BBC publishes fake news/hate news on fake Hitler painting

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-03-11 13:20

This gloomy, primitive painting is so clearly NOT by Adolf Hitler, but the shyster BBC and an Italian art gallery want us to believe it is.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE BBC PUBLISHED THE ABOVE IMAGE AND AN ACCOMPANYING STORY under their “News From Elsewhere” heading without even a reporter's byline. It reads:

By News from Elsewhere... found by BBC Monitor                         10 March 2017

It seems this is a way for them to spread around news that makes those they don't like look bad without taking responsibility for it. But they're wrong if they think they can get away with that.

The story claims that an art museum in northern Italy has a never-before seen oil painting by Adolf Hitler included in an exhibition it's calling “Museum of Madness.” The painting is devoid of a single mark of resemblance to Hitler's style or subject and color preferences. It is totally unlike any of the many accomplished paintings by him (or even his sketchier works) that are known, and signed. There doesn't even seem to be a forged signature on the painting. It is clearly not the work of Adolf Hitler.Will people believe anything?

The Museum of Salo, as it's called, on the shores of Lake Garda, is disreputably claiming the painting to be by Hitler and lent by an unnamed German 'private collector.' Might the collector be a Jew, and might the museum be owned and run by Jews? The curator Vittorio Sgarbi says he sees little artistic merit in the undated, untitled painting. [No kidding!]

"It's a piece of crap. It's a painting by a hopeless man, it could have been done by Kafka, it says a lot about his psyche: here you do not see greatness, you see misery."

Of course, because it's not by him, and if the museum knows anything about Hitler's art they know it isn't. Then we're told that Hitler was rejected twice from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts because he was a mediocre artist, which is not true. The whole story as told by Hitler himself can be found in Mein Kampf. He did not have the previous education necessary to meet the entrance requirement; it was a purely bureaucratic problem. Additionally, the professor who looked at his portfolio advised that he was more naturally inclined to architecture than to painting. He was only turned down by the academy of fine arts (painting school) once. Hitler was very young at the time and was entirely on his own, without a patron or responsible adult counseling him. So this is just more hate speech against him.

I imagine a complaint could be brought against this museum for misrepresentation of an artist, but who would do it? The state of Bavaria is the legal representative of Adolf Hitler's estate, to the best of my knowledge, and they would do nothing to protect his interests. Hitler is the whole world's whipping boy.


I saw this painting reproduced on another (nameless) website several days ago, and I immediately thought, "What some people won't do to attract attention.  This is fake news at its worst."  I had no idea others might be pushing this dark depiction of "whatever" seriously.  Even those replicating squares in the picture made to look like a maze are far outside of Adolph Hitler's aesthetics.  This is something he would condemn as decadent art, which it is, although I'm not sure it is even art.  It looks like an imitation of some other original painting done by an amateur.
I agreed with curator Vittorio Sgarbi who said this painting looks like it could have been done by Kafka.  I think it was done by a wanna-be painter/drop out from art college who read a lot of Kafka.

I thought Hitler primarily painted architecture and natural scenery portraits. Hitler was not a failed artist, despite what the haters say. I remember reading that Hitler was rejected from art school not because he was not a decent painter, but that the school faculty thought architecture was a much better fit for him.

@ Joey Virgo
"What some people won't do to attract attention".
Exact. The gallery curator, Vittorio Sgarbi, i a narcissist, self-promoting art critic, apparently not a jew but a shabbos goy, flying in the orbit of former PM, mason, Silvio Berlusconi. The Museum director, Giordano Bruno Guerri, liberal, libertarian, promoter of gay "marriages", author and curator of many books, including Winston Churchill's History of WWII, taught at various universities including Columbia University (see: