Ursula Haverbeck: The Hooton-Plan and the Migrant Crisis

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2016-09-20 18:19

Watch! The Hooton Plan
and the Migrant Crisis

SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH BY DIDI 18, this is an almost 30 minute video by Ursula Haverbeck explaining why Europe is being invaded ... it's all in the Hooton Plan!

Only one book describing the Hooton Plan is still available, but only in German. Ursula tells us that four of the five points of the Jewish plan for Europe are already completed, so there is no time to waste.

She begins by saying that the 20th Century has been called “The Jewish Century” by two prominant writers, one of whom is Yuri Slezkine, who wrote a book of that title. He said the plans for the upcoming century were set at the 100 year Memorial Congress of 1889 [Memorial for the French Revolution of 1789]. The plan included:

the wars;

the breaking up of Germany after the war;

the abdication of three emperors – the Austrian, Prussian and Russian Czar;

and on a map dated around 1890 the words “Land of Social Experiments” was printed across Russia.

Haverbeck then continues to map out the major political events of the 20th Century, culminating in the migrant invasion of Europe of the 21st that we are experiencing now (again centering in Germany). She does an extraordinary job; it's a must watch!


I could find no information that Hooton was Jewish. Hooton is an old English name. Hooton even suggested intermarriage with Gentiles for the Jews as a solution to the "Jewish problem", which would also benefit the general population with higher intelligence. I don't think a real Jew would suggest such a thing. See : http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1939/4/28/earnest-a-hooton-offers-cure-for/
Anyway, mass immigration of non-Whites into white countries with forced integration is currently the Jewish plan of white-genocide-by-miscegenation, not only for Germany but for all white countries. Politicians such as Angela Merkel are only puppets of this scheme.
Do you have any information that the 100 year Memorial Congress of 1889 was in any way Jewish?

I know nothing about the Memorial Congress of 1889, but I found this here:

The Centennial Exposition of 1889 was organized by the French government to commemorate the French Revolution. Bridge engineer Gustave Eiffel's 984-foot (300-meter) tower of open-lattice wrought iron was selected in a competition to erect a memorial at the exposition.

So it would be connected to the Exposition taking place. Could Ursula be conflating this with the First Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897?

Another fluke is that someone titled it "The Hooton Plan ..." but it's clearly not just Hooton, but also Louis Nizer and Theodore Kaufman, plus the members of the Franklin Roosevelt Administration who put forth "plans" to decommision Germany ... and Germans.

It's like with the Protocols - you look at the outcome and it fits like a glove. I disagree with your statement that it's "all White countries." Ursula is right that Germans have been targeted, and other White countries have even been used to bring Germany down. They were and still are easier to prevail upon. If Germany/Germans were to hold out, the plan would be defeated.

The assertion that Jews are intelligent is a myth, a lie, a fraud, a fiction. It is a fact that Germans are among the smartest ethnic group in the world (average IQ of 107), even compared to East Asians:


The average IQ for Israel is well below 100, near 90 actually.

Are you Jewish Franklin?

I would like to add some book recommendations:

The German Genius by Peter Watson. (No other ethnic group has contributed more to humanity and modern Western civilization, culture and technology as have the Germans, this is a fact.)

The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry.

March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp.

Different peoples have contributed to civilization at different times. In Antiquity it was the Greeks, during the Renaissance it was the Italians, in more modern times it was indeed the Germans.

IQ tests are only concerned with a limited part of human talent, (they don't measure for example creativity, "emotional intelligence" or social skills), but they are not useless. I think "processing of information" is a good definition of what IQ tests measure.
There is some critique on Richard Lynn's data on world IQs, but I think by and large they paint a correct picture. I don't suffer from feelings of inferiority if it appears that East Asians have on average a somewhat higher IQ than Europeans, or that Ashkenazi Jews have a high verbal IQ. These differences can be explained. The East Asians developed in a far colder climate in Central Asia than Europeans, while the high verbal IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is a comparatively recent development. Isolation in ghettos, a culture of learning and the eugenic effect of arranged marriages of intelligent boys with rich girls offer enough explanation (Prof. Kevin MacDonald has described that process).
Israel's low IQ of 94 can also be explained. 20% of the population consists of Arabs (average IQ 85), of the Jewish population only half is Ashkenazi, the other half consists of Ethiopian Jews (average IQ 63), Oriental Jews (average IQ 85) and Sephardic Jews (average IQ 100). I suspect that the Israeli Ashkenazis are also not the brightest of their group. I think the brightest Ashkenazis rather stay in the rich Western countries than in a country that is still developing.
No I am not a Jew, but I must say that I am rather amused to see how quickly in the paranoid world of the Internet this suspicion arises when one only slightly deviates from what is considered to be ideological orthodoxy.

I'm also leery of IQ tests - they don't really measure creativity, imagination and abstract thinking. Also I think inefficient pictorial Asian languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean) handicaps East Asians in thier thinking and expression. It's more accurate to compare races, ethnic groups and societies holistically: white northwest European men and their descendent diaspora around the world created 98-99% of all of the technolgy, culture etc., that constitutes and maintains modern Western civilization.
Germans also have a "culture of learning" - Ever hear of the German term "Bildung"? The notion that Jews are this noble, learned race is a fraud - it's a part of their "mystique" and mythology. Their whole lives are based on lies, deceit and fraud targeting the non-Jews - the Talmud is based on this notion. I have experience with Jews, you have no idea how bad it really is with them. To me, Jews are the same as Gypsies, Irish Travelers - a criminal class and antagonistic ethnic group, but just on a bigger, more deceitful and malevolent, and more complicated scale.
Jews are essentially parasites. They have no culture or place of thier own. Jews do not think, create, build, explore, discover, innovate or author anything - these are the domains predominatley of white European men - just look at history (Freud and Einstein, among many others, were frauds).

