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By Raymond Goodwin

RARE IS ANY CREDIBLE LITERATURE DEALING WITH ADOLF HITLER – the man, and his time on the stage of history. There are, of course, tons of articles and books written about that, but the key word in the lead sentence is “credible.” Anyone who has any ability to think for themselves knows that any such writing is automatically “qualified” right off the bat by letting the reader know that Adolf Hitler was the most vile, evil, megalomaniac who ever lived. And what follows that introduction is nothing but Cinderella fairy-tales that are worthless in any CREDIBLE study of the man and his era. See the message under the photo on page 128 about a false statement from a Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, explained as “it was the style of the time after the war to make up wild stories about Adolf Hitler.”

Thus it is most refreshing to come across, in today’s world, a first-person account of a crucial part of Hitler’s life that is not only most informative and entertaining, but startling in many ways, and certainly emotive – at least for this historian. I am referencing a new publication titled “The Artist Within The Warlord,” subtitled “An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known,” by Carolyn Yeager & Wilhelm Kriessmann, Ph.D. This 245-page publication is first-class writing, amply footnoted, graced with wonderful photos, and written in an easy, flowing style that should be the envy of any author.

Having been a revisionist historian and writer for several decades and considering myself well-informed on both der Fuehrer and his era, I must say that much of the information presented by Yeager and Kriessmann is new to me. And it adds many pieces that make up the massive jigsaw puzzle (thanks to so much FALSE history!) that is the National Socialist revolution and Germany’s fight for survival against insurmountable odds. Having written many articles about that era and other historical events, I have experienced being told by establishment history professors “I would question your sources.” But the greatest weapon in the arsenal of those writing to “bring history into accord with the facts” is a primary source. That would be someone who was THERE, who WITNESSED and LIVED the events. For me, I had the great fortune to meet and befriend Tyler Gatewood Kent, and learned first-hand from him the chicanery of Roosevelt and Churchill in dragging the USA into WW2 on the side of Stalin and his Bolshevik butchers. The man was THERE, he lived those moments, and wrote them down. Thus I had my primary source and could confidently write and BELIEVE what I had learned. And what we have here with “The Artist Within the Warlord” is even better substantiated as the unvarnished TRUTH. It was taken from a book written in the German language, and, of course, due to the nature of the topic, was not published until 1977.

Yeager and Kriessmann (Carolyn and Willi, if I may!) used as the basis for this historical goldmine, selections from “Ein Anderer Hitler,” the memoir of architect Hermann Giesler. Giesler, a Munich architect, from 1938 on became a confidant to whom Hitler could unburden himself in many private talks. Thus we have that first-person eyewitness to history as a source, the most valuable link to truth. When you couple that with the fact that the translator of Giesler’s book (Willi) was himself a first-person source of information from the same era, this book becomes even more valuable as a source of research and knowledge. But that is not all. One must consider that Carolyn Yeager is herself an accomplished researcher, historian, and writer, on many topics! Information on these three can be found on pages 244 and 245, and I would suggest you read those pages before starting the book, for they reinforce the validity of the information provided in the text. Their added commentary gives the reader additional explanations and much valuable knowledge.

There are several fascinating “nuggets” in this book, and as I mentioned earlier, much that was news to me. I may mention what shocked me the most in learning of what Giesler wrote is the level of treachery visited upon the Fuehrer as he tried to effect the salvation of his country in a battle against the world. Most are aware of “Valkyrie,” the assassination plot against Hitler in July of 1944. Not only does this book contain much detail and explanation of that operation and its aftermath, but mentions many other previous attempts against Hitler’s life previously unknown by most students of those monumental, eventful years. Emphasized by Hitler also is how much the treachery of high-level German military officers, betraying military plans to the enemy, contributed to the deaths of so many German fighting men. Learning of this, one is even more astounded that Germany was able to hold off the WORLD for four years. Another theme one comes to better understand – that National Socialism was a true “people’s revolution.”

Finally, one must consider the title of this fabulous work of research and dedication – “The Artist Within the Warlord.” Most know of Hitler’s love of architecture and art, and how well he understood what they meant to German culture. Though saddled with the obligation to defend his people from the relentless and savage onslaught by the destroyers of civilization, his one escape from the stress and angst of reports from the front was the rare times discussing architecture and art with Giesler and others. Reading this book, the thought occurs that perhaps the Fuehrer often thought, when confronted by news from the battlefields – “I hate this war and its interruption of my dream of building a magnificent Germany.” Or as one might say today – “I wish I was somewhere else.” But that genius also knew that Providence had placed him in the role he must play as the leader – to its conclusion.

A tip of the hat to Giesler, to Willi, and to Carolyn for adding this essential reference of research as well as striking a blow for truth. Your library is not complete without “The Artist Within the Warlord – An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known.” Reading expands the mind, which then never shrinks back to its previous limitations. Expand your mind while at the same time enjoying a fascinating read.

