Eric Hunt's latest film released today - view it online

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-04-25 19:36

Filmmaker Eric Hunt has released his latest documentary film today, Monday, April 25, on a new website: Questioning The  It is the first in a series that will appear under that heading. I would describe this film as a basic primer with the intention of reaching those who were indoctrinated with Holocaust education throughout their school years, and may have had some questions they were afraid to ask. Now they can learn about it from a different perspective and get some answers that weren't available to them in their school setting.

The film is appropriately named Questioning "The Holocaust" - Why We Believed.  It is Part 1 of 2, with the second part coming at a later date. Part 1 focuses on that very question of why we all started out believing, even swallowing the popular conception of "fake shower rooms" into which Jews were allegedly lured only to experience deadly hydrogen-cyanide gas coming out of the shower heads instead of water. That explains the neat graphic of the shower head attached to a pipe in the shape of a question mark. Of course, if the gas killed them all, who was there to tell such a story? Well, there are "survivors" who said they "escaped from the gas chamber" but it was really a rumor that circulated among the inmates in several camps - and we learn how this rumor became a belief.

Another major theme is how many thousands of inmate deaths were caused by Allied bombing. Trains carrying prisoners west, away from the front lines - as demanded by international law - were targeted by American and British planes. Camps where prisoners were living, sometimes hospitals where they were being cared for, were heavily bombed in late 1944 and in 1945. Part 1 ends with the Nordhausen camp, in which the death of the prisoners killed by British RAF bombers was blamed on the Germans, and today these thousands of dead are presented as "Holocaust" victims of the Nazis.

So two of the main pillars that support holocaust belief - the gas chambers and the masses of dead bodies we see in photographs and newsreels - are explained. We're also given a taste of how the USHMM in Washington DC promotes these false ideas to the museum visitors. It's best to view the film in full-screen at Youtube. After watching it yourself, do the world a favor and recommend and send it to others. And donate to Eric Hunt via his website if you can. He sacrifices a lot to do what he does.

UPDATE: Thought I'd add my personal favorite parts:

Gas chamber/shower room hoax, from 17:12 to 21:21

Journalist Bill Neely, from 36m to 40m

Historian Steven Ambrose, from 1:05:45 to 1:08

I love the way Eric exposes the rich and famous liars working for the establishment. But they look so good, don't they.


The man is VERY talented.

I heard Stephen E. Ambrose in a radio-interview in the late 1990s declare that the USGI was the only soldier in WWII who was fighting to make good prevail in the world.
This was such an unscholarly assertion that I told Ernst Zundel about it. He said: "Wow, the Americans like their propaganda simple."
But there is a segment in the last episode of Sir Jeremy Isaacs' The World at War where the young Stephen Ambrose appears, actually seeming to be a serious historian with serious observations. His observation in that segment is that Britain "lost a very great deal" by fighting Germany.

Well, rewatching that clip from The World at War, I have to qualify what I said about the young Stephen Ambrose. He said that "justice has never been better served" than by the outcome of the Second World War. That foreshadows his later academic whoring.

Carolyn, thanks for pointing out that this 1 of 2 just came out--I was going nuts trying to find 2 of 2.
The next question that pops up, aside from Norman Finklestein's expose of how much money is realized by keeping the myth alive, is this: To what extent, if any, do today's Zionists use the Big H as justification?-  For all that they do in Gaza and the rest of the world--like the WTC.
I find to be an apocryphal quote from Golda Meir--"We have the Holocaust; we can do anything we want." That's sort of a piece with "Palestine was empty before we got here--no one lived here. (like the position being fought against by AIPAC--here known as The American Indian Political Action Committee.--that is, AIPAC argues for the proposition that the entire US was populated--by indians--before the European Invasion and occupation.