Today's the day to listen to the "holocaust" revisionist message

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-01-27 10:27

Why do people still believe in the Hoax?

Answer: Because they don't read the Revisionist research and writings.

Maybe half the people who believe in the so-called holocaust have never given it any real thought. They would be shocked if they read a good selection of the main points made in Revisionist research. Just a summary won't do, though; they have to read the actual written words of good Revisionist books and articles, but they don't have to read a whole book—although they may want to after they read selections from one.

The fact is people have been led astray by holocauster propaganda (in large part through Hollywood films) and do not know anything about what really happened (although they think they do). We have to reach these people, and one of the best ways is through the presentation of Revisionist material at the website It's long title: “Jan27 International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative.”

Here, the newcomer will find basic explanations in the Revisionists' own words for all the main themes of the Auschwitz legend, and in easy to swallow portions—not too long, not too short. Plus 3 book features and a number of very select videos. Everything at is top of the line. Today. Jan. 27, 2016, is the day to introduce it to someone you know ... who doesn't yet know.


There is a good discussion going on here:

The Jan27 website was linked to on page 2 by my old nemesis Reichenberg. Good job, Reichenberg!

The "new" news service "Business Insider," fronted by the former business news online "tv" commentator Henry Blodget, has published this article today by Jew Julie Zeveloff: in honor of HMDay.

There's nothing unusual about a story writer being Jewish, but it's still true that Business Insider carries "holocaust" stories and memoirs by Jews on a regular basis, even when it is not HMDay and it is not news! I have noticed it and can only conclude that it is a propaganda outlet for the Jewish narrative, including the "holocaust" narrative. Beware of the news from these people! They specialize in catchy, hard-hitting headlines to get folks to click on their links. Sometimes it is hard to resist. They know our weaknesses.

An army of jews online who are counting every single "denial" of their Big Lie that they've been getting away with for so long. But not for much longer!!

If you go here, you'll see how the WJC presents their holohoax. A photo of  German victims of Dresden piled up on some rails, burning, and the implication is they are Jewish victims of the Nazis!! There is also a photo of a clothing delousing chamber, a life-saving device, which is supposed to be seen as a torture chamber or a cremation oven! Anyway, as part of the "Final Solution." Total stupidity.

Pretty sickening, too. I'll have to study the other pages and see what errors they have on them. Tell me what you find.

Yes, Dresden picture is the most blatant one. 8th picture at their "The Holocaust" page which is usually called "The last Jew in Vinnitsa" could also be fraudulent

"Why do people still believe in the Hoax?"
Because the holohoax is told to them by what seem to be many disparate sources, i.e. film, TV, newspapers, schools, government, etc. so surely if so many disparate sources are in agreement, it must be proven fact and there is no need to question it or to seek out research on the fable.
But in truth, the holohoax lie all comes from ONE SINGLE SOURCE: International Jewry, and the reason film, TV, newspapers, schools, and government all agree on the lie is because they are all under jewish control. 

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