Ray Goodwin

January, 2018  


Ray Goodwin


An email from 'Bishop Cooke' (not a native Eng. speaker) that I thought y'all would find interesting. He reads a lot of books. He wrote:

Received book 1 week ago. Very, very glad to have this one. Germany lost because of internal betrayal. I knew this little, but never heard of Erich Fellgiebel, responsible for Communications Center in which there was a double switchboard: parallel or bridge switching. ALL INFORMATION could be listened in on by a third party by turning on that switch. A direct connection to Switzerland  was established. Via Rudolf Roessler's 'Lucy' everything went straight up to Moscow. This is how Stalingrad was lost. And so much more...

Germany never attacked the West May 10, 1940. It simply was a COUNTERattack. September 1939 already saw the Saar offensive by the french. After a week or so they withdrew. According to Duke of Windsor/Prince Edward/former english king Edward VIII, the british BEF had 500.000 troops waiting for signal to attack Germany again. He handed over his informations/reports to his military superiors when he visited his english troops november 1939. At the same time this crucial information went to Berchtesgaden/AH via a intermediary Charles Bedaux. This is the Dunkirk-Deal: 'when you come, pls leave our troops unharmed and I'll try to get back at the throne'. Then Germany will not be confronted with a hostile England but a peace willing England. Alas a Monster called Churchill thwarted all this and his very first decision was to carpet bomb german city MonchenGladbach May 11, 1940. His sole aim as always making as much civilian victims as possible. This Monster is now called 'Father of Europe'. Also neglected all over 50 german Peace Proposals. Pls read Hans Meiser's 'Die Gescheiterte Friedens-Initiativen 1939-1945' p. 132

Now reading Mark Weber's 'President Roosevelt's Campaign to incite War in Europe - The Secret Polish Documents'. Illustrating Germany had nothing to do with WWII. We already know this of WWI. Polish ambassadors prove this all in their letters and messages which is confirmed in their diaries. It 'simply' was Roosevelt's War. So: tried, sentenced and hanged... Count Jerzy Potocky, Polish ambassador in US, Polish ambassador in Paris, Lykasiewicz, the BIG finds of SonderKommando Von Kuensberg end september 1939 in Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs show the FDR collusion/blackmail forcing England and France towards war via Poland. Germany completely had nothing to do with this warmongering.

By understanding Stalin's Attack Speech May 5, 1941, the Rudolf Hess Peaceflight to Scotland May 10, 1941 and the May 15, 1941 'Zhukov Attack Plan for Europe' it is crystal clear to me we in the West owe our Freedom to one man. He again acted pre-emptively June 22, 1941. That very same evening Stalin ordered 'Directive III': The start or follow up to his pledge to Lenin to conquer the world for the communist aim of World Conquest.

OMG.... I only now realize...  JUST ONE SWITCH....JUST ONE STUPID SWITCH....

Oh, forgot to mention: when Stalin heard of Hess' arrival in Scotland he understandably postponed his plans: June 13 became July 7. This SAVED West Europe from the GULAG and Cheka torture chambers. Hess was for his peace proposals sentenced to Life- imprisonment at Nuremberg, aka NKVD Showtrial. I only realize this since 2-3 years or so... God bless Germany. We in the west simply owe them EVERYTHING...

Martin Allen's 'Hidden Agenda' is translated in german language. Title: 'Lieber Herr Hitler' (transl.:'Dear sir H.') So title of this book according November 4, 1939 letter to AH by Duke of Windsor. In the back of this book, so NOT in the english 'Allen' original, are the documents which prove this all. Translator Olaf Rose did more than just translate: he ADDED the decisive docs that sustain all this. I think Martin Allen received his info from his father who in turn received it from Albert Speer, together with Hermann Giesler AH's favorite architect.  Speer handed Allen sr. that so special letter from former king of England.

Congratulations, Carolyn.
I had the pleasure of meeting both the authors, Carolyn and Willi, although not personally.

Yes, we did all meet and talk together quite a bit, and Willi liked you very much. I'd like to send you a complimentary copy of the book if you give me a mailing address ... via email. Willi would have done so.

What a great review !!, I want the book now !!, is there an eBook version of this that can be downloaded from Amazon ?

No, for now you have to buy it from The Barnes Review. $25.

About Rudolf Roessler, the first time I heard something from him was more than 35 years ago, when I've purchased a little book that was in offer, called "The war was won in Switzerland". By then I had already read a big encylopedia about the WW2, and one thing that ever surprised me was something like a "sixth sense" that the soviet generals had and allowed them to always anticipated the enemy. I had never thougth on a betrayal of that caliber, instead I believed that they were incredible smart, but then the Roessler history was a perfect explanation, anyway I was somewhat skeptical because that was a little book on offer by very little money... But a few years later (still very far from the internet era) I've purchased another encyclopedia, and my surprise was big when I reached a short chapter that showed a stone with the name "Rudolf Roessler" on it, saying basically the same history I've read some years before... It's incredible how much damage has done this man, and how much affected the world history. And still is almost completelly unknown.

