NSU trio linked to German domestic intelligence agent

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-04-07 23:18

NSU trio member Uwe Mundlos is now discovered to have worked for a company owned by an informant of the German intelligence service.

According to an article in Die Welt (The World), a team of journalists led by editor-in-chief Stefan Aust reported that two of the three alleged National-Socialist Underground members worked for a  company in Zwickau after “going underground” in 1998. From 2000 to 2002 Uwe Mundlos worked under a false name at a building demolition service company owned by “neo-Nazi” Ralf Marschner. The authors of the Die Welt report say Marschner was an informant who was delivering information about the right-wing scene to the intelligence services. Marschner is believed to have worked under the code name Primus for the BfV, Germany's domestic intelligence service. There is now speculation whether Mundlos himself was also supplying information to the BfV.

The journalist group found that Beate Zschaepe, 41, worked in a store in Zwickau that was also run by the agent Marschner during Zschaepe’s time as an alleged member of the NSU. Zschäpe is now standing trial before a court in Munich, the main defendant in the so-called NSU trial which has been going on for three years now. However, Aust said her story was being deduced from circumstantial evidence which may or may not prove to be valid.

In various parliamentary inquiries as well as during the trial itself, every effort to pin down what happened meets a barrier when it comes up against the intelligence services. The most sensational case is that of Andreas T., an informant leader who was sitting in the Internet cafe in Kassel on April 6, 2006 when the owner, Halit Yozgat, was shot. Andreas T. lied, pretending that he didn't even know of the place. Police investigations on the suspicion of murder were shelved to protect his identity from becoming known, and the files of Hesse's intelligence service remain under lock and key.

Tino Brandt (left) is another key figure for connections between the NSU and the intelligence services. The Thuringian “Nazi” was unmasked as an informant in 2001 and was branded a traitor in the right-wing scene. Since then, he's been convicted and sentenced for sexually assaulting a minor. The secret informers for the intelligence services are a pretty sleazy bunch. I believe these informers are there to stir up activism and petty crime that they can then report to the intelligence service, giving them cause for cracking down on right-wing parties or organizations.

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I think that you have a point in this being an opportunistic case for them and what occurs after can oinly be suspicious. Great work too and thanks.