffering and struggle their people went through to defeat the Nazi invaders. They have every right to. 

to Cerdic (annonymous):

In this article I'm talking about the DEFENSE Minister. The foreign minister you speak of is Sergey Lavrov, whose parents were Georgian, and who looks "almost White." You are trying to confuse things and seem to want us to read about the Tuvans.

The reason the USSR lost so many troops was because the commissars and generals were throwing untrained and poorly equipped men and women in direct assaults against the Germans, who had no choice but to mow them down. It was Stalin who was mainly responsible for the huge number of Russian dead. But in Russia, everything is blamed on the "Nazi facists."

I don't believe Putin is entirely White. Notice the severely sloping forehead which is counter to the White trait of a straight and tall forehead. Sloping foreheads are non-White such as with jews and other semites, mestizos, negroids, etc.

Putin has a severely receding chin also, a very weak jawline. That's why I selected that particular picture for this article, to hightlight this. I'm glad you picked up on it.

Add to this his very short stature and he has a lot to compensate for. All the cosmetic surgery tells me he is insecure in his looks (although he didn't get a chin implant, probably thought it would be too noticeable?), and also that he intends to remain on the world stage for quite a long time.

And what kind of a name is Putin? He doesn't look anything like the man who is supposed to be his father, who was 41 when Putin was born. His mother was that age also. Her maiden name was Shelomova  They had two previous children born in the mid-30's who died -- the first after birth and the second  during WW2 of diptheria. Vladimir wasn't born until 1952 -- after his 'brothers' were both dead. A small picture of his mother shows her to also have a normal, even generous, chin. Neither parent had blonde hair.

His father's father was a cook for Lenin and for Josef Stalin for a period of time. Putin's father was supposedly a devoted communist of the working class. Could Putin be an orphan they adopted? It's pure speculation, but possible. Could account for the fact there is no information available about his ancestry -- nothing past his parents! From Wikipedia:

The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname "Putin" beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich.

On Putin's Wiki page, the picture of his father as a youngish man and one of him as a young KGB agent shows NO resemblance between them at all. Everything is different. I'm going to have to go into this more deeply.

I don't think a receding chin says anything either way.  I must know 50 pure white peole who have weak chins at least as bad as Mr. Putin's.  

As to height.  Lots of short 100% whites, including me and both my white parents and my white brothers & sisters.  Means nothing at all, except that for generations they lived in an area known for poverty and comparatively inadequate diet.   

As to sloping foreheads.  I know an engineer from Holland, smart as a whip, pure white as could be, he has a sloping forehead + weak chin to boot. 

I say look to noses and shape of eyes to find serious signs of far eastern blood.

I was not describing Putin's characteristics as meaning he was not White, now was I? Truthspeech only mentioned the sloping forehead as being "un-White." I agree with you on that, however. And I knew a very smart and fine white man who had a receding chin, but his mother did too. What I am doing is questioning Putin's whole story. Vlad's nose, btw, is  totally different than his father's. Noses are quite easy to change, too.

So now we know that you are short snd that you come from an impoverished family. What else do you want to tell us about yourself, WhyNot? :-)

Amazing. I truly just discovered that my idea that Putin was adopted by his "parents" is aready an old story. There's a woman in Georgia who claims he is her son, and she has a pretty good story. It's been written up in the Telegraph in 2008: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/3568891/Could-th...

Although I too don't find the photo of him at 7 years old convincing.

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