Consider this ...

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-05-29 11:07


I know Hitler was capable of performing miracles economically for Germany, but getting rid of 2.281 Jews a minute through extermination would require the talents of the Jewish Superman known for having the speed of a mighty bullet.  Just doing the simple math reveals the fantasy that makes up the Holohoax.

Yes, and important to fully realize that there is no break time involved with these numbers. It's every minute of every day (24/7) for 5 years straight, no holidays, no time off, no down time -- and still it's an impossible figure to accomplish. If a normal schedule had been followed in figuring these numbers, it would be much higher per minute.

There's that passage in the Old Testament (early on) that states the Romans killed a million Hebrews in one battle. There weren't even that many living on earth at that time!

I'm on a crusade to stamp out this clearly fraudulent figure from common use.

If the Nazis killed Jews in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, then surely they would not have the Jews "take a shower" in the middle of the night. In order not to arouse suspicion and cause panic, that could be done only at day time. That would cut the time to gas Jews roughly into half. And then I'm not even talking about the time it takes to cremate a body, the time to crush all bones and the fact that cremation ovens cannot function continuously without overheating. The official Holocaust story is techinally impossible.

It's not just the "killing" of the 2.281 per minute, but they'd have to DISPOSE of them at the same rate.  This would have to be done by either burial or cremation.  Of course, there are no mass graves anywhere nor ash pits with bonemeal aplenty.
This aspect of disposal is more impossible than any alleged butchery.  The whole thing is ludicrous nonsense - and the jews KNOW it.  This is what makes them all the more detestable.