Paypal shuts down my account

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-03-21 18:22

So it has now come to me. I didn't even understand what they were talking about when I first realized that this was serious. Paypal doesn't speak in plain language. Their message said my account had been permanently limited “because some of your recent transactions violated the [Paypal User Agreement and Acceptable Use] policy” which I had signed. A “limitation” is Paypal's language for a ban. It means you can't send or receive funds.

I couldn't see any problem with my transactions; they were ordinary enough. I needed an explanation for how my transactions were at fault. When I got hold of a real person on the phone, it turned out it wasn't my transactions at all. It was my websites! And specifically in relation to “Holocaust” I was told. She said that was in the User Agreement I had signed.

After my phone conversation, I did receive an email answer to my email request for information. It explained it this way:

Due to the nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you in accordance with PayPal's User Agreement. As a result, we have placed a permanent limitation on your account.

Well now, checking their Acceptable Use Policy, I find this under "Prohibited Activities:" (f) the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime - as the only thing that could apply to me. I do not promote hate, I do not promote violence, but I guess you could say I promote racial intolerance. Yet the woman on the phone specified only “Holocaust” as the problem with my sites. “Holocaust” is not mentioned in the prohibited activities – it's an interpretation from the "hate" part, I suppose.

Is Holocaust Revisionism about hate? Of course not. It's about correcting atrocity propaganda that has taken hold as the historical record by the merciless victors of World War II. Revisionism is love. So clearly, Paypal is responding to a particular complaint from a particular person or organization whom they don't want to stand up to. It's easier to go along.

In addition, I live and operate in the USA, where we don't have “Holocaust” laws. I wonder if this is part of the German government crackdown on the Internet? But yes or no, we really NEED Donald Trump to become our next president if just for the fact that he would take free speech seriously  ... along with gun rights.

So from now on, to contribute toward my work and to keep my sites online, you will have to send cash, check or money order to the mailing address given at my websites. Or use Google Wallet – my account is [email protected]. The Jews will never defeat us.


Miss Carolyn,
While I am not very knowledgeable about your site, it seems very mild to me. Reading main stream comments in Yahoo under many different subjects one encounters and sees hate all the time on any subject. The mostly worthless Prison Planet has many hateful comments--------but then they are anti national socialist and support the idea of a WWII holocaust against Jews.
Some pro white sites are very vulgar at times like Daily Stormer, but this site??? Not at all. This site is so mild that I have even shared a couple of articles here with my grandmother, while she would be horrified if she knew I had looked at the bizarre Daily Stormer or the strange liberal or libertarian site run by Alex Jones.
As an aside I do not see any difference between classical liberals and libertarians. They both seem worthless to me.
May I dare say that the freedoms americans say exist are different than the reality of the usa.

You don't understand. The greatest enemy and fear of the Jews is Holocaust Revisionism. The greatest! Prison Planet doesn't even count.

Daily Stormer lost it's paypal access a long time ago.

I see. And yes I agree that Prison Planet is worthless. Your contention that Jewish fear of any challenges to what they call the Holocaust is their greatest fear is very interesting. They must be more insecure on this issue than I thought.

I didn't say that Prison Planet was worthless. I said they didn't count when it comes to making the Jewish establishment feel threatened.

Better watch how I say this. I recall a few years ago a few higher up Kosher gentlemen did this with Master Card.
You know what they say Carolyn ... cash is as good as money.

Yes, Roger, and the cash you sent recently was very much appreciated. I can handle cash just fine Laughing.

Here's what I posted on facebook with a link when I read this article. After posting the second time in facebook things usually stick, even things like this:
This woman's account has been "permanently limited" (closed) based on a selfish, defamatory LIE. This and actions of a more violent nature, sometimes extremely violent, have been carried out by the selfish LIARS against people who refuse to submit to their selfish LYING, for many decades now. Just last year 16 LIARS were locked up in Coney Island, USA, for fraudulent claims against the Federal Republic of Germany amounting to better than $50,000,000 (fifty-million dollars) in some instances made by people who weren't even born in 1945.

By the way, Trump is the only candidate I know of who's actually said he would likely go along with (more) limitations on freedom of speech on the internet in the US, this based on use of internet by Moslem extremists, though it's easier to surveil them if you let them think they can say anything they want, then get them for incendiary posts. Trump is the only one I would vote for however, though I'm not likely to vote.

PayPal is part of the BigDjoo money machine. Odd that some praise cash because BigDjoo also gives the authorization to print all the greenbacks LOL. But it doesn't matter; the work of revisionism, the automatic, normal and natural reaction to djoo supremacy, will go on and on. It cannot be stopped; if the djoo is eternal, then so is anti djoo supremacism. Water will run to the sea. Water will erode the mountains.
A Joyous Easter to all.  The djooz tried to silence the Christus; how did that turn out?

I was shut down a week ago and it was the most devastating thing to my business. Right now I have been searching for other alternatives, but many of my customers have requested to pay with PayPal.
I can't get the limitation lifted nor register another account. After doing some research on some alternatives, I came across an article on the site of Auction Essistance. Not sure if you ever heard of them. Apparently there is a method known as stealth where you can get back on after getting limited. I am not entirely sure if this would be a good idea to research more on? I am at my wits end with this shut down.