Dear Faio, merci for appreciation. First of all, I am completely stunned myself with all these so decisive informations. All thx to great authors who collect this all in their books. Second...: Ha, august 14 2008, at local book market here in Holland (..), I came across same book about RR you mentioned. I was little mesmerized... This in my then simple view big hero beat Germany nearly on his own... When I was in South of Germany in 2009 or so, I crossed the border heading for Krienz, near Luzern, Swiss, to find his grave. And House... By sheer coincidence found both... I just opened book again... And yes, ALL GERMAN PLANS were known in Moscow. When German troops advanced their way into USSR they sometimes discovered their very own strategic plans in the local headquarters of this soviet enemy. Horror of course. Stalingrad, Kursk, Kertsj and everything else... What strikes me most now is remark I made then in book is about Richard Sorge: he informed Moscow Japan FOR SURE would not attack USSR... This enabled Zhukov to move his troops from the very East to Moscow... Etc etc. Book 'Operation Lucy' by Anthony Read & David Fisher gives info and photo's Olga Hamel while transmitting to Moscow... Not read this book. January 2010 I received 'the Holy Grail' regarding last century. This book, 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion' by estonian Juri Lina, advised by Amsterdam bookshop holder, made me REALIZE everything could be 'little' different. This one was so decisive to me. Book of Carolyn/Wilhelm made me aware of THAT SWITCH SYSTEM... And of course AH was so versatile... Art, great drafsman, visiting Paris with 2 architects and his sculptor... He was essentially a creator instead of destroyer. The war was, according to Senator Gerald Nye of North Dakota, 'The President's War. Meaning arch criminal  FDR with this.  In my next post I will explain more on this.

Too many forces were against Germany. Roosevelt wanted to enter in WW2 at any cost, so promoted a Japan attack, and  in doing so, Japan resigned at any attack to the URSS, so this was a double win situation for him, that freed vital forces from the URSS east border (that's the importance of the Sorge's information) that very plausibly saved Moscow. It's fall would had incalculable consecuences despite the deadly traitor of Roessler, but from then on it was an attrition war for Germany, fighting against an enemy vastly superior numerically, and with all the support of the US on everyting from raw materials to planes and tanks. And on top of all this, the soviets knew all the german plans !!, It's amazing that the war lasted so many years with all this disadvantages. I've started to read the Juri Lina's book, until I felt it a litle far fetched.

Reminder: this  is a thread about the book, from reading the book, not to share general theories about Hitler/WWII. Keep that in mind.

Richard Melisch, Vienna Austria, book 'Das Perfide Albion und seine Amerikanische Erben' p.400:
In january 1941 FDR ordered Portugese ambassador at his office and told him to inform his boss Portugese PM Antonio de Salazar under strictest secrecy they need not worry about Portugeses Island Timor. This because US Government had decided TO DESTROY JAPAN PRE-EMPTIVELY at the very next occasion.
As hoped, this trick succeeded completely: the portugese ambassador send this strictly Top Secret message encoded to his superiors. But Japanese of course were able to decode this and they woke up completely. And undertook the necessary measures, as hoped for by Washington, and took their needed measures for their pre-emptive strike against US.
The rest is history.
On p.400 also McCollum's '8-Point Plan is mentioned. Richard's book for now is my only source. Did check in Hamilton Fish' book 'The Other Side of the Coin' but till now no further confirmation. Ordered 'Tragic Deception' by HF for further check. Have no clue what Richard's source is, he does not mention it.
- Secret Polish Documents Warsaw sept. 1939
- McCollum's 8-Point Plan
- Fake Timor Trap: pre-emptive strike announcement on Japan
- Chicago Daily Tribune, dec.4 1941: FDR's War Plans announcement. Pearl Harbours event few days later made this 'yesterday's news...'
Really brilliant this all...
Kindest regards, Captain/Bishop Cooke

Congratulations on a great review! Wish I could be reading it now. It's frustrating that I placed my order with Barnes Review on the 15th, and the order wasn't completed until Jan 24th. Hopefully my book will arrive soon.

That's terrible Joe. I'm going to ask into it. There is too much of that sort of thing. It may be that phoning in the order is the best way to go.

Well, after checking into it, I am left with this: While the speed at TBR is in the buggy age compared to Amazon, I do not know anyone else who would handle this book. Possibly Amazon will not even sell it! So we just have to put up with delays like this, being the "subversives" that we are.

I feel for you, friend, and hope you get it soon ... I appreciate all your kind words.

I recorded an interview with Brian Ruhe yesterday and it turns out the sound is all broken up on my end. We reconnected Skype once and he thought it was alright, but it isn't. So we have to re-do it. Wow, I don't know what else can happen.

Don't know if you've seen this, Carolyn, but another website, World War 2 Truth, has published the Barnes Review review of your work and four people commented:

Even if the Germans had never crossed a border it would be only a matter of time before the allied nations tried to destroy Germany.  Just the existence of a German soveriegn independant nation with a national socialist government would be enough to justify in the Jewish democratic marxist mind the need to wipe out Germany and all Germans if possible.  The Satanic Jewish mind could not tolerate the existence of Germany or anything it stood for.  

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