Elie Wiesel Institute in Romania has its way - gets national holohoax museum

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2019-10-10 15:32

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday in Bucharest his approval for the creation of an official Romanian Holocaust museum under the auspices of the Elie Wiesel Institute for Study of the Holocaust.

IT'S NOTICEABLE HOW ALL THE "NATIONAL" HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS around the world are instigated, lobbied for and originally funded by the same group of powerful Jews. A handful of people, really.

For example, Elie Wiesel, as a famous American Jew, was instrumental in persuading then U.S. President Jimmy Carter to back his dream of a United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D. C. - in view of the White House, no less, and adjacent to the Washington Monument! Now Elie Wiesel is again instrumental in the creation of the first holocaust museum in Romania - in Bucharest's central district - announced on Tuesday by Romania's president Klaus Iohannis. 

Elie Wiesel died in 2016, but the Elie Wiesel Institute located in Romania (his birth country) lives on. It was founded in 2005, one year after Wiesel chaired an "international panel" looking at Romania's not-yet-admitted participation in "the Holocaust." That panel determined between 280,000 and 380,000 Jews perished under Romanian administration, for which Romania had not accepted its share of the blame! The Jewish holo-lobby set about to correct this and now we have the announcement of the museum which will tell the story of Romanian Nazis' evil doings and the Romanian people's acquiescence. Oy vey. It's only right.

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That's a lot of time, effort, and money for a fable. Sickening. Are the central banks threatening to crash the economies of these countries if they don't go along?
If things in this world were fair, even and proportionate, we'd have a Holodomor Memorial in every single state in America.

Actually it's Russia that should recognise the mass starvation and killings of up to 10 mio. ukrainian peasants ordered by Stalin. It's not gonna happen bc Stalin is the most admired and respected despot of russian history.
The graves of Stalin and of 120 other "heroes" of  communist Russia are still there lined up alongside the Kremlin necropolis wall with all honours! As well as Lenin's mausoleum just in front of the graves.
When Mr Putin dies he'll too get a  grave alongside his hero countrymen.

Yes, all countries honor their mass-murderer leaders, especially if they led the country in time of war. It's considered essential for national pride. Only Germany accepts that it must hate and shame its national leader(s) from its greatest war of all time.

The number of Jewish dead here - 280,000 to 380,000! - far exceeds the numbers collated by Gerard Reitlinger, Raoul Hilberg and others as found in Walter Sanning's classic 'The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry' (1983).
Parts of Romania were chopped off and taken by Hungary, the USSR and Bulgaria, and with those parts, the Jews. This complicates the picture somewhat. But Sanning's figures (mostly taken from Jewish sources) are the best we have.
Sannning gives a table of Jewish dead in Romania which has subtractions on the left side, additions on the right. He calculates that the number of 'missing and unaccounted for' Jews is... 3000.
That's right, 3000.
It's safe to say that the Elie Wiesel Institute is making it up as it goes along, very much like the grave-digging rabbis in the articles you've linked.

the Elie Wiesel Institute is making it up as it goes along 

Important and true, David. Just like Wiesel himself throughout his life. This "institute" is as phony as they come yet its power in Romania is such that it will be running this "national" museum! Their staff are in charge!

Just goes to show that ALL so-called 'Holocaust' museums are run by and for Jews - not in the interests of historical truth. Are enough people sick of this yet? I just hope we're getting to that point.

Jewish charlatans such as these grave digging rabbis get away with it because we whites don't call them out on it. We never shake our heads and say to them, 'No. No. Stop your nonsense'. Instead we indulge them. (No leader has called them out on their nonsense since Hitler).
In much the same way, we indulge the Greta Thunbergs and Extinction Rebellion people, and the men ('transgenders') who think drugs, dresses and self-castration will turn them into women (as if by magic).
Regarding the Jews, we whites ought to be able to stand up to them when it comes to the Holocaust, and win. After all, there's more of us than there are of them. But we whites lack the moral clarity needed to call the Jews out and call a spade a spade.
You said as a throwaway line in one of your old broadcasts (I forget which one) that 'It's up to the Germans to take care of the Jews'. Perhaps you're right, if the comments section of that Ron Unz article is evidence.* One can't rely on the other nationalities of Europe. Do the Germans still have it in them? Time will tell...
*Plenty of moral clarity in there from Carolyn Yeager. You call a spade a spade there, and my goodness, you don't hold back! Go, go, go... 

Goyim around the world, get off the Hoax Train.
Enjoy Graham Hart's very well done parody of the O'Jays Love Train.

If this had occured before the internet, it could be due to all the lies not yet being exposed and known about the holohoax.  Now, since the internet, only someone willfully blind can accept the lies of the Holohoax.  Therefore, you have to wonder, who paid him and how much?  What was the size of the bribe to get the Romanians to do this?

Dennis, it's not a matter of accepting or believing for any of them. Nor does it have to be personal bribes. The power structure in Europe is such that to go against the grain is to be "out in the cold." The Elie Wiesel Institute in Romania is supported by Jewish power in Europe; whatever they decide is "holocaust truth" will be accepted. This man, like Jimmy Carter in the USA in 1979, is expected to go along with the plan or he and Romania will be punished.

BTW, the Elie Wiesel Institute was never run or even conceived of by Elie Wiesel. He was too incompetent and is just the figurehead. It's always been in the hands of professional Jews.

These Holocaust museums are just industrialized brainwashing.  They are criminal deception, unforgivable manipulation, and just downright sociopathic evil.  The people responsible for this need to be held accountable for their heinous crimes, which are designed to be everlasting and affect countless future generations.  Is a bigger crime even possible?  Only nuclear anihilation of all life on Earth comes to mind.