Another farcical holocaust trial begins in northeastern Germany

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-09-13 03:08

Hubert Zafke arrives at court in Neubrandenburg, assisted by his three sons.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE GERMAN JUSTICE SYSTEM CONTINUES TO SERVE JEWISH VENGEANCE as the “holocaust' trial of Hubert Zafke got underway on Monday … sort of. It was scheduled to start in February at the Neubrandenburg state court in northeastern Germany, but had been postponed three times due to the health of the 95-year-old WWII veteran.

Zafke was pushed into court in a wheelchair by three of his four sons, whose discontent with the process was written on their faces (according to the Der Spiegel reporter). The elder Zafke suffers from poor hearing, but still lives independently at home in a Mecklenburg village, thanks to family help. The reporter also said the court didn't seem very interested in trying the case.

The presiding judge, Klaus Kabisch, was the subject of the opening motions. Prosecutors and attorneys representing Auschwitz victims who are co-plaintiffs both filed motions accusing Kabisch of bias for his previous rulings on Zafke's health, asking for his removal and noting that no Auschwitz survivors had been invited to testify, as is common in such proceedings. (Oh yeah, remember how they testified in the Reinhold Hanning trial? Flames coming out of the crematorium chimneys, and naked prisoners screaming in the back of a truck headed for the gas chamber – lies.)

Monday's court session ended after two hours when Zafke's blood pressure had risen to an elevated 160:90. "Fitness to stand trial is an imperative according to the rule of law," Kabisch told the court. He also told them that the motions for his removal would now have to be heard before he could schedule another session in the trial.

So it goes in the insane legal processes insisted on by the Jews of Germany. Though he was merely a medic, Zafke is charged with 3,681 counts of accessory to murder for allegedly helping the Auschwitz “death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland” function. We know it was not a death camp, but a labor and transit camp; however, such things are not allowed to be brought up. The charges refer to only a one-month period in 1944 when 14 train transports of Jews arrived, all of whom were supposedly killed immediately. It does no good to ask why they were not killed where they were rather than using hard-to-come-by trains and fuel in 1944 to bring them to Auschwitz for the deed. Their Jew-hatred had reduced the Nazis to madness, we are supposed to believe.

Now get this: The prosecution alleges that Zafke's SS medical unit was involved in “putting gas into gas chambers to kill Jews and others” ['others' apparently aren'y worthy of being identified]. They could only have gotten this from the “surlievors” who say there were no medical services for inmates - that Zafke's unit was instead responsible for maintaining and administering the poison gas!

The public prosecutor Hans Förster idiotically said "It is now known that all SS doctors and dentists in Auschwitz had to do ramp and gas chamber service.” He also said dental treatment at that time, according to the BGH [German federal supreme court], had been only about monitoring and removing gold teeth. This belief appears to be based on some false testimony told at earlier holocaust trials.

Now if you think that's ridiculous, how about this: It says in the indictment against Hubert Zafke:

"The flames shot out of the chimneys of the crematoria, the ash clouds and the smell of burning flesh were present to the accused in the course of his work, just as true as the fact that a new ramp for incoming deportation trains was built next to the women's camp."

This is supposed to show that he knew it was an extermination camp. But it's a fact that flames never shot out of crematoria chimneys, nor was there a smell from them. But the prosecutors don't care, they're only interested in pointing out that Anne Frank arrived with her family while Zafke was there, even though she and her sister were transferred to Bergen Belsen, and the indictment doesn't hold him responsible for her eventual death.They just bring her up for it's predjudicial value against the defendant.

Zafke's attorney insists his client was just a medic who did nothing criminal at Auschwitz. “I heard nothing, saw nothing, killed no one,” Zafke himself says. Good for him for telling the truth! He puts Reinhold Hanning, who caved in and signed a statement that he was aware of killing and "could smell burning", to shame.

But these public prosecutors say Zafke could still be criminally liable if it’s shown he knew about the (alleged) mass murders and willingly joined the organizational structure to carry them out. Of course such a motive could never be demonstrated. But records that became available after the fall of the Soviet Union reveal he joined the Hitler Youth at age 13. All boys in Germany joined the Hitler Youth at that age! Including Pope Benedict! That makes Zafke no more guilty than he.

If there's any further action in this wannabe trial, I'll try to let you know.


Why can't the defender, if he's worth his salt, demand that the known falsehoods be removed from the complaint before proceeding, and move for sanctions if not done thoroughly? It's easily proven. These liars should not be permitted in court and the judge, if he's worth his salt, will not permit them to carry on their agitprop there.

Bruce, you must know that this holo crap is blessed and approved in the German "Constitution" -- the one that was given to the German people, not voted on by them. It's SEDITIOUS (remember?) to deny the guilt of N-S Germany as laid down at the Nuremberg Tribunal, or to question/deny the tales of Jewish surlievors.

Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf and Sylvia Stolz are all examples of what happens when you try to prove facts about Holohoax in German courtrooms. Even the judges can't do it. It's LAW. Why do you want to put down these poor folks?

Although I agree that it should be able to be done.

Maybe my bravura but a man of that age and physical condition might just as well do what the IRA did in the British judicial proceedings and refuse to recognise the court. He might as well stay silent and refuse to co-operate.

Mind, they did in Hess, so the possibility can't be precluded even at his age, but there comes the time you just have to say: NOW YOU'VE JUST GONE TOO FAR!

Meantime over in the United Cuckdom

The trial resumed today, Monday 9/19, and once again Hubert Zafke was wheeled into the courtroom by one of his sons. But he should not have been troubled to do so, since nothing happened.

The trial was suspended again, for the fifth time since February.

Prosecutors put a motion for judge Klaus Kabisch to recuse himself while the judge stifled a yawn. They say Kabisch is biased (Ho ho, but they are not biased?!!) because of his over-concern for the defendant's health. After two hours, the judge adjourned the hearing without setting another court date. The examination of the latest motion could take “three weeks”, he said.

But I want to mention that this article is from AFP (France Assoc. Press), yet ends with a very similar sentence as did a recent Reuters article I wrote about: “Some 1.1 million people, most of them European Jews, perished between 1940 and 1945 in Auschwitz before it was liberated by Soviet forces.”

Articles like this, whether about Auschwitz or some other camps, used to always end with something like “Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.” I am watching to see if there is some kind of pull-back from the 6 million Jews number.