UH is so beautiful and courageous.  I love listening to her German though I can't speak it myself.  But the information and history she is teaching is like a fresh cleansing rain for my soul.  And I am not even German!   Germany, for me, represents the height of Enlightenment in art, literature, music, technology, and philosophy and theology.  No wonder there were those who did not attain these things who wanted, and wants, to destroy her.  
The internet is still open so we still have some time to have what Lincoln called a rebirth of freedom.  When we can no longer recieve these voices we will know that the dark has prevailed.  I think.  

Carolyn, I can't believe my eyes that you say, "I disagree with your statement that it's "all White countries." 
Even Iceland is a target for mass immigration, affirmative action, incessant advertising to whites to race mix, and all the rest. The Jews want to wipe out the White Race. Period ! Name one (once) white country where the same thing is not going on. 
By the way there is an excellent book which UH did not mention.
Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War by Docherty and  MacGregor.
Obligatory reading IMO.

Of course I know what's happening in all White countries, and I know the book The Secret Origins of the First World War by Docherty and MacGregor. I did a radio program on it, as I recall. But if Iceland went all black, would it change mainland Europe? And I'm not insensitive to Iceland or its value. However, the Jews never did to Iceland (or any other country) what they did to Germany.

You can blame Europe's troubles today on the wars on Germany waged in the 20th Century, carried out by "White countries." If Hitler had won, and a National-Socialist Germanic League was able to hold onto the consolidation of Europe under his policies, we would never have even a fraction of the problem we have today. Instead of us, it would be the Jews suffering for being kicked out of Europe. And no Israel! Because of "White people" like Franklin Rykaert the Jews are instead kicking us out!

White people who are crying about their plight now still refuse to consider they are wrong about Hitler and his place in European history. That was a crucial turning point, and we lost.

Thursday 9-22: The UN is crying out against "incendiary phosphorous bombs" being used on Syrian rebel troops (anti-government) in Aleppo yesterday. Many, many more of such bombs were used against National-Socialist Germany from 1942-45, but the UN didn't complain about it then, and still doesn't.

And not just the UN, but the entire "Free World." That's got to tell you something.

It is very interesting to note that people still refer to Jews as Jews! Trace the origin of todays Jews and you will slee that most arose from the ancient land of Kazarian. This was a group of Trurko-Mongol people who all converted to Judaism and after defeat by the primitive Russia people scattered throughout Europe caring their Talmudic teachings and form of Judaism with the. You see those who wish to be enlightened, today's Jews are converted Gentiles from the land of Kazarian. Many books ha been written such as The invention of the Jewish people, The thirteenth Tribe, DNA evidence and the Jewish bloodline, and many more. You only need to open your eyes and mind then the truth will arise and set you free. By the way, they DNA scientist that proved that today's Jews are converted Gentiles are Jewish. Also the authors of he two books cited above are Jewish . Seek and you will find.

Everyone has their opinion.

There's plenty of information about the Turko-Mongol people and the Khazars around, but I haven't been able to find the link between Jews and Khazars or Turko-Mongols. Could you please provide sources?

The Swedish gov't is now advertising that the "old" Sweden is being swept away and showing a woman in Arab garb saying how she is the future. Sad to say I met a young German woman who told me how wonderful it was that her friend was "taking one of them in". The real question is whether there are any men left to "organize" outside of the electoral system and tell the politicians what would be "in their best interest". Fascism understood this; Hitler lucked out when he got appointed Chancellor, which probably created illusions. "The great issues of the day are settled with Blood and Iron."--Bismark

You have quoted Bismarck incorrectly - he never said blood and iron, but iron and blood.

"Not by speeches and votes of the majority, are the great questions of the time decided — that was the error of 1848 and 1849 — but by iron and blood." -Bismarck

The Jews prove otherwise. They rule us with MONEY and MEDIA. All "iron" (weapons) needs money to be bought, and all "blood" (fighting) needs media to be inspired. It is the rare Gentile who understands that the Jew has to be fought by his own means.

Thank you. I didn't have the full quote, which is even better.

"I know the book The Secret Origins of the First World War by Docherty and MacGregor. I did a radio program on it, as I recall."
Carolyn could you please give us the link to that radio program, I have looked through your podcats and can't find it 

Joshua, this is the one I was thinking about:


Sorry if you spent a lot of time looking. ;-(

What bothers me is the game Soros is playing- I know he is a great enemy of Europa, but then why does he also lobby to fill Israel with foreign blood too ? That part I dont understand and I really want an answer- he is such a negative force against our people yet at the same time he seems to be anti Israel to the point of wanting Israeli Jewish  blood diluted too.  If anyone can offer some explanation for this, let us all know. 

If Soros is as anti-nationalist and anti-borders as he seems to be, why would Israel be an exception? Jews are such an elite now everywhere that he probably thinks there is no reason to worry about them. They will marry for money and status, whether to other Jews or not. I don't think he's concerned about racial purity at all.

It looks like Ursula Solidarity bags are available.  See the bottom of the page - http://ursula-haverbeck.info/

Hi, you might find this useful. It is Ursula Haverbeck's speech narrated into English. the video is in this article.